How To Re-Use Tape In Hair Extensions

by ABBEY WILSON / 10. MÄR 2022

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    We already know that Tape in hair extensions are fast to apply, comfortable and kinder to the hair than other methods. But did you know they are also cost effective too? Unlike some other permanent hair extension systems, Tapes can be re-taped and re-used. Theres no need to fork out every 6-8 weeks on a new set and what’s more you can even re-tape them easily at home yourself!

    1. What are Tape in hair extensions? (back to index)

    What are Tape in hair extensions?

    Tape in hair extensions are small 4cm wide wefts of human hair that are sandwiched in pairs to the natural roots with a sticky tab. Due to their small size and shape they lay flat to the head making them unnoticeable in even the finest of hair.

    2. Can you reuse tape in extensions? (back to index)

    Yes! After 6-8 weeks your Tape in extensions will need to be removed from the hair, providing they are still in good condition they can be re-taped and re-applied. We advise to have your Tapes removed and re-applied by a professional stylist however once the hair has been taken out you can re-tape your extensions yourself at home. Retaping extensions yourself can save you time and money as most salons will charge extra for this service on top of a removal.  

    3. How to take out tape in hair extensions? 

    How to take out tape in hair extensions?

    After 6-8 weeks your Tape in extensions will have grown down along with your own hair and will need to be repositioned. Tape extensions will need to be removed first before they can be re-applied, this is done using a Tape in hair extension remover. A generous amount of the remover is sprayed onto the attachment part at the top of the tape weft, this is left to work its magic and loosen the stickiness for 20-30 seconds. Once the tapes are loosened with the spray they should easily peel away from the hair.

    Here at Cliphair, we would recommend using oil-based removers as opposed to alcohol-based ones. Although alcohol-based removers are stronger and will work faster they are not good for the hair or scalp, they can cause irritation and have a strong chemical odour which can be unpleasant for clients. Our fast acting Tape in Remover has a refreshing citrus scent and will not leave yours or your clients hair feeling dry and dehydrated as it is oil-based.

    4. How to get extensions tape residue out of hair? (back to index)

    How to get extensions tape residue out of hair?

    Sometimes, especially if Tape in Extensions have been left in the hair for longer than 8 weeks without maintenance, they can be a little tricky to remove or can leave some sticky residue in the hair. To remove any residue, we advise using a fine-toothed comb after each section to gently pull out any glue or product. After removing the extensions, you should also give the hair a wash with a clarifying shampoo this will remove any residue that you have missed.

    5. How to re tape hair extensions? (back to index)

    How to re tape hair extensions?

    Once your Tape ins have been removed, they will need to be thoroughly washed and dried before you can retape them. All you will need to re-tape the hair extensions is a pack or roll of spare tape tabs.

    • Before washing ensure that all of the previous sticky tab has been removed from the top of the tape, if there is any left simply peel it off using your nail or a comb.
    • In sections, wash and condition your tape in extensions with good quality hair extensions friendly products.
    • In sections once the hair is completely clean the tapes need to be dried and smoothed over.
    • Using your Spare Tape pack simply peel a strip away from the paper then re-stick it to the top of your tape extension. Make sure you are sticking the new tab onto the same side as the previous one.
    • Repeat this process on each tape hair extension ensuring the new tabs do not overhang as this can cause knottiness in the natural hair after application.

    The Tape in extensions are now re-taped and ready to be applied again by a professional stylist.

    6. How many times can you reuse tape extensions? 

    Depending on the quality of your Tape in hair extensions will depend on how often they can be re-used. If the hair extensions are not in good condition or have been looked after incorrectly, we do not advise re-applying them. Only re-use hair extensions that still feel healthy and thick for the best results.

    Usually AAA grade quality Tape in Hair extensions can be re-used once meaning in total they should last up to 12 weeks which include one retaping session. Higher quality hair extensions e.g. AAAAA grade or Russian hair can typically be reapplied 2-3 times providing the condition is still good.

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