Styling Tutorial: Half up Half down Bridal Hairstyles

by ABBEY WILSON / 1. MAI 2024

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    Half-up, half-down wedding hair is one of the most beautiful, versatile bridal hairstyles for your big day. The epitome of laidback glamour, this fairy tale hairstyle promises to make everyone at your wedding fall in love with you, not just the groom!

    Thanks to its effortless elegance, half up half down wedding hair is adored the world over by brides-to-be and we can see why. It’s suitable for ALL hair types and textures and adapts to suit almost any wedding theme, from bohemian to traditional.

    Are you wondering how to do wedding hair half up half down? Lucky for you, this stunning hairstyle is simple to create yourself. Our article provides a comprehensive styling tutorial, with variations depending on your hair type and personal style, alongside tips on how to prep your hair for your special day.

    Tips for Preparing Your Hair

    Before the wedding

    Glossy, healthy hair isn't created overnight. A couple of months before your wedding, use an intensive moisturising mask at least once a week… but avoid doing it the night before your wedding. We don’t want your hair weighed down by too much product.

    Here’s what you can do the night before: shampoo and blow dry, this saves time and ensures hair is manageable on your wedding day. Another integral hair styling tip is to use a sulphate-free, lightweight shampoo and conditioner that won’t weigh down your locks and add grease. Don’t forget your heat protection spray too!

    Next, take into account your hair texture. If your hair is fine and limp, pump through a volumising mousse. Alternatively, dry and frizzy hair will benefit from a nourishing oil. Blessed with beautiful curls? Slather on curl cream for glossy coils or straightening cream if you desire a smoother look.

    Most bridal hairstyles require VOLUME, so blow dry it with a round brush, or with your hair upside down, to create bouncy tresses with natural movement – the perfect hair preparation for any bridal hairstyle.

    What If I Want to Air Dry My Hair?

    Normally, air drying for a wedding isn’t advised due to lack of volume and frizz potentialities. However, air drying can work for half-up, half-down wedding hair. The natural texture of the hair that’s left down works perfectly for creating a laidback, boho vibe, whilst the ‘up part’ creates volume without the need for a blow dry. So what’s the best way to air dry hair?

    • Use a nourishing conditioner (make sure it’s lightweight if you have fine hair) to combat frizz
    • Rinse your hair with cold water to seal the cuticle for natural, megawatt shine.
    • Use a microfibre towel and wring or squeeze the water out of your hair. Don’t rub!
    • Add your styling product for your hair type, curling cream, frizz control etc. Leave-in conditioner is perfect for most hair types.
    • Let the air do its thing and leave hair to dry! Unless…
    • You have poker-straight hair that needs some texture. Spray on some salt spray and tie in a loose braid for mermaid waves.

    Hair styling tip: make sure your air-dried hair is completely dry before you sleep to avoid frizz and breakage!

    On the day of the wedding

    Don’t overdo the styling products. The beauty of half up half down wedding hair is that it doesn’t need the staying power of an up-do. Take into account your natural hair and the effect you’re trying to achieve. For example, add oomph to fine, limp hair with dry shampoo or texturising spray. Alternatively, coarse, frizzy hair will gleam with a spritz of shine spray. Finish off with a long-wearing hairspray and that’s it! No need to load up your lovely locks with unnecessary products.

    How To Do Wedding Hair Half Up Half Down

    The Half up Half down hairstyle is as versatile as it is stunning. For any bride that is unsure of whether they want to wear their hair up or down on their wedding day, it gives the best of both worlds, hair away from the face for practicality and flowing tresses behind for the ultimate glam! You also have endless possibilities; you can choose to keep it super simple and straight or add a bohemian flair with braids and accessories. In the video below @staciegoodwinbridalhair uses our Double Weft extensions in shade #Iced Cappuccino to create this stunning bridal half up half down.

    Variations and Customizations

    Not sure if the half-up, half-down wedding hair is for you? Don’t fret, there are countless variations for this dreamy hairstyle. Whether your hair is short, thin, curly or wild – there’s a half up half down alternative for you.

    Add a Beautiful Bow

    For the sweetest half-up, half-down wedding hair incorporate a gorgeous bow. This injects a playful and youthful twist to the elegant hairstyle. It’s perfect for all hair types but can particularly jazz up shorter, straighter styles by adding cute character.

    How to do wedding hair half up half down with a bow:

    1. Backcomb the crown for a touch of oomph. Add texturizing spray if your hair is silky soft.
    2. Twist the top half of your hair and pin to secure.
    3. Add the bow and hey presto! You have instant swoon-worthy, half up half down wedding hair.
    4. Finish with a spritz of hairspray to keep in place. Add shine spray if needed.

    We love how @hairbygh adds instant volume and length to @talialewiscole's bow look using our 22” Ultra Volume Clip Ins in the shade 'Biscuit Blondey:

    Add Romance with Curls

    One of the most gorgeous long hair half up half down wedding hairstyles is the curly variation. The groom’s heart is sure to skip a beat when he sees you walking down the aisle with these cascading curls.

    How to do wedding hair half up half down with curls

    1. Prep hair with a heat protection spray.
    2. Create va va voom volume with dry shampoo and volume powder.
    3. Brush the top part of your hair backwards and backcomb at the crown.
    4. Curl each section with a large barrelled curling tong.
    5. Take a section from one side of your face, loosely twist and pin at the back of your head.
    6. Repeat on the other side.
    7. Pull and tease out hair wherever needed to create a relaxed, undone vibe.
    8. Finish with a stronghold hairspray.

    Don’t have long hair? No problem, add volume, length and definition with clip-in hair extensions just like @kasia_fortuna does in this video:  

    Add a Bohemian Braid

    A beautiful braid can create thickness and elegance to medium-length hair half up half down wedding hairstyles. Plus, this intricate-looking hairstyle is surprisingly easier than it looks!

    How to do wedding hair half up half down with braids

    1. Use a volumising powder then curl hair for texture and movement.
    2. Use a wide tooth comb to loosely break up the curls.
    3. Tease hair at the crown.
    4. Take a piece of hair from one side of the head and French braid it around to the back of the head, then pin.
    5. Repeat on the other side.
    6. Gently pull the braids apart and pull up hair from the crown to add more volume.

    Check out this video hair tutorial for a step-by-step visual guide:


    Now you understand how to create this gorgeous half up half down wedding hair yourself, it’s time to practise, practise, practise! Don’t leave your first attempt until your big day. Nourish your hair in the run-up to the wedding using moisturising products, and practise this style until you can do it in your sleep. When your special day comes you’ll have glowing, flowing half-up, half-down wedding hair that’s fit for a boho-princess.

    Discover how to create dreamy, half-up, half-down wedding hair in this article. We cover every step, from prepping your hair to adapting the style to suit your hair type and style. Read it now.

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