Are Fringes in for 2024? Sabrina Carpenter Says So


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    Sabrina Carpenter’s hair is the best in the biz…according to our FYP, anyway. The internet tends to have a lot of crushes, but this one isn’t going away any time soon. TikTok is completely obsessed with the iconic Sabrina Carpenter hair trend and her signature chocolate strawberry makeup. Since her whirlwind Coachella performance, users and beauty enthusiasts are revelling in her blonde bombshell blowouts, immaculate fluffy brows, glowy pink blush, and of course her perfectly styled bangs that have become synonymous with her look. Many fans have taken it a step further by recreating Sabrina’s hairstyle down to the finest of details and recording themselves lip-syncing to her new single ‘Espresso’, some of whom share a striking resemblance to the singer.

    Want to get in on the action? Here’s a few simple ways you can nail the famous Sabrina Carpenter hairstyle, plus some of her hottest looks of 2024.

    How To Get Sabrina Carpenter’s Hair

    Flirty Fringe

    To achieve the Sabrina Carpenter fringe, you’ll be pleased to know it doesn’t take much time at all. Flirty and tousled, Sabrina’s fringe is a little on the longer side but luckily not too long. Rocking her curtain bangs since 2022, it’s clear she has perfected her hairstyling ritual, boasting swoopy, 60s style layers all without looking the slightest bit dated. Seemingly always kept perfectly in place, they’re just about long enough to brush across her cheekbones and equally look great with her hair down in lush, thick curls or up in a preppy, high ponytail.

    Start off by washing and towel-drying your hair, ensuring you take the time to blow-dry your bangs first before the rest of your hair. Blow-dry them side to side with a medium-sized round brush to emulate that ‘bounce’. Once dried and still warm, take a medium-sized Velcro roller and wrap the main bulk of your bangs around it before rolling downwards towards the face. Secure the roller, either naturally on the head or with a bobby pin and leave it in place for around 10 minutes. While you’re waiting, get started on drying and styling the rest of your hair. Once your fringe has turned out to your liking, make sure to secure it in place with a medium hold hairspray or dry shampoo if your hair is prone to oiliness.

    For those of you who don’t yet have a fringe or bangs of any kind, you might be wondering whether it’s right for you in the first place. If you’re too scared to take the leap, Cliphair’s versatile Clip In Fringe offers the perfect solution. If you only want a fringe for a specific look or event, or merely want to give a fringe a test run before making the chop, then a faux fringe is a great alternative. Our fringe hair extensions are lightweight, discreet and highly realistic, so don’t worry, it will be our little secret! For an extended tutorial on how to use our clip-in fringes, read our blog The Ultimate Guide To Clip-In Fringe: How To Style Clip-In Bangs.

    Luscious Locks

    Sabrina, Sabrina, let down your hair! The 24-year-old star is now renowned for her golden, Rapunzel-length tresses with many hair and beauty gurus already dubbing her everyone’s new favourite style icon, and with a career that was kickstarted on Disney channel, it’s no surprise she has the hair of a princess. In terms of styling, you can achieve Sabrina’s effortless loose curls and Claudia Schiffer-style volume with an interchangeable blow dryer brush or simply with a curling iron. Once curled, set the main strands with Velcro rollers. Leave to set for around 20 minutes, then carefully take them out and gently brush your curls through.

    If you’re looking to add some extra length to your hair like Sabrina’s, Cliphair has a wide range of hair extensions for blondes to explore. Our Seamless Hair Extensions are amazing for building on that extra star-studded ‘oomph’ that your hair desperately craves. Available in a number of rich, gorgeous shades, our blonde hair extensions are 100% Remy human hair, and are ideal for a warm, honey blonde or even an Iced Cappuccino.

    Even better, if you’re in the mood for an Espresso like Sabrina, cast your eyes on our extensions in shades Espresso Melt and Espresso Melt Balayage, along with our mouthwatering chocolate and biscuit themed shades for those of you with darker or mixed brunette tresses. If you want an exact match with Sabrina’s hair, we recommend the shade Barbie Blonde. Choose from double weft extensions, wraparound ponytails, clip-in fringes and much more!

    Sabrina’s Chocolate Strawberry Makeup

    Base and Blush

    Switch it up like Nintendo… it’s time to take on an entirely new makeup routine, starting with your base. Sabrina tends to look bronzed all year round with a dewy, golden hour style-foundation. This is typically paired with an iridescent, rosy, pink blush. Apply generously on the apple of the cheeks, the upper corners of your cheek bones and a light dab on the bridge of the nose to achieve that flushed, fresh-faced look. For eyebrows, you’ll want to go as fluffy and voluminous as possible. Forget microblading, all you’ll need is some high-quality clear brow glue or gel and an eyebrow brush to cement them in place.


    The eyes are the window to the soul, and for this look, you’ll need a subtle cat eye and a touch of sparkle. Think black or brown kohl eyeliner and glittery, metallic eyeshadows – shiny, pigmented silvers and deep, warm browns. Go full fairy mode by adding a dusting of highlight on the inner corners of the eyes to accentuate them even further.


    Now for the lips! Playing with new lip combos has become all the rage, and Sabrina has plenty to choose from. However, our favourite has to be the ‘chocolate strawberry’ lip look that’s dominating the online trend cycle right now. To get delicious, kissable lips, we recommend using a lip scrub or moisturising lip balm to start, before lining the lips with a chocolate brown or neutral lip liner. Blend out, then apply a small amount of creamy lipstick, either a deep pink or neutral toned shade, before topping things off with a clear or brown lip gloss or lip oil to add that extra pop.

    For a full low-down on how to recreate Sabrina’s on-stage and Eras Tour Makeup, check out this TikTok by Sabrina herself for an in-depth, step-by-step tutorial with some of her favourite products.

    Are Fringes in for 2024?

    Are they still in? …I guess so! It’s official, Sabrina Carpenter has been crowned the queen of 2024 hairstyles, and fringes are here to stay.

    Up for the challenge? Have a go at recreating Sabrina’s luscious locks or sun-kissed makeup by posting a TikTok or reel of your transformation. Remember to tag us at @CliphairExtensions on TikTok and @CliphairLimited Instagram and we’ll share your content with our followers!

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