11 Products Every Bridal Hair Stylist Needs


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    Love is in the hair! Whether you’re a salon owner or bridal hair stylist, you can elevate your bridal hairstyling game with Cliphair’s essential tools for your kit bag. In need of some styling inspiration? Unlock everything-you-need-to-know with these 11 must-have wedding hair products for brides-to-be.

    Must-Have Hair Products

    Heat Protectants

    Heat protection spray bottle

    The majority of bridal hairstyles require some level of heat, which is why you’ll need to protect your clients locks with Cliphair’s Heat Protection Spray. Simply spritz the hair from 15cm away and allow to dry in for 30-60 seconds before applying the heat. An even application onto damp hair is all you need for an invisible barrier against heat damage up to 230°C. Incredibly, it reconnects broken disulfide sulphur bonds in the hair to repair from within. Your client will be the envy of all newlyweds and future brides with stronger, more elastic hair that’s protected against future breakage.

    Moisturising Spray

    Moisturising spray bottle

    Cliphair’s Moisturising Silky Hair Spray is incredibly moisturising and nourishing. Not only does it have a unique formula that keeps your client’s hair looking gorgeous all day long, but it also softens the hair and makes it silkier, more hydrated, and noticeably shiny by sealing in moisture and keeping the cuticles intact. Whether your bride is wearing extensions or not, they’ll have longer-lasting, beautifully protected tresses. This nourishing spray is similar to a serum, removing frizz and keeping it at bay. Remember to use sparingly and keep it away from roots and bonds if wearing extensions. This product works most effectively on straighter hairstyles, but when it comes to updos and blow-dries, it’s best to use hairspray!

    Medium Hold Hairspray

    An excellent quality hairspray is an absolute must for a bridal hairstylist, securing the hair in place when hair pins just won’t do the job! There are many distinct levels of strength, ranging from lightweight to extra strong, with both being equally as important. Medium hold hair sprays are ideal when crafting updos such as buns, ponytails, and half up half down styles, as it will remain sealed in place but still have some flexibility and movement.

    Extra Strong Hairspray

    Sometimes, a medium hold just won’t cut it. That’s where Extra Strong Hairspray comes in. For hair that is limp, very soft or has a tendency to lose volume and curl easily, an extra strong spray makes all the difference. Best used on elaborate up-dos or tight curls that require extra strength, spray directly onto the hair from around 15-20cm away once you have completed the styling. Avoid using strong hairsprays before the look is complete, as it can create a dry feel and rigidness, leaving you unable to manipulate or change it should you need to. We recommend using got2be Glued Blasting Freeze Spray, and at only £5.50, you won’t be breaking the bank!

    Hair Pomade

    Ouai hair pomade


    Pomade was first introduced on to the modern hair scene decades ago, and after first being used in the 1800s, it is still going strong, with hairstylists and top salons actively using it to build bridal hairstyles to this day. With its wax-like texture, hair pomade is the ultimate wedding hair product giving you everything from a sleek, snatched top knot to a retro, 1930s sideswept fringe. Adding a delicate, natural looking shine that a gel can’t always achieve, pomade can also be paired perfectly with a pintail comb, tucking away those unwanted stray hairs and fly-aways. Our favourite pomade is without a doubt the Matte Pomade from Ouai, at £20 per small tub it’s a little on the pricier side but is worth it in the long run for its holding power and stunning scent.

    Volumising Hair Mousse

    Hair mousse is superb for counteracting dryness! Not only does it aid in getting volume into the roots, but it will also make sure the style lasts from the body on top to the movement on the ends. Apply the mousse all over hair that is 40% dry and use a round brush and hairdryer to dry and style it in. This  is a firm salon favourite that keeps the hair in place whilst remaining naturally flexible. This product is particularly important to use with thin hair and on short hair blow-dries which is also a very popular mother of the bride hairstyle. You can browse our latest mother of the bride styles in our Mother of The Bride Look Book. Silhouette flexible hold mousse is a firm salon favourite that keeps the hair in place whilst remaining naturally flexible. This product is particularly important to use with thin hair and on short hair blow-dries which is also a very popular mother of the bride hairstyle.

    Hair Styling Creams

    Styling creams are great for sleek styles whether that’s an up-do or a long, flowy look with hair extensions. They are usually applied to the hair whilst it's still wet and dried in for maximum effect. The main job of a styling cream is to help smooth the cuticles in the hair, add moisture and shine and prevent the hair from becoming frizzy. This product is not suitable for a hairstyle that requires curls or lots of volume as its main job is to keep the hair straight.

    Volumising Root Spray

    Living Proof Full Volume and Root Lift


    If you're looking for serious volume in the roots, a volumising root spray is a great option, especially for thin hair that tends to fall flat easily. This product is sprayed directly onto the roots in thin sections across the hair whilst it's still wet and dried in using a blow-dry technique with a round brush, avoid applying to the ends of the hair as it can dry quite rigidly overused. Ideal for use in high volume up-dos such as beehives, quiffs and any styles that require serious volume at the front. Our personal favourite is the Living Proof Full Volume and Root Lift.

    Volumising Hair Powder

    In the last decade or so, volumising hair powers have taken the bridal hair game by storm thanks to their long-lasting lift and hold. They work in a very similar way to root sprays however they are used on dry hair instead of wet. This product is incredible in terms of holding power but take caution when applying as too much can quickly turn into a stiff, sticky mess which is extremely hard to remove without washing the hair, our best advice is to practice using it before the big day and use small amounts as you go on. The Got2be Styling Powder is a Cliphair favourites not only for functionality, but an affordable price point!

    Wedding Hair Serums

    Serums are used to reduce frizz, add shine and smooth fly-aways on the mid-lengths and ends of the hair. It can be used on any hair down style from Hollywood waves to straight and sleek looks to reduce any fuzziness and prevent frizz from forming later in the day. Its best to build serums onto the hair rather than applying in one go as some are heavier than others, start with a small pump and completely rub into your hands before applying to ensure the hair does not become greasy. You can always add more if you need but you cannot take it off once it's there!

    Hair Texture Sprays

    A Boho bridal hairstyle would not be complete without a spritz of texture spray to finish and lock in the look. It can be used to add texture and dimension to all manner of styles from long, rustic fishtail braids to beachy waves and ponytails. After the style is complete the hair texture spray is used to add movement and definition to the hair whilst remaining completely workable. For some bohemian inspiration check out our blog 5 Boho hairstyles for the romantic type.

    Essential Styling Tools

    Although products are a key ingredient to a bridal hairstylist’s success, stylish tools are just as vital! Here’s our top 5 essential tools when styling your client’s hair, and for a full breakdown of all the major tools you’ll need, you can check out Cliphair’s designated guide.

    Pintail Comb

    Pintail comb being used

    An absolute necessity for hairstylists everywhere, Cliphair’s multi-purpose Pintail Comb is the perfect solution to styling bridal hair, stress-free. Boasting super fine teeth for backcombing and styling, our comb is sharp and pointed, ideal for precise sectioning and detangling small sections for hair. Strong and sturdy, it’s guaranteed to manage any thickness of hair and not snap under pressure. A hairstyling and extensions essential, our comb is trusted and approved by haircare professionals.

    Alligator Clips

    Alligator clips being used

    Designed for extension and non-extension wearers, our pack of 4 double-hinged Alligator Clips are designed for anyone who wants to style their hair, not just professionals! With anti-slip technology, our clips function as an extra pair of hands, holding yours or your client’s hair in place as long as you need whilst you get creative.

    Detangling Hairbrush

    Detangling hairbrush being used

    Cliphair’s Detangling Hairbrush slides through the hair smoothly, comfortably and with the upmost precision. Although this brush specialises in tackling wet, tangled hair, it is also soft on dry natural hair and hair extensions, meaning any last-minute tangles can be banished at the drop of a hat, giving you a luscious, immaculate finish.

    Hair pins

    Hair pins


    Whether they’re dazzled with diamante, embellished with glitzy beads, or intertwined with a stunning floral piece, Hair Pins, also known as ‘bobby pins’ or ‘hair sliders’ are a must-need when styling a bride’s hair and are brilliant for adding an extra bit of sparkle. Not only do they keep the hair in place during the more complicated moments of the styling process but are more often than not decorated and kept discreetly in the hair throughout the duration of the day! The Bobby Pin Bridal Hair Pins Collection is a no-brainer for bridal clients, boasting a wide range of dainty, elegant and personalised pins with decorative pearls, flowers, and stars in varying sizes, metals, and styles.

    Curling/Flat Irons

    Whether it’s on Instagram, TikTok or overheard gossip from in your salon chair, everyone is debating what the best tools are for curling or straightening your locks. However, the product on everyone’s lips is the Dyson Airwrap™ multi-styler and dryer. Although it is more on the expensive side, you may be saving more in the long run with a state-of-the-art styling tool that can successfully straighten, curl, dry and much more, all in one!


    With a combination of versatile Cliphair products, plus our own bathroom cabinet favourites, you’ll create a hair love affair between you and your client that will last a lifetime. In need of more hidden gems and haircare hacks? Check out more articles on our designated blog to find out how you can become the next sought-after bridal hairstylist.

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