Choosing The Perfect Length Of Hair Extensions For You

Choosing The Perfect Length of Hair Extensions For You

So you’ve made the decision to invest in hair extensions, decided on either natural or synthetic blends and have your colour and style down to a tee. But then you find out that hair extensions come in all different sizes and lengths and, just like that, you’re back at the drawing board.

You see, choosing the correct length of hair extensions is crucial if you want your finished look to be natural and blended. So, if you’re wondering ‘What length hair extensions should I buy?’ fear not. We’re here with our hair extensions length guide. Just think of us as your haircare fairy godmother. 

How long is your hair?

It might sound simple but, first, you need to look at your own hair. A general rule of thumb is that you shouldn’t choose clip-in pieces or extensions that are way too much longer than your own hair. 

Of course, it’s likely that you want to add length. But, if your hair is too short, adding too long a piece really won’t have the desired look. In fact, it’ll be choppy and obvious - which probably isn’t your aim. 

Those with shoulder length hair look great with long extensions. But those with a shorter style will struggle to blend the pieces and should opt for shorter, mid length extensions.

How to measure hair length in one easy step

To choose the right hair extensions for you, you need to know exactly how long your hair is. And, by that, we mean exactly that! It isn’t a case of roughly guessing and saying your hair is short, medium or long. You need to know your numbers.

Simply, grab a tape measure and position yourself in front of a mirror. Then, place the tape measure at the top of your ears and let it hang down. Wherever your hair falls on the tape measure is the natural length of your hair. Easy, right?!

How to measure for hair extensions

If you’re looking for a natural and blended look when it comes to hair extensions, then we recommend using the above approach. But there’s one other crucial aspect that you need to think about: your height.

You see, how tall you are will impact how your extensions look. The taller you are, the shorter your extensions will look. The shorter you are, the longer your extensions will look. It’s therefore important to consider this when shopping for your hair piece. And remember, if you’re getting a clip-in piece for that all-important night out, then you might want to think about your heel height too… 
Read more on how to blend hair extensions in our "How do you Blend Hair Extensions that don't match". 

Different hair extension lengths

When it comes to hair extensions and clip-in pieces, there seems to be a different one for your hair colour, hair thickness and whether it’s straight, curly or wavy. That’s not where the varieties end though.

You see, most brands offer varying lengths of hair extensions making it easier for you to find the perfect match. In fact, depending on whether your hair is short, medium or long, will determine which hair extensions will be best for you.

How long does your hair have to be for extensions?

Usually, your natural hair needs to be around 4-6 inches long so that the extension roots can be hidden. So, unfortunately, if you’re rocking a Pixie cut this season, you’ll just have to wait it out. For others though, you’ll be pleased to know that there’s a variety of hair extension lengths to suit your hair. 

Find the right hairstyle in our "Top hair extensions styles to create in 2021". 

Hair extensions for short hair 

Whether you’re rocking the bob? (yes, we’re still a fan) and want an update or your latest trip to the hairdressers was like visiting Edward Scissorhands, hair extensions are a great way to breathe new life, and a little length, into your locks - in no time.

To know more  on this topic check out our "how to choose the right hair extensions for short hair". In which we break down the key for picking the right hair extensions. 

Short hair extensions for volume

Usually, you’ll find that the shortest length of hair extensions is 12-14 inches. When in place, this length of hair extensions will reach your shoulders - depending on how tall you are. As mentioned above, it’s not recommended that you go any longer if you do have short hair as it can affect the overall look.

Hair extensions for short thin hair 

Of course, hair extensions aren’t only great for adding length and updating your look. They’re also your best friend if you want to boost your hair volume. Not only does it add depth and character but it’ll leave you with hair that’s thick and healthy-looking. It’s a win-win!

What are the best hair extensions for short hair?

If you have short hair, then it’s best to stick to 14-16” hair extensions. However, the type you choose is completely up to you. From real human hair Remy clip in hair extensions to tape ins and permanent pieces, we have a huge selection of hair additions at Cliphair

Hair extensions for medium length hair

Hair neither long or short? Feeling like it’s been the same length for months on end? Don’t worry, there’s a whole range of hair extensions just for hair types like you and, the good news is that you can pull off longer lengths too. 

Medium hair extensions for volume

If your hair is around shoulder length then you’d benefit from hair extensions that are between 16 and 18 inches. Once in place, these hair extensions will fall around your bust - giving you extra volume and length. 

Hair extensions for medium thin hair 

Just like shorter hair, medium length hair will also look thicker, bouncier and full of life with hair extensions in place. Of course, if you want really natural and voluminous extensions, then you might want to consider real human hair extensions over the synthetic type.

What are the best hair extensions for medium hair?

Don’t be tempted by going any longer than 16-18 inches. The truth is, any longer in length when it comes to hair extensions and your finished look will get heads turning for all the wrong reasons. Just take a look at Angeline Jolie’s recent mishap
 If you are looking for medium length hair extensions though, we have a huge selection of hair additions at Cliphair - from real human hair Remy clip-ins to tape in and permanent pieces. 

Hair extensions for long hair

Hair already rivalling Rapunzel? Don’t worry, it’s never too long in our opinion. And in fact, hair extensions give you extra volume, bounce and character that natural hair just can’t compete with. Lucky for you, longer hair suits the longest of extensions too. 

What are the best hair extensions for long hair?

Those with longer hair have a wider choice of hair pieces. In terms of extensions, you can take your pick from 20-22” and even 24-26”. There’s also clip-in ponytails and other additions for the real wow factor. 

These lengths will give you luscious locks that either reach just below your chest, or even your waist and hips - again depending on how tall you are. At Cliphair, we have hair pieces for all lengths of hair though - from real human clip in hair extensions to tape in hair extensions and permanent pieces. 

How to add hair to long hair?

It’s actually quite easy to blend natural long hair with hair extensions. In fact, some say it’s easier than doing it on short hair. Of course, it’s still important to choose the right material and colour for your look though. After all, the aim of hair extensions is to make your existing hair look even more beautiful. With this in mind, you may need to experiment a few times or ask one of our experts. 

Ready to start shopping for hair extensions? Perhaps you want to get some personalised style advice from one of our haircare experts? 

At Cliphair, we have a huge range of extensions, hair care and accessories to help you feel your best and look even better, whatever length of hair you have. What’s more, our range of products has something for every hair type, budget, and desired look. We also have a colour match service and advice service to ensure that your hair extensions blend well and look natural, every time.

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