Seamless Clip-Ins VS Ultra-Volume Clip-Ins: Pros & Cons

by ABBEY WILSON / MAR 1, 2023

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    For an instant but temporary hair transformation look no further than Clip-In hair extensions. Giving you extra length, extra volume and extra thickness in a matter of minutes with zero commitment, but which ones are right for you? In todays blog we explore the differences between our Ultra-Volume Clip-Ins and Luxury Seamless Clip-Ins.

    1. What Are Ultra-Volume Clip In Hair Extensions?

    Our Ultra-Volume Clip-Ins are perfect for thick hair and big transformations. Weighing 240-300g there’s enough thickness to blend even chin length hair cuts into long cascading locks. This set is favoured by bridal stylists for big volume looks like Hollywood waves and fishtail braids.

    The Ultra-Volume Full Head comes with 8 different sized clip-in pieces that are positioned on the head underneath the natural hair. Even though this set is extra volumous the seam is still discreet enough to stay hidden underneath medium thickness hair and comes in over 35 colours.

    2. What Are Seamless Clip In Hair Extensions?

    Seamless hair extensions are the latest innovation of clip-ins, rather than a traditional lace sewn seam they are topped with a thin silicone strip that lays completely flat to the head. This new technology is not only more discreet in fine hair but it prevents tangles and shedding by up to 3x less than lace clip-ins.

    At Cliphair we have taken our Seamless Clip-Ins to the next level by using double drawn high grade hair to make them even thicker and more luxurious! Double drawn means the hair is as thick at the roots as it is at the ends due to all the shorter hairs being ‘drawn’ out by hand. The Seamless full head comes with 8 different sized pieces and works well with all hair types, for very thick hair the Ultra-Volume set is best.

    3. Ultra-Volume Clip-In Full Head: Pros & Cons


    • Super thick and volumous. Enough to transform short hair into long
    • Comfortable lace seam
    • Easy application – applied in under 5 minutes!
    • Great for thick and medium hair types
    • Perfect for creating lots of length


    • Not suitable for thin hair

    4. Seamless Clip-In Full Head: Pros & Cons


    • Long-lasting high-quality hair
    • Double drawn for extra thickness
    • Less tangling and shedding than lace seams.
    • Super discreet even in fine hair
    • Suitable for thin and fine hair


    • More expensive
    • Best suited for thin and fine hair

    5. Are Seamless Clip-Ins Better Than Lace Clip-Ins?

    Seamless technology is newer than the original lace sewn seam however it does not necessarily mean it is better! A lot of people still prefer the traditional seam as they find it more comfortable due to the soft fabric material than the silicone strip on a seamless set. A big advantage of using a seamless set is the durability, as the seam is 3x stronger the hair extensions will not shed or tangle as much meaning the set will last longer.

    6. Can You Dye Seamless Hair Extensions?

    Like any human clip-in extensions you can use a semi-permanent hair dye to change the colour providing you are only taking the shade darker and never lighter. The only downside with dying seamless clip ins is, as the seam is made from silicone it will not change colour like a fabric weft would. If you apply a dark colour onto a light seamless set be aware the seam will remain the same colour as when you first bought it. Read “How to dye hair extensions” to learn how to safely and correctly change the colour of your clip-ins.

    7. Which Are The Best Clip-Ins For Wearing Your Hair Up?

    Either set can be used to wear your hair up, you simply need to adjust the placement and position of the pieces to blend into your preferred style. 8 piece sets like the seamless full head or ultra-volume set are best for hair ups as you have a choice of different sized pieces to work with, the smaller sections come in super handy for around the front and crown areas. For more ways to hide your extensions check out “The best hairstyles for hiding clip-in hair extensions”

    8. Conclusion

    Both the Ultra and Seamless full head are great clip-in sets for adding volume and length, it really just depends on your own hair type which one is right for you. For thin and fine hair, Seamless is the best and for those blessed with thick tresses Ultra-Volume is the way to go!

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