20 Essentials To Be The Ultimate Gorgeous Ginger

by BRENDA L. / OCT 5, 2022

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    Are you a natural redhead - or thinking about going red? Either way, did you know that there’s a whole range of products out there specifically designed for all of your beauty needs? As we are working hard to make beauty and hair care inclusive to everyone, this month - in order to celebrate red hair - I put together a list of products created with redheads in mind. Ready to find your new must-haves?

    1. Brow Love Gel - Redhead Revolution

    Being a redhead may start from way above your eyebrows, but rest assured that if they are no match to your hair color - you will notice pretty soon. Same way, if you were born a redhead you are probably familiar with the limited range of shades available on the shelves when it comes to eyebrow makeup. Thankfully, Redhead Revolution’s Brow Love Gel is here to break this cycle.

    Shop: Brow Love 'Gel'

    2. Gingerlash Mascara - Redhead Revolution

    If you’re the type of natural redhead that doesn’t want to frame her eyes in black, then you may want to highlight the color of your lashes with a touch of red too. After all, Mother Nature herself knew exactly what she was doing when she created redheads, no? Shop your mascara for redheads on Redhead Revolution.

    3. Brow Wiz Mechanical Brow Pencil - Anastasia Beverly Hills

    This is the same eyebrow pencil that Tamah Krinsky used on Madelaine Petsch, a natural redhead queen. If you’re after a natural, feathery look for your eyebrows then this is the pencil for you - with just the right amount of pigmentation. Easy to use, this eyebrow pencil glides on your skin without making a fuss.

    Shop: Brow Wiz Mechanical Brow Pencil - Anastasia Beverly Hills 


    4. ColorStay Brow Pencil - Revlon

    Looking for a redhead-friendly eyebrow pencil that can survive it all? Then look no further than this product. Longevity, pigmentation and waterproof texture are encoded in its DNA, making it the perfect ally for redheads that like to live their lives to the fullest. Whether you’re on a hike, swimming or just need an eyebrow pencil able to make it through one of your wild nights out, this is the product for you.

    Shop: ColorStay Brow Pencil - Revlon


    5. LYF Tinted Moisturizer - Redhead Revolution

    I get it - full coverage and cakey full-face makeup aren’t everybody’s cup of tea. Nothing wrong with it, but some people are going for a different aesthetic. In the case of redheads, BB-creams and lightly colored creams can be way off key! Redhead Revolution decided to clap back and launched this redhead-friendly tinted moisturiser.

    Shop: LYF Tinted Moisturizer

    6. Sol Protector Lip Gloss - Redhead Revolution

    Natural redheads are usually born with fair, sensitive skin that is particularly prone to damage caused by pesky UV rays. This brand developed an incredible beauty product that adds shine and glamour to your day-to-day makeup with the aid of SPF 25. If you’d like to try and achieve the clean girl aesthetic in true redhead style, make sure to bag this precious gloss.

    Shop: Sol Protector Lip Gloss

    7. Instaboost Conditioning Color Masque in Copper Cabana - Aloxxi

    Are you a natural redhead looking to give an extra kick to your tresses this season? Or perhaps your red dye is slowly but firmly giving up on you? Whatever the case, this deep conditioning treatment is an optimal way to buy yourself some time before going to the salon. Lasts up to 10-15 washes.

    Shop: Instaboost Conditioning Color Masque in Copper Cabana - Aloxxi


    8. Ginger Conditioner - oVertone

    Whether you’re looking for a new product to try the reverse shampooing method or simply on the hunt for a conditioner that is kind to your fresh coppery hair color, rest assured this oVertone product will stun you with its results. Vegan and cruelty-free, the Ginger Conditioner keeps your tresses soft and silky whilst spicing up your color. Using gloves, apply evenly to dry hair. Wait 10-15 minutes and rinse with warm water.

    Shop: Ginger Daily Conditioner

    9. Henna & Rose Shampoo + Conditioner - Gingerful

    The power of a redhead? Her tresses. The two products included in this red-loving bundle work in complete harmony with each other to enhance the natural depth found in red hair, while nourishing and protecting it. Packed with natural henna to amplify your natural color and rose for a touch of sweetness, two precious ingredients that will treat your hair like royalty.

    Shop: Henna & Rose Shampoo + Condtitioner

    10. Henna & Rose Hair Mask - Gingerful

    Gingerful believes in the power of naturally red hair, and most importantly its team of experts knows the unique needs of a redhead. This is why they designed their very own recipe for a deliciously creamy, deep conditioning hair mask. Armed with the two main ingredients of their shampoo and conditioner, this henna & rose hair mask is the ultimate spa treatment for your red hair.

    Shop: Henna & Rose Hair Mask - Gingerful


    11. Vibrant & Red Dry Shampoo - Batiste

    Let’s be honest, we’ve all been on the go at times - and when that happens, dry shampoo is what keeps us going without looking like a greaseball. Finding the right dry shampoo isn’t easy, but Batiste made sure they thought of everyone when developing their tinted product. Red dry shampoo keeps things light and easy, and helps cover your roots in case you skipped your latest salon appointment. If you have never used this product before, make sure you check out our blog about how to use dry shampoo!

    Shop: Vibrant & Red Dry Shampoo

    12. Radiant Red Boosting Shampoo - John Frieda

    Red is a highly pigmented type of dye that washes out quite easily. When this happens, you can always buy yourself some time by using the right products when it’s washing up time. A red-boosting shampoo (often paired with a red-friendly, color-protecting conditioner and a weekly, coloring hair mask) is the perfect product to implement in your hair care routine after dyeing your tresses red. That will help you reduce the number of salon appointments over time, saving you a decent amount of money.

    Shop: Radiant Red Boosting Shampoo - John Frieda

    13. Solar Sun Oil - System Professional

    If you’re planning to go on a holiday to live your best life under the scorching sun of whatever location, then make sure you protect the precious gingerness of your hair with the right products. System Professional’s very own Solar Sun Oil smoothes and protects the cuticles of your strands, making sure your red stays where it is instead of fading away. You’re welcome.

    Shop: Solar Sun Oil - System Professional

    14. Herbal Hair Color Henna Red - It's Pure Organic

    Henna is a great ally to hair in general. It bonds to your strands and fortifies them from the inside, and on top of that its antifungal properties are a lifesaver in case you’re struggling with dandruff. Also, you could pick a red henna to dye your hair red in an all-natural way.

    Shop: Herbal Hair Color Henna Red

    15. Redhead Sedona Mineral Eye Singles - Just For Redheads

    Whether you’re a seasoned redhead or a new addition to the team, if you’re into make-up you're probably already aware of the fact that certain hues are a match made in heaven when paired with a specific shade of hair. Redheads are no exception to this rule, and these eyeshadows make finding your new look much, much easier.

    Shop: Redhead Sedona Mineral Eye Singles

    16. Redhead Lipstick Carousel Super Naturals Palette - Just For Redheads

    Like for eyeshadows, finding the perfect pout can be tricky when you change your hair color. Just For Redheads kept that in mind when designing this cute little ensemble of lipstick shades specifically designed for flame-haired folks. The palette features five deliciously crafted, flattering, long-lasting shades with rich, pigmented colors and a creamy texture.

    Shop: Redhead Lipstick Carousel Super Naturals Palette

    17. Suede Matte Lip Liner - NYX

    When it comes to make up, natural gingers can find themselves struggling to find the right shade for their lips. And when they find it, maybe the texture is the problem. Matte lipsticks have become an awfully popular product over the years, and they’re here to stay. Matte lip liners, however, are more often than not overlooked (big mistake!) and therefore the range of shades available on the market can be a little too exclusive. NYX changed this with their roster of Suede Matte Lip Liners, that includes shades to complement even the fairest of gingers looking for a nude lips look.

    Shop: Suede Matte Lipliner

    18. Red Hair Extensions

    How could I talk about redhead essentials without mentioning Remy hair extensions? After all, red hair deserved to be cherished and pampered too. So if you’re looking to try a new look and add volume and length to your red hair, don’t worry: I’ve got you covered. Cliphair’s range of red hair extensions is the most inclusive on the market. From cherry reds to natural ginger, dark auburn, strawberry blonde and mixed shades - give your red hair the superpowers it deserves with this unmissable hair accessory.

    19. Unseen Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 40 - Supergoop!

    If you’re a natural ginger, chances are your beautiful face is also covered in adorable freckles. The regular SPF that you use on your body may be a little too heavy for your face, and if you decide to go without makeup you’ll need to slather a generou amount of sun protection on it to protect it from sunburns, skin cancer and premature ageing.

    Shop: Unseen Suncreen SPF - 40

    20. Light Wonder Foundation - Charlotte Tilbury

    If tinted moisturisers are not your thing and you’re looking to get that airbrushed full-face makeup look, you may want to get more coverage in your foundation. Charlotte knows how this can get tricky if your skin tone is particularly light, and she and her team designed the Light Wonder Foundation to ensure coverage minus the cakey finish. A true redhead’s delight.

    Shop: Light Wonder Foundation - Charlotte Tilbury

    21. Conclusion:

    From hair care products to makeup, skin care, and accessories: I’m proud to say that perhaps this is the most complete redhead essentials list I’ve ever worked on!

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