4 Easy Hair Extensions Hairstyles For Newbies

by ABBEY WILSON / MAY 31, 2023

Reading Time: 5 Minutes


    It can take some practice to get used to styling your hair with the addition of hair extensions, this is true for all types from clip-in hair extensions to permanent methods like tapes or nanos. As your dealing with more hair, sometimes double the amount, styling will take abit longer than you’re your used too. Today we share 4 simple styles for hair extensions that are super adaptable, fast and easy to achieve even for beginners!

    Loose Wave Look With Hair Extensions | 15 Minute Styling Time

    You could describe loose waves as a laid back version of the Hollywood wave, the technique is similar but its less time and effort and very little skill is needed. This super simple method works on every single hair extension type whether they are temporary or permanently attached. The hair is sectioned into thick portions and curled with a wide barrel curling tong, its best to keep the direction of the curls the same if possible. Once the entire head has been curled its given a healthy spritz of medium hairspray and allowed to cool for 5 minutes after which its loosened with a wide toothed wave comb to release the curls. What’s left is soft and dreamy, voluptuous waves that look as though they were created in a salon! However, not everyone wants to wear their hair down everyday so what other styles look great whilst still keeping the attachments of your extensions hidden?

    Middle Part Low Ponytail With Hair Extensions | 3 Minute Styling Time

    For the days when time is tight a ponytail is the perfect option as it requires little to no styling at all. All you need is a hairband and a soft brush to smooth the top of your hair, a little hair wax or pomade also helps to tame any flyway’s to keep it looking super neat and shiny. If the ends of your hair need styling you can switch the ponytail out for a long braid which looks great with long hair extensions. Keeping the hair low and in a parting is the best way to wear the hair up with extensions as it keeps the attachments hidden, high scraped back styles tend to expose the seams at the top unless you have extremely thick hair. If you struggle to create a neat parting check out our blog “A complete guide on how to part your hair”.

    Half Up Half Down With Hair Extensions | 3 Minute Styling Time

    Sometimes you just want a bit of both, long cascading length but your hair off your face too. A half up half down look is a firm favourite amongst hair extension users, its beginner friendly and super adaptable to any length and hair type. With this look on hair extensions its best to keep a parting to keep the attachments discreet under the hair, simply take a section of hair from each side of the face and twist into the middle of the head securing with a pin or claw clip. You can dress the style up with a braid if your feeling adventurous or pull some hair out from around your face for a more laid back look. Our blog “How to put your hair in a claw clip” has all the half up half down inspo you need!

    Parted Spiky Bun With Hair Extensions | 5 Minute Styling Time

    Slicked, spiky buns have well and truly made their comeback thanks to their speed and simplicity. For Nano Hair Extension users this style is a lifesaver on those days when you just haven’t the time to wash or style your hair. First style the hair into a low ponytail teamed with either a middle or side part, using a sift bristle brush to tame baby hairs or frizzy fringe pieces. Then the hair is simply twisted and wrapped around the hairband and pinned into place, there’s no need to worry about the ends sticking out as this is part of the look! Use your hands to spread out the spiky ends to give the true feather bun effect.

    What Are The Best Hairstyles For Hair With Extensions?

    Without a doubt the best way to wear your hair when you use extensions is down with a curl or wave, this is the easiest way to keep your hair extensions hidden at the top and ensure a good blend with your own hair on the ends. If you prefer up styles its best to stick to mid or low ponytails, braids or buns to keep your parting in place to hide the attachments more effectively. Scraping the hair backwards for a high ponytail is tricky to achieve with clip-in extensions or tapes as it can reveal gaps in the hairline that show the tops of the wefts.

    What Are The Easiest Hair Extensions To Put In?

    One piece clip in hair extensions are the easiest type to apply by yourself as they consist of only one strip as apposed to many different sized pieces. They usually fit from ear to ear underneath the hair and are mainly used as a volumizer only.

    What Type Of Extensions Are Best For Putting Hair Up?

    Nano tip hair extensions are the best kind of extension to use if you regularly wear your hair up as they are super small and discreet. Their tiny size also means they move with hair naturally and feel more comfortable when pulled back compared to other methods like tapes or a weave. Our blog “Everything you need to know before getting nano hair extensions” answers the most asked questions on nano rings.


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