What Do I Need To Know Before Getting Nano Extensions?

by BRENDA L. / OCT 17, 2022

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    You’ve been thinking about getting hair extensions for a while now; the available selection is wide, and it can get confusing - especially considering the price of such a commitment. If you’ve had your eyes set on nano ring hair extensions, however, let me help you with this brief guide about things to consider before getting nano bead extensions fitted on, such as how will your styling process change? Do permanent hair extensions need to be washed in a special way? How much do permanent hair extensions cost? And more...

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    1. The Product: What Are Nano Ring Hair Extensions?

    First things first, let’s see what they are and what is the objective behind this innovative hair extensions technology. Super-discreet and invisible even in the finest of hair, nano bead hair extensions make the ultimate solution for permanent hair makeovers - giving maximum performance and results with whatever hairstyle you decide to wear, including ponytails and tricky updos. Nano ring hair extensions are also known as nano bead hair extensions or nano bond hair extensions.

    Although their creation was inspired by the same concept behind their thicker cousins, the micro ring hair extensions, nano hair extensions are much more undetectable thanks to their nanoscopic metal loop (hence the name), attached to strands of human hair held together with a strong keratin bond. The Nano Ring method was specifically designed for anyone with thin or fine hair, due to their tiny size they are the most discreet and undetectable form of permanent hair extension in the industry today.

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    2. The Prep: How Do I Prepare My Hair For Nano Ring Extensions?

    Getting hair extensions for the first time is extremely exciting, but it can get a little confusing, especially since you don’t know what to expect. Here are some factors to take in consideration when getting ready for your hair extensions appointment.

    If you’re planning on dyeing your natural hair, make sure it matches the color of your chosen hair extensions. Speak to your hairdresser in advance, so you can pick the right shade together. Dyeing and bleaching Remy hair extensions aren't advised practises, so it's better if you take your extensions to the salon before your fitting appointment so that they can work out your hair color and order any products they might not have in stock at the moment.

    On the day of your appointment, shampoo your hair with a clarifying shampoo to strip away any oils or build-up. Rinse and repeat, and skip conditioning, oils, and styling products for this day. This will help the bond stick to your natural hair better. Also, make sure your hair is completely dry and brushed out when you get to the salon. If you're unsure, you can get your hair washed and prepped for the hair extensions installation directly at the salon - but why spend the extra money?

    If you haven’t shopped for an extension brush or dry shampoo, get them both before your appointment so you have them ready to go once your extensions are installed. A good extension brush doesn’t catch on the bonds and pull the extensions. Dry shampoo will be your best friend for the first two days, as you shouldn't wash your hair for the 48 hours following your appointment.

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    3. The Process: How To Do Nano Ring Hair Extensions

    You should always, always make sure that your nano bead hair extensions are fitted by a professional trained in permanent hair extensions. During an optimal application, your hairdresser should:

    • Be gentle to your natural hair
    • Give you a long-lasting installation without strands of hair extensions visibly falling out before their time it’s due
    • Tell you everything about your aftercare routine
    • Book you an appointment to freshen up your hair extensions

    To fit nano ring hair extensions you will need:

    • 2-2.5mm silicone lined Nano Beads
    • Extension pliers
    • Extension clamp tool
    • Hair Extension loop tool
    • Pintail comb

    And follow these steps:

    • Section the hair neatly, 2 sections at the sides and 2 at the back. Remember to keep an inch away from the hairline and parting at all times to ensure the extensions do not show.
    • Thread a bead onto the natural hair strand (just under 1cm wide). Use your extension loop tool to do this by pulling the natural hair through the loop and pushing the bead up onto the hair.
    • Now take a Nano Tip hair strand and push the metal tip into the bead with the natural hair.
    • Next, tightly clamp the bead shut with your pliers or clamp tool, whichever you prefer using.
    • Repeat as many times as needed. In the “Cost & Buying Guide” section of this blog we fully explain the amount of hair extensions you will need for each hair type and desired finish.
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    4. The Washing: How To Wash Nano Hair Extensions?

    After your brand new, shiny and fresh nano bond hair extensions have been fitted, it’s recommended to not wash your hair for 2-3 days, to allow the bond to set fully. For extra protection, try tying your hair back in a loose braid before bed - your hair will be quite happy about this. After the first couple of days or so, you can typically wash your hair like if you didn’t have the extensions on - but try and reduce your washing days: ideally, you should wash your nano ring hair extensions only twice a week or so. Keep in mind that nano ring hair extensions might look and feel just like your own hair, but they are not attached to your scalp. Product excess like shampoo and conditioner can get “stuck” at the base of your hair extensions. To prevent this from happening, spend some extra time rinsing your hair thoroughly before stepping out of the shower. Last but not least, deep conditioning treatments and hair masks should be applied once a week, paying particular attention to your mid-lengths and ends.

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    5. The Blow-dry: How To Blow-dry Nano Hair Extensions?

    Blow drying Nano hair extensions is incredibly easy - unlike Micro Rings, this type of hair extensions won’t leave any sticky streaks on your hair after applying heat to it. Always start from the top of your hair, and use your hair-dryer to the lowest heat setting available (if you have a cold one, even better). After this, you can blow-dry the length of your nano bead hair extensions just as you would do with your own. When using curling wands and flat irons, make sure you always use a heat protectant spray and keep the temperature low. You can read more about how to curl your hair extensions on our dedicated blog.

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    6. The Brushing: How To Brush Nano Ring Hair Extensions?

    Make sure you use a hair brush specifically designed for hair extensions. Ideally, a detangling brush. This type of brush is designed not to snag out the bond ring of your hair extensions, which is unfortunately likely to happen with regular bristles brushes. When brushing nano bond hair extensions it’s important to hold the bonds that support them, to prevent any pulling. Use only a wide-toothed comb on wet hair extensions.


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    7. The Routine: How To Sleep With Nano Ring Hair Extensions?

    Always make sure to dry your hair out thoroughly before you go to bed. Never go to bed with wet hair extensions on, as this can not only damage the product you’ve spent so much money and time on, but it can also lead to matted hair - a disaster you want to avoid at all costs. On top of that, a damp nest of hair is a fertile environment for bacteria and mould. Two things that you don’t want anywhere close to your mane…  

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    8. The Aftercare: How To Maintain Nano Ring Hair Extensions?

    Nano bead hair extensions need to be moved up! Be prepared to book a salon appointment with your hair extensions specialist every eight or ten weeks (max). As your natural hair grows longer, your nano ring hair extensions need to be moved up. Skipping an appointment to freshen up your nano extensions can result in matted hair and, eventually, visible attachments. Once again, two things that you want to avoid at any cost. Thankfully, this process is quite quick - nothing like the first installation. Maintenance usually takes about an hour - depending on the quantity of hair you have on your head. If you’ve been taking good care of your Remy hair extensions, this hair can be reused - impressively cutting down the cost of your hair maintenance.

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    9. FAQ

    As you can see, there are a few things that will change in your hair care routine if you decide to switch things up and get permanent hair extensions. If you’re still curious, here’s a list of frequently asked questions to help shed some light on nano bead hair extensions: what kind of results can you expect? Who can wear them? Are they as kind as everyone says, and what are the major differences between Nano Ring hair extensions and Micro Rings?

    10. Are Nano Ring Hair Extensions The Least Damaging Hair Extensions Available?

    The short answer is: yes. In terms of permanent solutions for your hair makeover, nano bead hair extensions are a long-lasting, gorgeous and versatile option - with the promise to be kind to your natural tresses. Together with tape-in hair extensions - which are more of a semi-permanent solution - this product offers incredible results whilst salvaging your hair and allowing it to grow long and healthy in the meantime.

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    11. Who Can Wear Nano Ring Hair Extensions?

    Nano Rings hair extensions are designed for people that have thin or fine hair, as they are very small and easy to hide. This means you can apply them very close to the hairline without them showing through, making them the best option if you are looking to wear your hair up quite often. Nano hair extensions are not the best option for thick hair as they would take a very long time to apply, due to the small amount of hair that goes into each ring. It would be more time effective (and definitely cheaper) to use micro bead hair extensions on a thick-haired person who wants to add volume and length to their hair with discretion. 

    12. What Type Of Hairstyles Can I Create With Nano Ring Hair Extensions

    When volume and length come in impeccable discretion and quality, there are tons of hairstyles you can play around with to express yourself and always look flawless. Mermaid waves, low ponytails, Hollywood waves and cute, messy buns are my personal favourites. 

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    13. How Often Should You Wash Nano Ring Hair Extensions?

    You should keep your washing days washing to twice a week, depending on the product build up. If you can, you can always resort to dry shampoo to buy yourself some time. Also, did you know that you can try styling your hair in a cute, sleek ponytail in between your washing days? Here’s an amazing tutorial to recreate a cute low ponytail hairstyle.

    14. The Budget: How Much Do Nano Ring Hair Extensions Cost?

    In the UK, fitting permanent hair extensions can be a pricey investment. On top of the human hair extensions of your choice, you have to consider the installation price. It’s hard to give a precise quote, considering that any hair extensions specialist will make their own price based on factors such as competitors around their area, years of expertise, and such. If you decide to let your hair dresser buy the hair extensions for you, know that generally speaking salons in the UK will start by charging around £200 (or above) per 50g of hair fitted (this includes the hair). Fitting alone costs upwards of £70. Considering that you get to touch and feel what it’s going to be your new hair for a long time, buying your hair extensions yourself is not only cheaper but a much smarter choice!


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    15. Recap & Conclusion:

    So, we have talked in detail about Nano Ring hair extensions. Let’s have a quick recap of what we’ve learned about them, what and who are they perfect for:

    • Nano Ring hair extensions can be quite expensive, but they are the most versatile type of permanent hair extensions.
    • The fitting process is quite time-consuming at first, however maintenance doesn’t take as long.
    • Nano Ring hair extensions are kind to natural hair, making it the least damaging type of permanent hair extensions: no glue, no keratin, no heat.
    • Caring for your Remy hair means applying a hair mask once a week, focusing on mid length and ends. 
    • Nano Ring hair extensions can be used to recreate a huge variety of hairstyles.
    • Nano Ring hair extensions can last up to 6 months with proper hair care and maintenance – as your hair grows you will need maintenance appointments roughly every 8-10 weeks.
    • Not the best option for thick hair, but suitable thin hair/medium hair.
    • Nano Bead hair extensions need to be fitted by professionals.
    • Nano Bead hair extensions are always made of the highest-graded hair.
    • The perfect solution for those looking for long-lasting results, not suitable for one-day changes or temporary hairstyles.  
    • Can be used to fill gaps or give volume, perfect for people who have thinning issues/ hair loss issues.
    • When getting Nano Ring hair extensions, you don’t always have to get a full head application (unless you are looking to add length, and not just volume).  

    Are Nano Rings the right type of hair extensions for you? In that case, feel free to explore our range of human hair extensions and find your perfect match. Already booked an appointment? Shop your Cliphair detangling hair extensions brush and dry shampoo.

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