Off To The Races: This Year’s Hottest Ascot Hairstyles


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    After whirlwind races earlier this year at Cheltenham and The Grand National, the most prestigious day in the race season awaits, and is just around the corner! Since 1711, millions of racing enthusiasts have attended The Royal Ascot. Each attendee is dressed up to the nines according to the event’s strict dress codes – but it’s not just about the fashion – you’ll need to prep your hair too!

    Whether you decide to wear a hat, fascinator, or an elegant hair accessory for Ladies Day, or throughout the entire event, we’ll be taking you through the trendiest race day hairstyles that will guarantee to earn you first place.

    Hairstyles For Race Day

    Cliphair have hand-selected this year’s top hairstyles to adorn at Ascot, whether you opt for a romantic half-up, half-down look or a sophisticated updo, there’s a whole array of styles to choose from.

    Twisted Updo

    Whether it’s a French twist, a bombshell bouffant or a modern-day beehive, a twisted updo will simply never go out of style. Once curled or styled to your liking, form the base of your twist by gathering your hair into a low ponytail at the nape of your neck. Secure it with a hair elastic, but don’t pull the elastic too tight against your scalp. Now, create the twist by holding the ponytail with one hand and twisting it upwards, tucking the ends into the base. As you twist, use bobby pins to secure the twist along the seam.

    Hollywood Waves

    If you’re looking to turn heads this Race Day, you may want a more dramatic, voluminous look. Classic Hollywood Waves are a great way of bringing red carpet glamour and can be dressed up or down for more casual attire depending on what enclosure you’re in on the day. Your waves can be paired either with a big statement hat or more subtle fascinator or head piece, so the spotlight isn’t pulled away from your tresses. Before creating each wave, be sure to apply a Heat Protection Spray so your locks are protected when using your heated styling tool of choice.

    Low Chignon

    For a more understated, feminine hairstyle, a low chignon is the ideal option. A low chignon or low bun can either be kept simple and effortless or be delicately braided from the crown of your head down into the bun for a more elaborate look. If you don’t want to go for the ‘messier’ bun look, then a fabric donut bun is a great solution to purchase or ask of your hairstylist, allowing you to seamlessly wrap your locks around it into the perfect, neat shape. For more of a loose, chignon shape, your hair can be tucked underneath at the nape of your neck by using a hair pin or accessory.

    Low Ponytail

    Smooth, sleek hairstyles are still all the rage, whether it’s on your Instagram, TikTok FYP or on high fashion cat walks, they’re everywhere to be seen. Although slicked back buns and tight topknots are at the top of the trend chain, you can incorporate this same snatched aesthetic into a low ponytail too.

    A classic, chic low ponytail is simply unbeatable, especially for race day. This simple look gives you plenty of room to experiment with hats, fascinators and other embellishments such as pearl pins or jewelled hairbands to compliment your tresses. You can achieve this look by using our Clip In Wrap Around Ponytail which can be attached to your natural hair seamlessly. Finish your look with our Moisturising Silky Hairspray to lock in hydration and add extra, unmatched shine.

    Royal Plaits

    For a more intricate hairstyle, the appropriately named Royal Braids may be your answer. Get ready to radiate the upmost elegance on race day, because this hairstyle may even bag you the top prize for Best Dressed.

    Start by creating a classic plait and part your hair in way that feels most natural to you. Using Cliphair’s Alligator Clips, clip one side of the hair out of the way, while you begin plaiting the other by creating three stands from the top of your head and crossing them over. As you continue to cross each strand, keep adding more hair until you have made a French plait. Once all of the hair has been added, secure in place with a clear, elastic hair band that blends in with your locks. Finally, unclip the other side and repeat the process for a romantic, regal crown effect.

    How To Wear Your Hair With A Fascinator

    Unsure of how to wear a fascinator? Whether you have long, cascading waves or shorter, layered tresses, there’s multiple ways you can showcase your hair in a flattering, exciting way without it being overshadowed by a fascinator.

    Fascinators can add an extra level of luxury to your race day ensemble, but it can sometimes be difficult knowing how to style your locks accordingly. Think of a fascinator as your new best friend, especially if you’re wearing hair extensions! They’re a great way of concealing extension attachments, hair pins and other helpful accompaniments, offering the ultimate discretion, no matter whether you decide to wear your hair up or down. 

    How To Wear A Fascinator With Long Hair

    Depending on the aesthetic you want to achieve, you can absolutely wear your hair down when wearing a fascinator! As a fascinator is meant to be the centre piece of your outfit, it’s sometimes best to wear a larger one. The longer the hair, the larger the fascinator, as smaller, more subtle styles tend to get lost in the mix.

    To position your fascinator on your head properly, it will need to be worn to your right hand side and pulled towards your face once on. Beret-style head pieces and cocktail hats should also be worn to your right hand side, no matter your hair length or style. 


    All bets are off – after exploring all of favourite Royal Ascot hairstyles, you’re guaranteed to look absolutely stunning this Race Day! Beautiful, manageable and versatile, these hairstyles can be used time and time again, whether it’s for the races, a graduation, or for brides-to-be!

    Using our extensions and want to show off your look? Tag us on Instagram @CliphairLimited and use the hashtag #WearCliphair for a chance to have your Race Day hairstyle shared on our socials.

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