Applying clip in hair extensions

by SHOPIFY API / 1. SEP 2009


    People that are always on the go love the freedom that clip in hair extensions give them. They can change their whole style and look quickly at home and off they go. No longer do they have to spend hours at a salon and pay hefty prices for that special look they want.

    All the hair extensions available from Clip are guaranteed 100% human hair. Therefore, once your clip in extensions is in place they will look completely natural.

    Now, exactly how easy is it to do your own clip in hair extensions? First, you have to get all your tools ready to avoid frustration for hunting around for clips, combs and sprays in the middle of clipping in your extensions. So make sure you have enough clips to keep your hair partitions apart while you work. Once you are set up, you are ready to go.

    Getting to work

    First, you simply comb all your hair back and then you start partitioning the hair into portions. Partitioning the hair makes it so much easier and faster to place the clip in extensions into your natural hair.

    Grips also come in handy to place at the top of the hair as it keeps things nicely in place. A good tip is to spray a small amount of hairspray onto your hair for volume and firming up the hair.

    You start inserting the clip in extensions at the back and work your way forward to the front. Once they are all in you can add a touch of hair spray and comb gently and then you are done and ready to go with your fabulous new look.

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