Blonde Hair Extensions: Which shade is right for you?

by SHOPIFY API / 28. OKT 2012


    Blonde Hair and Your Complexion

    Blonde hair is one of the most popular hair colours around. However, the most popular shades we see are platinum and golden blonde shades, often with the whole wide spectrum of other blonde shades forgotten. This season, all shades of blonde are having their moment, from platinum Barbie blonde to dusky dark blonde. You can maximise your personal potential by choosing a shade which suits you… see our blonde hair extensions range. 


    It’s important to choose a shade that works with your skin tone and complements your complexion, along with matching your personality. For example, strawberry blonde hair in ringlets can be seen as cute and girly, which might work perfectly on a younger woman, but not so well on an older one. As there are so many blonde shades to choose from, it’s important to choose wisely!

    If you have fair skin, lighter blonde hair colour shades can look fabulous – think pale English rose Gwyneth Paltrow who pulls off platinum blonde locks to perfection (See Light Blonde Shade). A darker complexion looks good with slightly darker blonde hair colour. Dirty blonde hair looks gorgeous with a medium to dark complexion. Sometimes you may be lucky enough to have a skin tone that works with a variety of blonde colours. It’s best to try working with lots of different shades before settling on your favourite one.

    If you aren’t a natural blonde, it’s important to consider your original hair colour when you choose to colour it. Dark hair needs to be stripped evenly of it’s colour – as if it isn’t bleached evenly there will be different shades of colour in the end result. When bleach is applied to dark hair, it can end up ginger and patchy, so it’s best to consult a professional in these cases.

    There are loads of popular celebrities that pull of blonde hair, such as Lauren Conrad and Taylor Swift. Whilst their hair shades are only slightly different, their personalities and facial structures are totally different! The styles along with their different colours show off their personality quirks and complement their skin tones perfectly.

    At ClipHair, we stock a wide variety of blonde shades (See our Colour Chart), so you can be sure that whatever colour you decide to dye your hair, there will be extensions to match! You can check out our previous blogs where we advise which colour hair extensions to pick and use celebrity examples, to help you find your perfect shade.

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