Princess Tresses: 25 Hairstyles For Long Hair To Go Crazy For!

by BRENDA L. / 22. JUN 2022

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    Whether you always had long hair or you recently added some extra inches and volume to your tresses with hair extensions, at some point you probably found yourself googling “trendy hairstyles for long hair” and found the usual classics. But don’t worry, as per usual, you know I got you - and I have worked out a quirky selection of 15 hairstyles for long hair for you to try and play around with.

    1. Updo Hairstyles For Long Hair

    Being blessed with thick, luscious, long hair is not a gift: it’s payback for years and years of love, care and money spent on your tresses. People that want to feel and look like a modern day mermaid work hard to keep their hair shiny, glossy and healthy! Find out more how to keep your shiny locks in our How To Get Shiny Hair Blog. 

    When it comes to formal events, weddings, or simply when the mood hits right - an updo can change your hair game and complete an outfit otherwise plain and dull.


    The Beehive

    Audrey Hepburn and Priscilla Presley made it famous in the 60s, and although the beehive (or its variations) never really fully disappeared, it is thanks to American singer Lana Del Rey that it rose back to fame in recent times. The beehive is a puffy, classy, orderly updo that keeps it minimal and doesn’t leave room for tendrils and messy curls. Perfect for any age, this timeless classic still goes strong with its stunner effect!

    The French Twist

    Another neat and methodical updo, the French twist is an all-time favourite for weddings and business lunches or dinners. Effortlessly classy and unmistakably European, this hairstyle is also perfect for any occasion really, as it can easily get “dressed down” for a messy look, or gelled up for a rigorous, sleek finish. In case you go for this option, a shine spray will be your best friend to get the most out of your long tresses being stretched into this formal hairstyle.

    The Puffy Ponytail

    The perfect lovechild between a beehive and a low ponytail, the puffy ponytail presents the puffy element from a beehive - that elevates and elongates the hairstyle with height - and combines it to a mid-rise ponytail, for a more casual result. If your hair is missing out on volume after focusing your puff and back-combing on top of your head, don’t stress: you can always resort to a wrap-around ponytail clip-in hairpiece. This way you can say goodbye to compromises and get a full, thick ponytail with your puffy hairstyle.

    The Messy Bun

    As seen on countless celebrities, the messy bun has rapidly gone from a “stay at home” hairstyle to a boho-chic look to go out for brunch with your friends, out shopping, or for a backyard chill session with your significant other. Grab your long skirt and a classic book - it’s time to channel your inner artsy vibes! Some people struggle in recreating this look, especially if their hair is thin or prone to breakage. By adding a few clip-in hair extensions, you can make sure you’ll get the bun of your dreams. For a more romantic, boho effect, pull out a few strategically placed tendrils.

    The Low Chignon

    This is the perfect hairstyle for a formal event, a night at the theatre or - why not? - a romantic date. Inspired by the ballerina aesthetic - where classy needed to equal practical too, the low chignon is a relatively simple hairstyle to recreate. The tradition wants it to be tight, silky and sleek with no tendrils left out, but you can adapt it to your own style and pair it to curly tendrils, wispy bangs or perfectly styled baby hairs (if you have them).

    Wanna know how to style and tame baby hairs? Find out in our How To Tame Baby Hair & Style Them blog. 

    2. Hairstyles For Long, Straight Hair

    Are you a fan of silky, smooth long tresses? Whether you’ve grown some yourself or just got some little help fitted (looking at you, permanent hair extensions!) then you’re probably after a way to style your long straight hair so that you end up looking trendy, and not a carbon copy of that weird kid from “The Ring”. So, here’s five hairstyles for long, straight hair for you to show the world that a witchy mane can look effortlessly cool too.

    The Rachel

    People have gone literally crazy about this hairstyle during the 90s, and as the retro revival rises to fame it’s only a matter of time before all the girlies on a Friends marathon decide to give it a try and get a modern eversion of this hairstyle. Why not beat them to it? The Rachel is characterised by a multitude of layers and face-framing strands. Whether your hair is naturally straight as spaghetti or has some slight wave to it, the Rachel still has it - and it’s looking more sophisticated than ever.

    The Curtain Bangs

    People have talked about these bangs for ages, but no one thought they could look so amazing on silky straight hair. Luckily, superstar Jennifer Lopez is here to prove all of these faithless individuals wrong. Curtain bangs add a little mystery and charm to straight hair, giving life and volume around the eyes with the perfect face-framing effect. Long layers give volume to straight hair without missing out on length - which is probably what you love the most about your tresses.

    The Blunt Bangs

    Who said that blunt bangs are boring? Well, probably someone that hasn’t tried this amazing hairstyle (yet). Although cutting your bangs in such a decisive way can be scary, don’t fret: did you know you can get the fringe of your dreams without committing to your scissors? Adding a clip-in fringe hair piece to your mane is a simple, quick and easy way to switch hairstyles whenever you’d like, wherever you are, in a matter of minutes. Get yours now for this luscious Cleopatra-like look.

    The Colored Highlights

    Perhaps what you need isn’t a change of haircut, but a change of color. Sleek, straight tresses can get easily boring to your eye - so why not switch things up with a bit of color? You can go to your hairdresser for a full-head of highlights or a sophisticated balayage, or you could buy a few colored hair pieces and give new life to your usual hairstyle. Feeling witchy? Then give some magic to your tresses with funky colored shades. Who said that crazy colors are exclusive to festival hairstyles?

    The Side Part

    Sometimes a good hair change is just behind the corner… Of your forehead. Yes, you heard that right! Have you tried flipping your mane on the other side? I know, I know: Gen Z said that the side-part is not cool (and skinny jeans aren’t either, look it up if you don’t believe me!) but it looks like a few celebrities (including the iconic Bella Hadid) have said no to this madness and decided to re-write the rules, bringing back a few classics - such as the side part. If you’re looking for a new way to wear your long hair, then try this simple trick before resorting to bleach or scissors!

    Find out exactly how to do a side part in our How To Part Your Hair Blog. 

    3. Curly Hairstyles For Long Hair

    Were you blessed with naturally curly hair? Did you get a cheeky perm? Or perhaps are you experimenting with that gorgeous curling iron that someone gifted you on your birthday? Either way, if you are now sporting luscious, wild, corkscrew-like strands - or are willing to give some movement and life to your straight tresses with an easy, curly hairstyle - then look no further than this list of 5 curly hairstyles for long hair!

    The Pineapple

    The “pineapple” is a cute, summer-ish hairstyle that was specifically designed for curly haired people (from curly haired people!). You can easily achieve this hairstyle by securing your curls loosely with an elastic at the very top of your head: then let your bouncy strands hang freely on your face. Grab your favourite headband or head scarf (possibly one that matches your outfit!), and tie it on to cover the back of your head and to cradle the pineapple on your forehead.

    The Mermaid Hair

    There is something extremely alluring about wild, wavy hair that bluntly parts in the middle and flows long and wavy from there on. This look is remarkably mermaid-like, as the beach-waves that characterise it are effectively named this way since they are inspired by the sea salt-based crimpy look that straight hair get after swimming in the ocean. Adding some inspired hair jewellery will make you look like a real-life certified sea-witch!

    The Deep Side Part

    Curly hair creates incredible volume by nature, and although sometimes you may want to style it in a way that is a bit more manageable, wild curls as they are have an incredible X factor that straight hair could only dream of. You can easily switch things up by parting your hair on a side and placing all that movement either on your left or on your right, leaving more room for, as an example, a pair of eccentric earrings - not mentioning how your highlighter will pop during the golden hour!

    The Double Clips

    What if you added some hair accessories to the blunt middle part? The double clips - as seen on Olivia Rodrigo’s curls at the Met Gala in 2022, are a peppy and flirty way to add some colorful detail to long, curly hair. If you’d like to keep it more formal for a special occasion (such as a wedding) without having to conform to the usual, boring hair bun, focus on traditionally classic hair accessories such as pearly or bedazzled hair clips; if you’d like to go trendy instead - for a day out or lunch with your friends - then try butterfly clips!

    The Curly Shag

    Whether you’d like to think that you’re channelling your 80s vibes or just want to steal Zendaya’s aesthetic, the curly shag is the hairstyle that you’re looking for. Incredibly trendy, this hairstyle is giving glam rockstar vibes - and I’m living for it! For this haircut to make you look flawlessly rebel-chic, make sure you keep your curls moisturised and glossy. If you’re unsure on how to do this, check out this quick and easy Aloe Vera treatment you can make in the comfort of your own home.

    4. Half-Up, Half-Down Hairstyles For Long Hair

    If you like compromises more than you like a full-on updo and you’re bored of wearing your hair down all the time, then a half-up, half-down hairstyle might do the trick for you.

    What’s a half-up, half-down hairstyle you say? No, don’t worry - it has nothing to do with the Demogorgon and the Upsidedown world of Stranger Things (although Millie Bobby-Brown’s character sports a very cute one in season 4!). Instead, a half-up, half-down hairstyle focuses in letting part of your hair down - to frame your neck and shoulders - whilst the rest of it is worn up, such as in braids or buns. Do I have your attention? Then let’s have a look at these cute styles to try.

    The Twist Half-Up Braid

    Not quite the braid, not quite the plain straight hairstyle. The double twist, pinned at the back of your head with a cute hair accessory such as a hair pin or an adorable, colorful ribbon, is an easy and effective hairstyle that works on any occasion. This is something that generically applies to majority of the half-up, half-down hairstyles - as they are the perfect compromise between a formal updo and a simple, flowy hairstyle.

    The Half-Up Crown Braid

    This is the top 70s hairstyle, to serve major hippie-shake vibes to your crowd. If swirly everything, flared jeans, platform boots and sandals are a huge part of your daily aesthetic, then channel your inner flower power and give a try to this magical hairstyle. Also, did you know that you can create the crown braid out of hair extensions, so that you don’t miss out on volume on your actual hair? Take a look at our guide on how to reuse old hair extensions to find out how.

    Half-Up Space Buns

    Two space buns are cute, but two half-up space buns? Absolutely irresistible! Adding a bit of color, sparkle or braiding can make this the perfect festival hairstyle. Once again, if your hair is not thick enough to give you the perfectly sized top buns, you can always resort to hair donuts or hair extensions to keep your hair looking full. You can either use old hair extensions to create the buns, or clip-in a few strands of your current ones to your actual hair to gain volume. Another option is to get two short wrap-around ponytails and attach them to your hair, rolling them up in two space buns!

    The Half-Up High Ponytail

    Ariana Grande is the icon when it comes to ponytails, pigtails and half-up, half-down hairstyles. And this is why it’s impossible for me not to think of her when talking about the half-up high ponytail! It’s as easy as it sounds: part of your hair goes up in a sky-high top ponytail, and the rest of your hair can chill and flow freely on your shoulders and back. To add some drama, you can always slightly wave your tresses for a glamorous finish.

    Find out more about Ariana's Grande iconic hairstyles in our Celebrity Ariana Grande blog. 

    The Bump

    As the Y2K aesthetic comes back on the rise, any millennial like me can easily tell you that the bump will come back. Yes, exactly: for all of you that are willing to become a trendsetter on TikTok following the early 00s fashion wave, the bump was one of the number one hair icons of that era. Paris Hilton had one, Ashley Tisdale had one… Well, I think you get the gist. And believe it or not, the bump was considered hot. Also, it was the best way to silently grow out a fringe (especially if it was the result of a home-made hair disaster).

    5. Braid Hairstyles For Long Hair

    Ah yes, braids. The ultimate look that will tell the world how much effort your put in your hairstyle. And whether it was for cultural, religious or simply social reasons - braids have been around for thousands and thousands of years, in practically almost every part of the world. From the different braided hairstyles native to African countries to the plaited hairdos sported by the vikings, braiding hair is a timeless art passed on from generation to generation, until today’s age - where braids are a cultural feature to some, and a fashion statement to others. And whilst sometimes the latter bleeds into the former in an offensive form, these 5 braided hairstyles for long hair will keep things respectful without missing out on looking absolutely stunning!

    The Dutch Braids

    If you have long hair, then you absolutely have to try this braided hairstyle. It’s been labelled as a summer classic, a festival hair look, a winter wonder braided ‘do… You name it, and I can promise you that Dutch braids have won an award for it or something. And there’s a reason why! Dutch braids differentiate from cornrows and French braids in the weaving, focusing on volume that sticks out from the scalp rather than laying flat against it - and the plaiting is on the outside, while the French braid’s weaving is hidden.

    Find out how to create this stunning with hair extensions in our in our How To Braid Hair Extensions blog. 

    The French Plait

    A single French braid tucking your hair in at the back of your head is a classy, timeless plaited hairstyle that works perfectly for any occasion. Whether it’s a formal event or a simple day look, the French plait will flatter any outfit and give an instantly romantic vibe to your look. Unlike the regular three-strands braid, the French plait picks up strands from either side of the head and adds in the braid as you’re weaving it, hence its flowy look.

    The Fishtail Braid

    This type of braid works wonders on long hair. The beauty of it lies in the fact that it looks complicated, but it’s in fact quite simple to recreate. It can be loosened up for a wedding look, or adorned with hair jewellery for a festival look, but even just as it is - the fishtail braid is a total stunner. Although it is possible to work a fishtail braid on a ponytail that lays against your shoulder (Frozen’s Elsa style) one of the most common ways to wear a fishtail plait is starting it from the head’s crown, like a French braid.

    The Braided Space Buns

    One braided bun is classy, romantic and gives ancient Romans vibes; but two top braided buns? That’s a whole new story! Braided space buns are a youthful, gorgeous hairstyle that will not only keep your hair away from your face and make you look like a celebrity - they will also look extremely sophisticated! This type of hairstyle can be associated with different types of aesthetic - meaning that you can easily make it yours without going “out of character”. Once again, you can resort to clip-in hairpieces to get the most out of your natural hair and get thick, full braided space buns to show off!

    The Figure 8 Braid

    If you’re looking for a braided hairstyle that will make you look like you just got off from the set of an editorial photo-shooting, then any figure-8-based hairstyle will do. Also known as the “infinity braid”, this hairstyle is one of the hardest braided looks to achieve. You might need some help (depending on the figure-8-based look you’re trying to recreate) and you sure as hell will need to practice a lot - unless you’re a trained professional.

    6. Conclusion

    Short hairstyles are comfortable, practical and cute; medium-length hairstyles sort of get the best of both worlds (and can easily dip into the world of long hair with the aid of clip-in hair extensions, for a change) but long tresses open a whole new world of artsy hairstyles, bouncy blowouts, braided madness and more. If you’re trying to grow your natural hair longer, there’s a few things that you can do to ease the process whilst you wait. First of all, are you eating right? The right diet will give your hair follicles the perfect nutrients to give life to a shiny, luscious mane. On top of that, using the right products - such as shampoo, conditioner and - why not? - a hair-growth boosting hair mask can go a long way. Last but not least, did you know that certain natural essential oils are known for being a growth and health booster for your hair and scalp? Take a look at our blog dedicated to hair oils to find out the one that is right for you!

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