How To Strengthen Hair For Thickness

by BRENDA L. / 21. SEP 2023

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    If you’re after a thick and luscious mane, let me start with this: you’re not alone! Having fuller hair supercharged with bounce and dimension is a goal for many, but sometimes this can be quite the elusive dream. Although hair thickness is determined by genetics, there are a few things that you can do to improve the volume and general appearance of your tresses – whether it’s for a one-off change of looks, or a more permanent goal to achieve. If you're looking to strengthen your hair and achieve more thickness, keep on reading: in today’s blog I’ll explain how to keep your hair at its best to achieve a fuller, stronger mane. 

    Nutrient-Rich Diet

    I can’t stress this enough! Healthy, gorgeous hair starts from within. I have talked more in detail about this topic in our blog #Healthyhair Foods To Eat For Healthy Hair, but long story short: all you need for healthy and strong tresses can be found in your fridge and pantry. Here’s a few examples:

    Biotin: Found in eggs, nuts, and leafy greens, biotin promotes hair growth and strength.

    Omega-3 Fatty Acids: Fish, flaxseeds, and walnuts are great sources of omega-3s, which provide nourishment to scalp and hair follicles.

    Iron: Lean meats, beans, and fortified cereals are an excellent iron supply, which is essential for hair growth.

    Vitamin E: Nuts, seeds, and spinach are all packed with vitamin E, aka the good stuff which improves blood circulation to the scalp.

    Gentle Hair Care

    Getting too overzealous with styling and hair care can actually do more damage than good – especially when it comes to brushing or using heat-based styling tools such as curling wands and hair straighteners. Using a gentle sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner are the first steps to a hair care routine that is kind to your hair; avoid using heat unless strictly necessary, and if you do, always remember to use a generous dose of heat protectant spray before!

    Another point is: overwashing. Obviously this varies from person to person, but generally speaking, washing your hair every day can actually strip it of its natural oils. Dry shampoo can be a great tool to use in between washing up days. If you’re new to the world of dry cleaning your tresses, take a look at our dedicated post: How To Use Dry Shampoo: A Beginners Guide

    When you’re not using dry shampoo, gently detangle your hair with a wide-toothed comb or a detangling wet brush.

    Scalp Care

    Scalp care is an essential step in your hair care routine, so massaging and using nourishing oils on your scalp at least once a week are good steps towards a positive change for your mane. Avoid tight hairstyles that could weaken your hair follicles and even cause traction alopecia, and look into giving your head a good ol’ scrub when needed, to get rid of product build-up. Find out more about this in our post: Scalp Exfoliation: How-To, Best Products & More!

    Proper Hydration

    This may sound like a given, but staying hydrated and getting plenty of water will help your hair stay moisturised and elastic, preventing brittleness and dryness that could potentially lead to your hair snapping or forming pesky split ends.

    Hair Extensions For Volume

    The journey to perfect hair can be quite long, but you don’t necessarily have to wait – Remy hair extensions are your cheat code. Solutions such as clip in hair extensions can be used to provide instant volume, fullness and even some more length to your tresses in zero time! You can also use them to add lowlights or highlights to your hair without damaging it with bleach and hair dye, which is ideal for your tresses’ health. Looking for a long-term solution instead? Permanent hair extensions will do the job – just make sure that you take them to a qualified hair stylist with experience in fitting extensions.


    In some cases, hair supplements can help fill nutritional gaps and promote hair thickness, shine and manageability. If you have any concerns regarding your hair’s health and you think supplements could be the solution, speak to your doctor first to evaluate the situation and find the best option to include in your regimen. Common supplements for hair health usually include biotin, collagen, and multivitamins.

    Regular Trims

    I know what you may think – how does cutting my hair make it longer and fuller? – but tryst me, keeping up with your regular trims is a total game changer. Your ends? Always nice and full, never thin and irregular. Split ends? Literally, goodbye. Growth? Still happening, as long as you don’t trim too often! Once every 3 or even four months is enough to get plenty of growth in your length whilst keeping your tresses healthy. 

    Avoid Harsh Chemicals

    If you want to give your hair its best time, stay away from perms, relaxers, and excessive hair dyes. These treatments damage the structure and bonds of your hair, weakening it over time. This obviously doesn’t mean that you can’t keep up with your hair process, but you know… Give your hair a break and stock up on repairing products!

    Reduce Stress

    This is going to be easier said than done, I understand, but here’s the truth: stress can (and will) take a toll on your hair’s health and beauty! Although life will always have its challenges, stress-reduction techniques such as yoga, meditation, or deep breathing exercises can help reduce the pressure!


    The journey to healthy, thick, and glossy hair can be quite long – but don’t give up! Maintain a healthy routine and give your hair to recover: you’ll be rewarded with pleasant results – with hair that feels and looks much better, holds its blowouts like a champ, and shines of its own light (metaphorically speaking). Adding human hair extensions to the recipe can help you instantly enhance its beauty and elevate your look!

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