How to Wash & Revive Your Hair Extensions

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    Here at Cliphair we are often asked for advice on how to give your hair extensions a new lease of life and how to wash them. Sometimes wearing extensions on nights out can leave them with an unpleasant smell, and sometimes it is nice just to give them a good wash. Hair extensions are made from human hair and need to be looked after carefully. Here’s our step by step guide on how to wash your extensions…


    Hair Extensions Care

    Firstly, brush any knots and tangles out of your extensions and lay them together as seen above.


    How to Care for your extensions
    Hair Extensions - Hair Care

    Lay your extensions in the sink like so.


    Hair Extensions - Care products


    What products to use on your extensions? For blonde extensions, you may like to remove any brassy yellow tones with a purple shampoo such as this one by John Frieda.

    I like to use this shampoo and conditioner:


    best hair extensions shampoo
    Hair Extensions - Care products



    Hair extensions conditioner
    Hair Extensions - Conditioner


    I find these products help to leave my hair extensions really soft and smelling beautiful – but any gentle products that you use on your own hair should be fine. If you’re unsure – feel free to drop us a message on Facebook or Twitter – we’re always here to help.


    Next, fill the sink with lukewarm water and mix it with shampoo. Use the same amount you would use on your own head and swirl your extensions around the sink, ensuring they are thoroughly soaked with the shampoo and water mixture.

    Washing Hair Extensions


    Washing Hair Extensions

    Next, drain the sink and holding your extensions by the clips rinse them under the sink ensuring all traces of shampoo are removed.


    Washing Hair Extensions



    Lay your extensions in the empty sink and thoroughly coat them in conditioner. This will help them become super smooth and silky when dry.
    Now rinse all residue of conditioner from your extensions.


    Washing Hair Extensions

    Lay them on a towel and spray with a leave in conditioner or serum. I’m using this one by Keratin Revolution.

    Washing Hair Extensions


    keratin Revolution

    It’s best if you can leave your extensions to air dry over night, although they can be blow dried if you’re short of time.

    Hair Extensions - Drying

    Finally, spritz your dry extensions with some heat protection spray and straighten them. Voila – silky smooth extensions!

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