Know How to win Hair Extensions Set this Christmas

by SHOPIFY API / 7. DEZ 2011


    Concept: We all know the Idea of sharing and caring is very much there in the festive Christmas. We spread happiness and multiply it by sharing it with others. Following the same concept of sharing, ClipHair is launching a grand contest. In that, we want from you to share your hair extensions care tips so that it will help others maintaining their hair extensions healthy and well for longer duration.

    Prize: This post is totally dedicated to all my girls who want Exotic sets of  Full Head Hair Extensions for absolutely free. It’s not the end, Hair extensions they will win, will be of their own choice. Wicked idea, right? I know

    So you must be thinking how? Here you go,
    How to participate?

    Submit your Hair Extensions Care tips, get most votes, qualify for final, get most votes again and WIN your favorite Hair Extensions Sets. Yes, it is that easy.

    You need to get yourself updated with the latest posts of Official ClipHair Facebook Page; the competition is going to start tonight. So keep your both eyes on it and follow the contest rules.

    ClipHair Facebook Page:

    General Instructions:

    • Submit as many Tips as you want
    • Get most LIKES on your hair extension tips
    • Follow the deadlines; late entries and votes will be considered as non-qualifiers
    • Contest has two phases to win
    • Phase 1: Entry Submission: Tag yourself, share your tips and get most LIKES
    • Phase 2: Grand Finale: Get most LIKES on selected Tips
    • 15 Most Voted Hair Extensions Care Tips  will qualify for Grand Finale
    • 10 Most Voted Hair Extensions Care Tips  will win Exotic Hair Extensions Sets

    Announcement: 15 Hair Extensions Care Tips that will qualify for grand finale, will be added in my next post

    So all my girls, Good Luck with your tips. I wish to see you all win, but 10 will be the only lucky


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