Love your Locks: 10 ways to pamper your hair

by SHOPIFY API / 18. APR 2013



    Every day our hair goes through so much and so is it any wonder that it can get a little lacklustre after daily brushing, blow drying, backcombing, straightening or curling. After all this work, your hair needs some serious pampering to bring it back to its glossy healthy self so here are ten ways that you can treat your hair well and restore it to its former glory. Your hair will thank you for it.

    1. Gently does it – Use a gentle, good quality shampoo. It sounds obvious but so many people buy shampoo without really considering their hair type or making a considered selection. Take a look at your hair, work out what it needs or ask your stylist to recommend a shampoo for your hair type. While the cheap option can be attractive, it may not be so for your hair.

    2. Don’t brush your hair when wet – It can be tempting when in a hurry to just drag a brush through wet hair, especially when it is tangled but this is torturous for your tresses. Wet hair is extremely vulnerable and is easily damaged when wet so always approach with care after shampooing and use a wide toothed comb to tease out those tangles.

    3. In good condition – Always remember to use an appropriate conditioner for your hair. Your hair is just as much an individual as you are and so find the right conditioner for your hair type. To get the best out of your conditioner, make sure that you target the areas of your hair that need it most – usually the tips of your hair.
    4. Every other day – Try not to wash your hair everyday if possible and perhaps switch to washing your hair every other day. Not only do you wash away some of the natural oils with frequent washing but more washing may mean more blow drying equalling more damage.


    5. Heat protection – If you are planning on blow drying your hair, there are many products on the market that can help to protect your hair from the high heat and damage from the process of blow drying so invest in a high quality, well pricedproduct to form a protective cover on your hair and prevent damage.



     6. The natural way – Your hair is teased and tussled into shape every day and it needs a break as much as you do at the end of a busy week. Try and give your hair a break at least once a week with no harsh products or heavy handling. If you wash your hair on this day, leave it to dry naturally if you can and let it heave a sigh of relief.


    7. Colour magic – Years ago, hair colour could be pretty harsh on your hair but these days there are some great quality hair colours with built in conditioners to really care for your hair as they colour. When choosing a hair colour either at your salon or at home, make sure that it conditions well to keep your tresses in tip top condition.



    8. Deep conditioning – At least once a week, take some time out not only to relax your body and mind but to provide your hair with the nourishment it desperately craves. Moisturising masks and deep conditioning treatments are available at home with natural ingredients such as egg and honey but for a professional treatment why not head to your favourite salon for a rejuvenating conditioning treatment.


    9. Make the cut – It’s surprising how many people simply forget to get their hair cut but a great hair cut is the key to the perfect style and the best way to keep that unruly barnet in check. Head to your salon for a trim or a new style or take a look at Secret Salons online to find a highly rated salon in your area.


    10. Look after yourself – Your hair will often reflect how your body is feeling so if you are feeling run down, your hair may seem a little dull and lacklustre too. Eat a healthy diet, drink plenty of water each day and exercise regularly and your healthy body will shine through your hair too. Take good care of yourself!

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