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    The news that our fave show of the mo – Made In Chelsea – is treating us to a New York spinoff, could not possibly have made us any cheerier. Naturally we’ve been glued to the presses ever since, eagerly anticipating all of the approaching drama, and whilst we were scouring the gossip columns for any sign of break-ups and reconciliations, we couldn’t help but notice how hot the gorgeous Binky Felstead looked during a promotional shoot for the show. This sassy lass, despite being the victim of some serious emotional turmoil, is looking better than ever – so as a tribute to powerful ladies everywhere, we thought we’d share some of badass-babe Binky’s best looks.
    Nude – but not rude!
    you can find these images here and here
    Swoon! Binks looks hot to trot in this jumpsuit on top of the Empire State building, and she complements her toned-down outfit with some seriously sassy curls. Just the right amount of bounce and curl keeps this look loose and girly, but the middle parting and exaggerated volume add a flash of diva! If you want to recreate this look, make sure your hair is in tip-top condition, because shine is crucial. Keep your mane glossy with some simple conditioning treatments and a little shine spray before you leave the house.
    you can find these images here and here
    When you’ve got super volume going on in your locks like Binky, it can all get a bit heavy and the top starts to drop and look flat. To avoid this issue, take a leaf out of our MIC hair guru’s book and pop the top half up! It can be in a gentle pony, pinned with grips, a bun, anything you fancy. The trick to this look is to keep it messy – don’t keep redoing your up-do to get it neat, just leave it nice and scruffy. Team with bedhead curls and a couple of loose strands to frame your face.
    Wonderfully wavy
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    We’ve all wondered wishfully what it would be like to be a mermaid for the day, but Miss Felstead has grabbed the bull by the horns and found out for herself! These ultra-elegant mermaid waves make a gorgeous change from her trademark curls, without straying too far from the messy, full-bodied look she works so well. We love the way she still rocks her statement “yeah, whatever” undefined parting and scruffy roots, playing on the formality of the red carpet occasion. To achieve this look at home, you can choose from an array of styling weapons – plait when wet and undo, use a barrel tong on the ends, a wave tong/crimper, or create a head of curls and then brush them out. SO chic, and we love it.
    Not-very-fun bun
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    Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No – it’s Binky Felstead with her hair tied up! Yes, we thought it was a myth too, but apparently Miss Binks is capable of chucking her luscious locks into a hairband from time to time! However, in true Chelsea style, she does it in the sleekest way possible, demurely working a stunning low bun. She keeps her style loose and full of volume, and teams it with a middle parting and relaxed fringe strands to keep it simple and a little more casual. We think this style would look fab with a floral headband for a total summer ‘do.
    Just accessorise!
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    We’ve all had those days where our hair doesn’t go its best, it sits a bit funny or a bit flat or a bit… well… blah. The solution? Don’t solve it! Make like the fabulous Binks and just whack an accessory on the top! Whether it’s a pair of oversized sunnies, a beanie, a chic fedora, or a headscarf, Binky wins the crown (ha!) for being the queen of hot headgear. Hats are also a great way of preserving day-old hair – if you nailed your ‘do the day before, and still feel it has a little life in it the next day, we recommend a stylish trilby or straw number to keep the look going. Stylish and smart? Us? Well, if you say so.
    We hope you feel inspired by our collection of gorgeous Binky images, and implore you to have fun trying some of these looks yourself – but, unfortunately, we have to dash. We have MIC gossip to try and unearth.

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