The Best Hair Extension Transformations: Before and After Inspiration

by ABBEY WILSON / 16. AUG 2023

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    Hair extensions have the unique ability to instantly thicken, colour, and lengthen any hair type in a fraction of the time that it would take to grow, dye, or treat. We’ve compiled our most inspiring before and after hair extensions content from our real-life customers to show how easily hair extensions can transform not only your appearance, but your confidence too! We’ve included each type of hair extension method that can be found here at Cliphair and given a short summary of who they are best suited to and why, including gorgeous transformation pictures with plenty of styling inspiration.

    Inspiring Before and After Hair Extension Transformations

    Nano Ring Hair Extensions Before and After

    nano ring hair extensions before

    nano ring hair extensions after

    @bymayahair uses 3 packs of shade 30 Light Auburn 18” Nano Rings to add both length and thickness to her client’s fine hair. As you can see, the result is absolutely stunning and looks incredibly natural due to the tiny size of the nano strands. Nanos are perfect for anyone with thin or fine hair who struggle to hide larger extensions; they are also the most gentle and lightweight permanent extension method causing zero damage to the natural hair. For more information on Nano hair extensions check out our blog “Nano ring hair extensions 101”

    Tape Hair Extensions Before and After

    tape-in hair extensions before

    tape-in hair extensions after

    In this transformation, the customer's hair is already quite long but the ends have started to thin out, @hairextensions.byamy uses 2 packs of jet black 24” tape extensions to add volume back into the mid-lengths and ends of the hair as well as adding 3-4” of luscious length! The result is healthy, shiny-looking gorgeous hair that will last up to 6-8 weeks before needing maintenance. Tape In Hair Extensions are perfect for customers with fine hair who like to wear it mostly down, the application is super quick and easy taking half the time to apply compared to ring methods. For more information check out our blog “Nano rings vs tape in hair extensions: pros & cons”

    Weave Hair Extensions Before and After

    weave hair extensions before

    weave hair extensions after

    How beautiful is this transformation by @weave_boutiquehair ? They used a 20” double-drawn Remy Royale weave in the shade Ice Blonde to enhance the thickness and length of her client's hair whilst keeping the transition seamlessly natural. Weaves are the ideal permanent hair extension to use for lots of volume and length on average hair types, they are also super quick and easy to apply and remove. If you like to wear your hair up but want to use the voluminous weave, you should consider combining this extension method with micro-rings or nano hair extensions. Our blog “Combining hair extensions” explains how this is done.  

    Micro Ring Hair Extensions Before and After

    micro ring hair extensions before

    micro ring hair extensions after

    Micro rings or I-Tip hair extensions are the perfect type to use when you want to add volume and only 1-2” of length to the hair. @crihannahair_ perfectly demonstrates the impact that just 100g of I-Tips can have on the hair, using 20” in shade 1B Natural Black to bulk out the thickness at the ends and add a natural length boost. I-Tips or micro rings are an extremely cost-effective extension method as they can be reused again and again providing the quality is still intact.

    Choosing the Perfect Clip-In Hair Extensions

    For a more instant transformation that requires zero help from a stylist, Clip-In hair extensions are the top choice! They can be applied in the comfort of your own home, by yourself in a matter of minutes and styled along with your own hair. Here at Cliphair we have a wide variety of 9 clip in types to suit any hair type or concern, they come in over 60 shades and 7 lengths from super long to short and chic.

    Seamless Clip-In Hair Extensions Before and After

    In this video shows us how clip-ins can be used not only to add length and volume but also to create stunning hair up looks. Clip-ins are used all the time in bridal styling as they provide the right amount of hair to achieve certain styles that may not be possible without them. This clients hair is too short naturally to create this look so the stylist has cleverly placed Seamless hair extensions into the bun to create the shape and style which can then be removed later on to return the clients hair back to its original length! Seamless hair extensions are ideal for bridal styling as they have a super slim seam that’s easily hidden even in very fine hair, the ends are double drawn so they are super thick which helps to blend out the natural transition line.

    Conclusion: Hair Extensions Transformations

    Hair extensions do not only transform a hairstyle, they transform your confidence too. Our hair is such a vital part of our appearance that can make such a difference to how we feel about ourselves, extensions have the unique power to solve any hair concern or issue in a fraction of the time it would take to grow. Now you know the life changing impact extensions can have why not take a look through our collections to see which kind is right for you? Check out our ultimate guide in choosing the right hair extensions here if you need a little more help.

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