The Best Hairstyles Of 2022

by BRENDA L. / 23. DEZ 2022

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    Ahhh, what a year! Throughout the past twelve months we’ve encountered a number of very interesting hairstyles. If you’re a seasoned 90s baby you may already know some of them, whilst some others may be an interesting new trend to try on for the holiday season. Either way, these hairstyles had 2022 in a chokehold, as proven by the multitude of celebrities, top models and influencers that tried them on on more than one occasion.

    1. Money Piece Hair

    This popular hairstyle rose from the dead in 2021, inspired by the iconic Geri Halliwell from Spice Girls. Whilst hers was in the tones of red to match her Ginger Spice persona, the Money Piece hairstyle has been adapted and revisited by thousands of fashionistas a couple of years ago, bleeding well into 2022 due to its popularity. Celebrities such as Dua Lipa, Bella Hadid and Beyonce all experimented with this style in different colour combinations.

    Find out everything about this trend in our"Money Piece Hair Trend" Blog.

    2. Glass Hair

    Made famous by Kim Kardashian and her stylist Chris Appleton, the glass hair trend quickly went viral on platforms such as TikTok and Instagram in no time. As you can easily guess from the name, glass hair is all about silky, poker-straight strands that are perfectly smoothed down to reflect the light like a mirror. Although it can work with any colour, this trend was particularly popular amongst brunettes. 

    If you’re wondering how to make hair shine like glass, then look no further and check out our "What is Glass Hair & How to Achieve it" Blog. 

    3. Retro Blowout

    The 70s fashion comeback brought some interesting hairstyles back to the surface, such as the feathered retro blowout a la Farrah Fawcett. This blowout can be achieved by adding volume and thickness to your natural tresses, with the aid of real hair extensions for example. The styling is fairly easy, as long as you own a jumbo-sized round brush! Hair influencer groovy_mal is the absolute queen of this hairstyle and has published numerous tutorials on her TikTok channel.

    4. Curtain Bangs

    Curtain bangs are a flattering hairstyle that somewhat classifies as a timeless classic. Although trends come and go, this type of face-framing haircut has adapted to many different fashions, working well with bobs, lobs and long, flowy tresses alike. Jennifer Lopez, Eva Mendes and Chloe Moretz have all rocked this hairstyle at some point in their career. If you don’t feel like committing to a new haircut, you can always grab a clip in fringe and style it accordingly. This way, you can pop it on and off whenever you’d like in a matter of minutes, and switch things up when you feel like it! 

    5. Copper Hair

    Red hair has had a raging come back in the past few months, as seen on celebrities such as Dua Lipa. Although other A-listers gave it a go in the past (think of the bright wigs worn by Nicki Minaj and Kim Kardashian, or Rhianna’s iconic bright red era), copper is the trendiest shade of the A/W season of 2022. If copper is not your cup of tea, there are other red shades you can experiment with that will flatter your complexion and make your features pop like never before. If you want to achieve this beautiful hair shade check out our range of red hair extensions

    6. Curly Blowout

    The classic curly blowout dominated the scene with the exploding popularity of the curling ribbon, a heatless styling tool that is gentle on your tresses and guarantees an overnight, salon-like curly blowout. This tool, usually made of silk or satin, counts thousands and thousands of views on TikTok, where many hair influencers and trendsetters alike gave it a go with astonishing results.

    7. Claw Clip Hairstyles

    This simple hair accessory has been disregarded for far too long, labelled as a “stay-at-home” look. Luckily for me (and thousands of other hair enthusiasts), the claw-clip got revamped and is now a super-trendy staple in any hair lover’s styling choices. Several different models are now available on the market, in an incredibly large roster of shapes, colours and materials to appeal to everyone – no matter their aesthetic. 

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    8. Spiky Bun

    Also known as the model-off-duty bun or feathered bun, this hairstyle became trendy with the increase in popularity of the clean girl aesthetic, a fashion and lifestyle trend focused on minimal makeup, neutral tones, multi-step skincare and simple, minimalistic hairstyles. Whilst I personally love the clean girl aesthetic as it promotes a healthy lifestyle and taking care of your own body, skin and hair, the spiky bun can easily adapt to many different fashion styles. Who wore it best? But supermodel Bella Hadid, of course.

    9. Rope Braid

    Whilst tall and sleek fierce ponytails have dominated the scene in 2021, the rope braid gave things a twist (see what I did there?) and has rapidly become one of the trendiest braided ‘dos of this past year. TV stars like Shay Mitchell and Nina Dobrev have been spotted wearing a rope braid in the past, but the hairstyle didn’t quite gain enough internet fame to become a sensation until last summer. It’s easy to say that the rope braid is to 2022 what the fishtail braid was to 2014; you can wear it high and mighty or low and sleek as you prefer.

    10. Bubble Ponytail

    Also known as the bubble braid, this is another retro hairstyle that someone dusted off from the early noughties and made popular again. You may remember how iconic it looked on Fergie nearly a decade ago, and now you can admire it on… Well, pretty much any fashionista on Instagram. The bubble ponytail is quick and easy to recreate, and yet never fails to look incredibly trendy. All you need to do is to arm yourself with patience, a pack of micro rubber hair ties and – if you’re lacking the necessary length and volume to achieve this hairstyle – clip in ponytail hair extensions.

    11. Conclusion:

    Whilst these are the major trends we’ve observed getting their momentum throughout the past year, some honourable mentions have to go to: the flapper girl hairstyle as seen on Millie Bobby Brown at the beginning of 2022, mermaid waves that stole the limelight over summer, butterfly clips – a favourite amongst younger hair enthusiasts – and last but not least the braided tendrils, as seen on Hailey Bieber and Gigi Hadid. I’m excited to see what will our tresses go through in 2023!

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