Money Piece Hair: The Trend To Get Ready For Summer

by BRENDA L. / 31. AUG 2022

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    As we nosedive in summer 2022, a new hair trend breaks the internet: the money piece hair.

    Slowly but firmly, this hairstyle has risen from the depth of Instagram riding the wave of the many trends inspired by retro culture - and as more and more internet celebrities and Hollywood stars adopt it, the Money Piece hairstyle has been elected “the hairstyle to absolutely try this season”.

    Honey and chestnut tresses, sun kissed skin and little to no makeup: get summer ready with this 2022 hairstyle trend!

    1. Money Piece Hair: What Is The Money Piece Hairstyle?

    The term “money piece hair” refers to face-framing highlights, lighter on the front and more or less present on the rest of someone’s hair; the colouring technique is a 90s throwback inspired by hairstyle rocked by celebrities such as Cindy Crawford, Geri Halliwell, Jennifer Aniston and more.

    2. Why Is It Called Money Piece Hair?

    Some say that the hairstyle is a show-off technique mostly adopted by celebrities; some others say that when applied properly it gives your mane a naturally expensive-looking finish, hence the name. I don’t know if any of these theories is true - either way, the name stuck around and has eventually been adopted by stylists and magazines to describe this gorgeous hairstyle!

    3. Money Piece Hair: Facial Features

    This hairstyle works well with nearly any type of haircut, making it a versatile option that can adapt to any face shape, side part or fringe. If you’re worried about how your face shape could be affected by lighter streaks around your facial features, don’t fret: a light shade in your face framing pieces will compliment cheekbones and highlight your eyes independently from your face shape, eye colour or skin tone.

    4. Can I Get Money Piece Hair With Brown Hair?

    Absolutely yes, you can. First of all, as long as you like the hairstyle/colour and like yourself with it, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t try it regardless. But more generally speaking, does the money piece hair trend suit brunettes? Yes. From caramel to honey shades, the colour trend involves blonde highlights that work tremendously well on dark hair. Think of Rogue from the X-Men meets balayage and voila! The higher the contrast, the edgier the look!

    5. Can I Get Money Piece Highlights With Hair Extensions?

    Once again, of course you can! In this case, the best option would be getting your natural hair done, and then match your hair extensions to your new tresses. Money piece hair can work well with shades such as mixed shades and balayage shades.

    6. Can I Get Money Piece With Bangs?

    Yes, but talk to your hairdresser first. Depending on how thick your fringe is and the style you wear it in, bleaching your bangs completely might not be what you’re looking for.

    Take a look at Debby Ryan: her face framing highlight placement strategically blends in with her soft bangs.

    7. Blonde Money Piece: Yes Or No?

    Yes, yes, and YES! Money piece hair works wonders on lighter tresses, giving you that perfect sun kissed hair effect! Combined with beach waves, this shade will be the happiest choice for summer 2022. If you’re already blonde - natural or not, doesn’t matter - you could easily opt for an icy shade to frame your features. If you’d like to keep it subtle, honey blonde front strands are a perfect combination for a shade such as, say, caramel blonde on the rest of your head.

    8. Can I Get Money Piece With Curly Hair?

    Textured hair and curls can rock this hair colour trend too, just in a different way. The placement will need to be strategic, based on your current haircut and on how you usually wear your hair. Generally speaking, money piece hair develops softly, naturally fading not too far from your natural roots.

    If you have curly hair and would like to get money piece hair, avoid getting two bluntly bleached strands at the front of your hair: speak to your hairdresser on how to implement this colourstyle in your day to day hair routine.

    9. Money Piece On Short Hair: Yes Or No?

    From bixies to shoulder-length hair, a money piece is a yes as long as you have the right length on your front hairline.

    10. Is Money Piece Hair Always Blonde?

    Simply put, the classic money piece hair is usually in a shade of blonde or very light brown - but that doesn’t necessarily mean that these are only tones you should stick to. In fact, a lot of people, celebrities included, have paired the look with bold and funky colours to match their style; you could try it in baby pink, like Debby Ryan, for a whimsical look - or bold, bright and red, just like Bella Hadid. The choice is yours!

    11. Money Piece Hair Ideas: The Best Of #hairtok

    When it comes to trends and fashion these days, TikTok is the kingdom of trendsetters, influencers, and celebrities. Have a look at these popular of TikToks dedicated to the Money Piece hairstyle.

    @halocene hair by @thehiddenmermaid6 at @dropdeadhairstudio #hair #transformation #redhair #punkhair #blackhair #moneypiece #newhair ♬ Repent - Halocene
    @ally_yost Reply to @kails.martini hair deets !!! #hair360#hairinspo #moneypiece ♬ Sunny Day - Ted Fresco
    @hilarysmileyhair #greenscreen #2022hairtrends #hairstylist #hairtok #hairstylistsoftiktok #genzhairstyle #colorblocking #moneypiece ♬ original sound - Hilary
    @xoxodoseofjos Bleaching my MONEY PIECE with @Bleach London available online and at @walmart ⭐️ use my code josephine20 for 20% off with the link in bio🫶🏻 #BleachLondonPartner #hairrefresh #pinkhair #redhair ♬ original sound - Josephine
    @notalinaa Reply to @chay1a ♬ original sound - Jun Yoon
    @kylei.ann #stitch with @kylei.ann i like it ok🕺🏼 #hair #moneypieces #hairtransformation ♬ original sound - kylei - your fellow ginger
    @imtorielyse HOW TO: From dark to Balayage 👸🏽 #fyp #foryou #howto #haitok #torielyseartistry #holidaycountdown #givingszn #balayage #hairtransformation #letsgo ♬ original sound - Nasia bae😘
    @mariahhair_ #blonde #moneypiece #highlights #blondehair #hairtrend #blondegirl #pearlblonde #blondeinspo #hairinspo @cierrakaylese ♬ Toxic Pony - ALTÉGO & Britney Spears & Ginuwine
    @toriwebbaly red and blonde hair is the move #redhair #moneypiecehair #haircolor ♬ playing the villain baby - KAY🧞‍♀️
    @beautytemptations I wanna do it soo baad🤩🤍 #moneypiecehair #hair #hairstyle #aesthetic #pinterest #pinterestaesthetic #beautytemptations #trending #fypシ #foryou #foryoupage #greenscreen ♬ doin time - 🎧

    12. Conclusion:

    Debby and Bella, yes, but did you know this hairstyle isn’t popular just on Instagram?

    From Dua Lipa to Jennifer Lopez and Hailey Bieber, tons of other celebrities have tried this hairstyle in 2021 and experts are adamant: although it’s been on the radar for a while, this hair trend will skyrocket and go big in 2022.

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