Friday On Trend: What Is Glass Hair And How To Get It

by BRENDA L. / 24. JUN 2022

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    You’ve seen it on models like Adriana Lima and tons of influencers on your social media, but have you ever, truly achieved glass-like, silky-smooth, shiny hair?

    If you’re wondering how to make hair shine like glass, then look no further than this blog and follow these simple steps.

    1. What Is Glass Hair?

    The “glass hair trend” refers to a mane that is silky, smooth and so shiny and reflective to remind of glass. It works best on dark haired people, since hues such as black and brunette reflect the light better.

    The trend has gone viral on TikTok and Instagram after A-listers and celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, Hailey Bieber and more rocked it in their latest selfies and red carpet appearances.

    The term “glass hair” was originally coined by Refinery29, who also mentions how this hair trend is usually associated with a sharp, blunt haircut. No layers for the glassy, glossy results you want to achieve from this trend!

    2. How To Get Glass Hair

    If you’re not exactly a celebrity with a personal hair stylist, you’re probably wondering how to get glass hair at home. Luckily, Chris Appleton (Ambassador of Color Wow and celebrity hair stylist - whose roster of clients includes Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Lopez and Dua Lipa) has shared a few tips and tricks for you to try and get the shiny hair of your dreams in the comfort of your own home.

    • Wash and condition your hair with sulphate-free and paraben-free products.

      It is mandatory that you make sure your shampoo and conditioner contain no frizz-fighting agents such as silicones, or thick and creamy moisturising components. Why? Simply put, these products leave a “protective film” on your cuticles, which may impact the final shiny result you’re after. To achieve the best results, stick to his recommended products: Color Wow’s Color Security Shampoo & Color Wow’s Color Security Conditioner (based on your hair type) are your best bet.

    • Prep your hair with a shine coat product.

      Appleton’s all time favourite is the Color Wow Dream Coat Anti-Humidity Spray, and it’s honestly easy to see why. I also picked this product for my top 10 Best Haircare Products For Summer blog. Perfect for hair extensions and safe to use on Keratin-treated hair, this little miracle in a bottle is the definition of “glass hair sauce”.

    • Style your hair pointing the hair-dryer nozzle down the hair shaft.

      The secret to glossy, glass-like hair is not just in smoothing the hair cuticles down and keeping the right amount of moisture in your strands. Matter of fact, experts explain how most of it resides in the blow-drying technique! When blow-drying hair straight, make sure to point the dryer nozzle down the hair, in order to keep the cuticle layer as flat as possible.

    • Avoid overusing a flatiron.

      It’s easy to fall into the misconception that the best results to silk-like hair would be using a flat iron, but that is only going to contribute to dryness and breakage - things that you want to avoid in order to rock the perfect glass hair. The key is to get the best out of stretching and smoothing your hair perfectly with the old-school method: blow dryer and a round brush.

    • Finish with hairspray to tame flyaways and baby hairs.

      If you have baby hairs, make sure to style them properly with the help of hair wax or gel, and a soft toothbrush. If you’d like to know more about how to style baby hairs, check out our dedicated blog. Finally, if you have any shorter hair left out, smooth them down with the aid of hairspray. To maximise the shine effect, apply some shine spray to your locks.

    3. Conclusion:

    Glass hair is an ongoing trend but it also reflects (pun not intended) the optimal state of a glossy, shiny and healthy mane. Make the most out of your locks and maintain them at their top with these simple tricks. If you’d like to make sure your slick blow-dry stays on longer with the aid of a flatiron, make sure you apply a heat protectant spray on your tresses!

    Also, did you know that the secret to a healthy mane hides in your diet too? Find out about how what you eat influences the way your hair looks and feels in our blog:

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