Why Everyone’s Talking About The No Colour Hair Colour

by ABBEY WILSON / 13. MÄR 2024

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    Its clear to see from the success of recent trends such as the ‘clean girl aesthetic’ and ‘No make-up, make-up’ that the less is more approach to hair and beauty is still going strong. Today we’re diving into the transformative world of hair extensions from a more natural perspective to shine light on the beauty of undyed hair colours and prove that extensions can fit this brief too.

    What Is ‘No Colour, Hair Colour’?

    The ‘no colour hair colour’ trend is inspiring more and more people to opt for natural shades such as earthy brunettes, subtle auburns and sun-kissed balayage’s that look as though they aren’t dyed. A main advantage of these colours is that they require less maintenance to keep up with but more importantly these types of colours are less damaging to the hair.

    Natural Hair Colours In Hair Extensions

    Matching undyed hair to hair extensions can be tricky as most natural colours are made up of a mixture of very similar shades which gives more dimension. Artificial hair extensions will not match with undyed hair very well as they tend to be made from one colour causing them to be more noticeable against the natural hair. Remy, human hair extensions are the best kind to use when matching to undyed hair as they have an almost identical appearance and blend seamlessly, even with undyed shades. Let’s explore all the shades in our extension collection that match the natural hair colour trend.

    Natural Black Hair Extensions

    Black hair extensions @jasmine.chanel_ wears our Ultra-Volume clip-ins in shade #1B Natural Black to create this STUNNING textured wave look, you would never know its hair extensions!

    Our top selling #1B Natural Black shade features dark black hair flecked with super dark brunette strands to provide the same appearance as naturally raven hair. Unlike the #1 Jet Black that has supercharged shine, the natural black is more matte which gives a genuine finish to blend better with undyed, textured hair.

    Natural Brunette Hair Extensions  

    We have lots of natural brown shades in our collection from super dark brunettes to paler brown colours to suit lighter haired beauties.

    Dark Brown Hair Extensions 

    #2 Darkest Brown 

    #2 Darkest Brown@ria.dia.x uses her Ultra-Volume clip-ins in shade #2 Darkest Brown to volumize her natural loose wave look. Beautiful!

    The deepest, darkest brown in our collection that has a rich undertone to match with super dark brunette shades.

    #3 Dark Brown 

    #3 Dark Brown@miloszhairstylist cleverly adds a fringe piece in shade #3 dark brown to this look that perfectly blends with the model's natural hair, you would never know it's not real!

    Slightly lighter than the darkest brown, sultry shade #3 has a neutral undertone that matches to dark brown hair.

    #4 Medium Brown 

    #4 Medium Brown@ashleyleehair uses a Quad Weft in #4 Medium Brown to thicken up these gorgeous beach waves.

    The classic brunette. Velvety and rich with deep chocolatey undertones, perfect for naturally rich, dark brunette colours.

    Light Brown Hair Extensions 

    #6 Light Brown

    #6 Light Brown@hairbyrebeccaclark completes this stunning Hollywood waves look by adding our Double Weft clip-ins in shade #6 Light Brown.

    A warm, golden brown for the lighter brunette beauties. Often described as chestnut brown, this shade matches to most light brunette hair colours.

    #6B Mousey Brown 

    An ashier, cooler toned version of its sister shade ‘Light Brown’. Mousey brown matches beautifully to neutral brown hair colours.

    #8 Medium Ash Brown

    #8 Medium Ash Brown@iamalinamorozova pumps up the volume with a Supreme Quad Weft in shade #8 Medium Ash Brown to finish this classic, textured blow-dry look.

    The mix of cool undertones in this shade gives a stunningly natural finish that matches well with very light brown hair that hasn’t been dyed.

    Natural Red Hair Extensions

    Finding red hair extensions for natural red hair can be quite a task as there are so many different tones and the spectrum varies widely. At Cliphair we have a huge variety of 11 shades to choose from with 4 of them being specially created to suit natural red heads!

    #30 Light Auburn

    #30 Light Auburn@kierajohnson_ uses the Classic Full Head in shade #30 Light Auburn to add natural volume to her blow dry and you would never know they were there!

    Our top selling red shade that never fails to impress. The rich warmth and delicate tones create a stunning light auburn colour that fits perfectly to most naturally ginger beauties.

    #30B Autumn Spice

    #30B Autumn SpiceHow well do these Ultra-Volume clip-ins in shade #30b Autumn Spice blend with @kaseyjaynecounsell hair to enhance this sleek bouncy blow dry?

    This shade sits between ‘Strawberry Blonde’ & ‘Light Auburn’ for those who are somewhere in the middle! A bright and natural ginger colour perfect for light red heads.

    #33 Dark Auburn 

    #33 Dark Auburn@Taylor_spillane_ rocks her Double Weft clip-ins in shade #33 Dark Auburn for this effortless daytime blow-dry look.

    Rich & spicy, dark auburn copper oozes elegance and sophistication. Perfect for matching to naturally dark red heads.

    #27 Strawberry Blonde

    #27 Strawberry Blonde@hairbyjamesx adds Nano Rings in shade #27 Strawberry Blonde to add length and volume for this loose but glam wave look.

    This delicate blushing blonde shade is the perfect tribute to strawberry blonde. Naturally light with unmistakable red undertones it’s the perfect match for strawberry blonde beauties.


    At Cliphair, we understand the importance of offering options that align with the desire for natural-looking hair extensions, not just in terms of colour but in thickness and texture too. Now you know which colours are best for undyed hair why not check out our most natural looking products such as the Seamless Clip-Ins or Nano Bond permanent extensions. Shop our collection today and elevate your hair game in just a few clicks!

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