10 Big Hair Ideas For Spring

by BRENDA L. / MAR 9, 2023

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    Looking for a new hairstyle? Celebrity hairstylist Chris Appleton loves big hair, and if you do too – this is your year to try them out and become the ultimate trend-setter. Big hair is all the rage now, thanks to the 70s beauty and fashion revival and the return of a few well-known hair accessories, such as Velcro rollers and hair crimpers. Ready to go? Let’s find out the top big hair ideas for spring 2023!

    1. Big Bouncy Blowout

    This hairstyle has resurfaced around the end of 2021 and become a sensation during 2022, but it’s this year that we’ll witness the real explosion of this type of hairstyle. You can easily achieve it with the aid of jumbo Velcro rollers, and boost the thickness and volume in your tresses with hair extensions. Products like Ultra Volume hair extensions and Double Weft hair extensions could be the perfect fit for hair that is medium-thick and needs an extra kick, whilst Seamless hair extensions will be your best friend if your tresses are rather thin.

    2. Curled Up Ponytail

    As preppy hairstyles and fashion are coming back, it was inevitable that we’d see a rise in interest in hairdos such as fluffy, curled-up ponytails. If your hair isn’t thick and/or long enough to get the best out of this gorgeous updo, then look no further than clip in ponytail hair extensions. Just like your natural hair, this product can be styled and curled with the aid of a curling wand or flat iron to achieve the hairstyle of your dreams. Top it off with a fancy accessory such as a bow or a cutesy hair pin and you’re all done! Find more about preppy hairstyles and get inspired on our blog: The Preppy Hairstyles Lookbook For 2023.

    3. Braided Bun

    If you like to wear your hair up, this doesn’t mean that you have to give up on thickness and volume. Think of a fluffy, big bun decorated with gorgeous tendrils that frame your face with elegance and added braids to boost texture, depth and movement. A sophisticated updo like this can be achieved by adding a few pieces of clip in hair extensions here and there, to make the most out of added volume and thickness. 

    4. Hollywood Waves

    Big and long hair is the key to a flawless Hollywood Waves hairstyle. Channel your inner old-cinema diva and style your tresses in the ultimate, glossy hairdo for a special occasion! This hairstyle has been an all-time favourite for elegant evenings out, date nights and wedding looks. To boost it with body and thickness you can always add Remy hair extensions. Now all you need is the perfect dress.

    5. Curly Blowout

    What best way to give a kick to your mane and make it thicker, bigger and voluptuous than a curly blowout? Achieving a dreamy curly ‘do is a dream that many of us share, but what if I told you you can now get it without any heat damage? Yes, you got that right. The curling ribbon can help you achieve a flawless blowout overnight and have you look like you just stepped out of a hair salon. What’s not to love?

    6. Beach Waves

    Looking like you just came back from a fancy holiday has its own charm, let’s be honest. Beach waves are universally recognised as incredibly trendy, and it’s easy to see why: mixed with a sublime balayage, this look can bring any outfit together and have you look effortlessly fashionable in no time. If you don’t want to make your hair go under the stress of a bleach job, did you know you can add a dash of light and color to your tresses with the aid of hair extensions? Explore our balayage hair extensions collection and make it yours for your next hair makeover!

    7. 90s Midi-Length

    If you’ve been eyeing up “The Rachel”, the haircut that defined a whole generation in the 90s, then you might want to focus on volume and layers rather than longer lengths. Tape In hair extensions or Double Weft hair extensions are the perfect accessories to boost things up on your crown and achieve all the layer and structure of this hairstyle. 90s midi-lengths are coming back now, and this is your opportunity to try this gorgeous “mom hairstyle”.

    8. Curly Explosion

    Whether you’ve been blessed with natural curly hair or you’ve been seduced by a tight perm, letting your curls go wild is one of the latest trends. Take it from celebrities such as Zendaya, Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez and Shakira; big curly ‘dos are all the rage! Let your hair go as big as it wants, and boost it with a set of curly hair extensions to let your natural crown explode in all its beauty, loud and proud.

    9. Extreme Length

    Do it like Lourdes Leon, or like Cher during her golden era: long, luscious lengths are extremely in. Not everyone has had the time or patience to grow their hair over the past few years though, and this is where hair extensions come in quite handy. With Nano Ring hair extensions you can add up to 15 inches of glorious length to your mane in the most natural, discreet way. 

    10. 70s Blowout

    The hippie era is coming back, and whilst you may need a moment to adapt to all the eye-breaking psychedelic prints and colors, there is no hesitation when it comes to big, feathered hairstyles that have a life of their own! Influencers like Mallory Jade (@groovy_mal) have mastered the art of achieving a gorgeous 70s blowout, and with the aid of a round brush and hair extensions (if necessary) you too can try this look at home and look incredibly trendy.

    11. Conclusion:

    From a few usual suspects to the return of some iconic hairstyles from the past, this spring is all about big hair! Whether you’d like to focus on texture, volume and thickness or vertiginous lengths, achieve endless possibilities with the aid of hair extensions (and a bit of practice)!

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