10 Gorgeous Barbiecore Hairstyle Ideas

by BRENDA L. / JUL 11, 2023

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    Interested in Barbiecore? I know – since Greta Gerwig’s genius “Barbie” movie was announced, the popularity of this bright pink aesthetic has literally skyrocketed. And how could I blame those who are fascinated by the sparkly vibe of this style? Whimsical and vibrant, Barbiecore became a thing way before Margot Robbie’s Barbie started going viral! So, let’s have a more in-depth look at Barbiecore, and find some inspiration for Barbiecore hairstyles to rock this summer – and all-year-around, really. 

    What Is Barbiecore? 

    Inspired by the world’s most famous doll designed by Mattel, Barbiecore took over the internet in recent years but it’s always been there – or at least since the 90s and early 2000s. Taking details from the pinkest, brightest and cutest accents of millennial pop culture, the style features characteristics seen on many icons of the era such as Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Daphne from Scooby Doo, Elle Woods from Legally Blonde and Sharpay from the unforgettable High School Musical. Think clear and holographic accessories, Cher’s fluffy pen in Clueless, bright pink platform heels, and lots of butterfly prints… You get the idea! But when it comes to hair, which hairstyles fit the Barbiecore aesthetic the best? Let’s see them together!

    Bubblegum Braids:

    You may remember this hairstyle on Britney Spears whilst dancing to her hit “...Baby One More Time”. Bubblegum braids are easy to achieve – and if you’re lacking the necessary length and thickness to bring them to the next level, you can always add clip in hair extensions to give your hairstyle a boost. Divide your hair into two sections and put it up in two high pigtails; then, braid each pigtail and secure them with clear elastic bands. You can also add fluffy/fuzzy scrunchies to get that Y2K vibe going on. 

    Pastel Power Pixie:

    If your Barbiecore vibe is more influenced by the fairy aesthetic, why not go for a pixie cut? Pastel coloured pixie haircuts are super trendy and always cute, no matter the season. The amazing thing? If you change your mind, you don’t have to wait that long to get your long, flowy tresses back. Solutions like nano ring hair extensions can be applied on lengths up to five inches! Glitter and details such as dashes of pastel pink can help you achieve the perfect Barbiecore short haircut.

    Barbie Bangs:

    Barbie is no stranger to fancy full bangs, and sporting a pair of perfectly crafted curtain bangs or a full fringe can actually be a huge game changer in your hairstyle. Don’t be scared of the change: if you don’t feel like committing to a big chop yet, you can always experiment with clip in bangs first. You can either style it full and blunt, give it a bit of a puff , or even go full edgy with micro bangs.

    Half-Up High Ponytail:

    If you, like me, have been waiting on the Barbie movie since the first trailer came out, chances are that you’ve watched every teaser available on social media. Sooo… You probably noticed the glorious half-up ponytail hairstyle that Margot Robbie wears at some point in the movie too! Playful, sophisticated, and utterly adorable – this hairstyle is fairly easy to achieve. Adding ultra volume hair extensions also help you keep things puffy and full of volume, even when half of your hair is being worn up!

    Bouncy Curls:

    One of the best ways to stand out at a party in the Barbie Dreamhouse? Gorgeous, bouncy curls. If your hair is already naturally textured, even better! If not, you can easily give your tresses more volume and movement. Adding hair extensions can help you achieve next level thickness and length, then you can get to styling with your curling iron or wand. Scared of heat damage? If your hair is fine or you don’t particularly fancy the idea of heat-based styling anyways, take a look at our blog: How to Get Heatless Curls in 12 Easy Ways.

    Side-Swept Barbie Waves:

    For a more glamorous Barbiecore look, go for this timeless classic. Similar to the ever popular Hollywood waves, this type of hairdo is less crimped and put together, staying loose and glamorous without missing on the glossy finish. Create loose, romantic waves with a curler (using a large barrel), then sweep them all to one side. Using accessories such as a sparkly hairpin or embellished clip will help you secure the hair behind your ear in a super fashionable way.

    Twisted Top Knot:

    Who said that a Barbie never puts her hair up? There’s quite a lof of limited edition dolls that would beg to differ… And this is why, here I present you: the twisted top knot! Easy to recreate, elegant and very practical – is there anything that this hairdo can’t do? Gather your hair into a high ponytail and twist it tightly; then, wrap the twisted ponytail around its base to form a chic top knot. Use bobby pins to secure it in place, and you’re all done. You could also pull out a couple of face-framing tendrils that you can wear as they are, curl, or even braid. If your hair isn’t quite there yet, why not use ponytail hair extensions to make it easier? 

    Softly Curled Pigtails:

    For an adorable and ultra-girly hairstyle, try to wear your pigtails and softly curl the ends. This way you will give this classic hairdo a bit of a twist and make it more elegant and sophisticated! Begin by parting your hair down the middle, and create two high pigtails. If you’d like to add more hair to make this hairstyle stand out with thickness (and perhaps a few extra inches of length), try seamless hair extensions – as they lay flat against the scalp, staying hidden whilst pumping up your hairdo of choice.

    Mermaid Waves:

    Barbie has many friends – including cryptids and people with the most amazing powers. The truth is that Barbie’s world is huge, so it’s not surprising to find out that she may even be found hanging out with Disney’s very own Ariel! If you’d like to tap into your inner mermaid without straying away from the Barbiecore experience, go with a set of glamorous mermaid waves – also called beach waves, sometimes! You can either achieve this by enhancing your natural texture with a sea-salt spray, or by using a waver for a more defined finish.

    Retro Barbie Bouffant:

    Got a thing going for that vintage Barbie aesthetic? I know, I understand that actually. And with all this retro stuff making a comeback in the last couple of years, I can’t blame anyone for wanting to dip their feet in some of that polished aesthetic! Get ready for a lot of backcombing on your crown section to create volume, and arm yourself with the best hairspray you have. Finish by placing a wide, satin headband or scarf to complete this retro-inspired diva look!


    Barbiecore is all about embracing your playful side and having fun with your look, experimenting with bright colours and a vibrant, pop-styled aesthetic. No matter what your preferred hairdo style is, these 10 Barbiecore hairstyle ideas will help you rock the doll trend with glamour! Have fun whilst experimenting with different styles, colours, and accessories to create your own unique Barbiecore look!

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