18 Easy Hairstyles for Long Hair

by BRENDA L. / JAN 10, 2024

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    Got long hair? Sometimes finding the right way to wear it and express yourself with a change of hairstyle can be quite the daunting task, especially if you’re not willing to give it a big chop. But truth be told, long hair is a great canvas for a plethora of easy hairstyles that you can rock on many different occasions!

    Big And Bouncy Curls

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    If you want to tease your hair into truly big and bouncy curls, all you need to do is blow dry your natural hair as you would normally. Then, take your clip in extensions and affix it around the back of your scalp, from one ear to the other. Now, very delicately shape both the natural and hair extensions into soft curls – you can either use your fingers and a bit of hairspray, or a set of old-fashioned curls. In fact, the latter option is the best choice, because you can simply go to sleep in rollers, and when you walk up you will have a beautiful head of buoyant curls.

    The Classic Braid

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    In order to create a flawless braid, which is ideal for all kinds of different situations, pick your human hair extensions, and clip them carefully beneath your hair. Then, using your fingerprints, braid the natural and extensions together – a side braid or a traditional style is perfectly fine, the choice is yours. It keeps your hair away from your face, but still ensures that you always look elegant.

    You should always use a detangling brush (or delicately with your fingers) to untangle knots in hair extensions, because being too rough with some hairbrushes could cause damage.

    Long And Tousled

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    For those who have naturally very straight and long hair, it is always going to be fun to play around with curlier styles. This is perfectly fine, but you should also try to appreciate how versatile and diverse your hair type happens to be. You can do anything that you want with straight hair – curl it, crimp it, braid it, or whatever else you can think up. In fact, the best of both worlds can be enjoyed by introducing a little bit of a wave to straight hair.

    The Half-up, Half-down

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    The half-up is a timeless classic. And if you're afraid you don't have the necessary thickness and volume to make the most of this hairstyle, don't worry: you can always use products such as Double Weft hair extensions to make it up for it! Divide your crown in half (gently backcomb for a bit of thickness) and tie the top half into a ponytail – if you have super long hair, it may be easier to start with one-quarter of your hair, followed by the other. Gently smooth over your ponytail with a brush for a clean look, tie and add hairspray.

    You can add glitzy hair accessories or add some waves to your hair.

    Mermaid Waves

    This is one of the most popular hairstyles for summer ever, and it’s easy to see why: what’s better than a fresh set of crimped waves when the temperature rises? Imitating the gently tousled effect of beach tresses – minus the dryness of saltwater! – this gorgeous look can be easily achieved by using a waver on your hair and hair extensions. It’s one of the best long hairstyles you can try, so why not go extra and style it on 26” hair extensions for a stunning, sea-witch effect?

    Ringlets & Curls

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    For those who have natural curly hair – or have committed to a stunning perm job –, the options are even more fun with the help of curly hair extensions. These clip ins, coming in 8 comfortable pieces, can be added to your mane to maximise the curly explosion with thickness, volume, and bounce. You can either wear your curls long and free, or arrange them in a multitude of stunning hairstyles – including trendy bandana hairstyles, or super-accessorised festival looks.

    Fishtail Braid

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    The fishtail plait is a super-trendy hairstyle for long hair that can be easily achieved with a little bit of practice. This stunning braid is quite popular for festival looks, boho-chic hairstyles, and summer hairdos. It can also be employed as a glamorous protective hairstyle for sleeping, keeping your strands tucked in and protected from tugging, pulling, and frizz-inducing friction. It works best on long hair of course, and it can be used to shelter permanent hair extensions from the wind as a trendy outdoorsy hairstyle.

    French Plait

    @kennarwood French braid tutorial!! If you wanna learn how to braid your hair, follow along & I will teach you from the knowledge I have from watching Cute Girls Hairstyles #frenchbraid #frenchbraidtutorial ♬ original sound - Kenna McClellan

    This easy hairstyle for long hair has a uniquely romantic feeling to it, capable of pulling together any outfit with elegance and practicality. You can create this hairdo with or without Remy hair extensions, wearing it on the side of your head, on the back, or even doubling up in a set of two trendy plaits – one on each side. Isn’t it great?

    If you’re using clip in hair extensions to enhance your French plait, make sure that you invest  in a super-discreet type of clip-ins, such as Seamless hair extensions!

    Double Dutch Braids

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    Just like French braids, Dutch braids are a popular option that can double up as a protective hairstyle on top of looking simply stunning. The main difference between Dutch braids and French braids is that the former is woven on “the outside”, making it stand out compared to the French plait, that is woven “inwardly” instead.

    Dutch plaits are a popular option for playful or fierce looks, depending on your style. They can be adorned with hair jewellery, just like a Fishtail braid, and are a fun way to keep your hair away from your face whilst looking super trendy. 

    Half-Up Space Buns

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    Looking for easy hairstyles instead? Then go for this amazing combo: space buns + half-down hair! You can easily make up for the loss of volume (typical of half-up hairdos!) by adding a product such as Double Weft hair extensions or Ultra Volume hair extensions in your tresses, doubling up in thickness and bounce whilst having half of your hair tied up in two buns, one per each side.

    Rope Braid

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    The rope braid has recently made a huge comeback, and it’s easy to see why! Not only is it a glamorous easy hairstyle for long hair, but it’s also a trendy option to keep your hair away from your face and protect it from outside agents such as the wind. You can wear it for a multitude of occasions such as work lunches, date nights, festival weekends, pool parties, and airport lounging sessions – no matter where you are, this gorgeous hairdo will keep you stylish whilst being practical and versatile.

    The 90s Blowout

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    One of the most popular blowouts ever, the big 90s blowout guarantees results worthy of a Clueless casting. Inspired by divas such as Alicia Silverstone, Cindy Crawford, and Madchen Amick, this styling technique has been brought back to us by influencers like Matilda Djerf, rapidly becoming a viral sensation on social media. Products such as Ultra Volume hair extensions can help you achieve that ultra-glamorous thickness and bounce, that you can then style with hair rollers and a round brush for that glamorous Twin Peaks finish.

    Balayage Beauty

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    If you’re looking to change the look in your tresses, sometimes easy hairstyles for long hair don’t necessarily mean a change in your blowout routine or a haircut – instead, why not play around with hair colours and highlights? Adding a balayage job to your mane comes damage-free nowadays, with the help of balayage hair extensions. Designed to blend in harmony with your base colour, this type of hair extensions works by adding subtle touches of light in your tresses whenever you feel in need of a pick-me-up with a gently sun-kissed finish. You can also look into adding them to your hair long-term with professional hair extensions, for a hair transformation that will last you for weeks!

    Color Block Hair

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    This trend has peaked during the 90s and at some point in the noughties, but let’s be honest – hairstyles for long hair, like fashion, keep on going on rotation. And this is why I’m not surprised to see this colourful and lively trend make a strong comeback! Inspired by celebrities such as Nicole Scherzinger’s y2k look for the Masked Singer, this type of look can be easily achieved with high contrast Remy hair extensions, strategically placed to create a bold color block finish.

    Wet Hair Effect

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    As seen on Megan Fox, the Kardashians, Rosalia, and many other celebrities, here comes one of the best easy hairstyles for long hair: the wet hair effect! By using the right products, you can easily achieve this look and sport it for a night out with your friends. Adding human hair extensions to the mix helps you maintain the right amount of volume, for a trendy and editorial finish that doesn’t lack in thickness and glamour.

    Mega Ponytail

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    Last but not least, the mega ponytail! XXL ponytail hairstyles have been seen on many different celebrities, including trendsetter and businesswoman Kim Kardashian – although we should probably credit Ariana Grande for turning the ponytail from a “stay at home” look to an elegant choice also seen at weddings and gala dinners.

    If your hair lacks the necessary thickness to get the ponytail of your dreams, you can always use accessories such as the Wrap Around Ponytail clip in hair extensions to make it yours.

    Sleek Ponytail

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    Using a wrap around ponytail hair extensions set has never been easier - and now you can pop it on your hair to add thickness and volume to your natural long hair. Proceed with a slicked-back effect on your head or a trendy middle-parted sleek finish, then apply a generous dose of Heat protection spray on your pony and get your flat iron going! The sleek ponytail is a trendy hairstyle to rock in many different occasions. Make it yours today, with clip in ponytail hair extensions

    Bubble Ponytail

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    Another Y2K classic, the incredible bubble ponytail is one of the easiest hairstyles with long hair ever. All you need to recreate it in the comfort of your own home is a set of clear elastic bands – or colourful ones, if you’re going for a festival hairstyle or a more vibrant look – and, obviously, your hair extensions. You can either do it with a Wrap Around ponytail hair extensions set, or you can double up and create two bubble braids with a full set of clip ins for enhanced volume and thickness.

    Styling Tips & Tricks

    Make sure you make the most of your hair extensions by styling with the right products! Discover the latest hair accessories and the right hair care to take care of long, parched hair and Remy hair extensions.

    Quench The Thirst: Deep Moisture Hair Care

    best products for hair extensions

    First things first: how do you wash your hair and hair extensions to make sure they are always hydrated, shiny, luscious, and in tip-top shape? Cliphair comes to the rescue with this exclusive hair care line, designed to take care of professional hair extensions and natural human hair. Packed with moisturising ingredients such as Shea butter, Baobab seed oil, rice proteins, and silk amino acids, this hair care trio includes a deliciously 100% sulphate-free shampoo and conditioner duo + a hair mask that will revive and rebalance the moisture levels in your hair fibres from the first use. For an unforgettable washing experience that will leave your tresses feeling like brand new! Come and explore the Quench The Thirst: Deep Moisture hair care collection, and shop the best shampoo for hair extensions + your detangling and nourishing allies.

    Cliphair Styling Hair Accessories: Never Without!

    wave comb

    Discover your hair's new best friends: the Cliphair styling accessories are here to help you achieve flawless hairdos with ease. For crafting the perfect waves in your tresses, let me introduce you to the Wave Comb: a large-toothed comb designed to seamlessly glide on freshly curled or crimped hair, softening your waves for a dreamy, romantic finish. With a whimsical marbled look and coming in a luxury PU faux croc leather pouch, this comb is the go-to accessory for curled hairstyles lovers.

    Then, the Wet One by Cliphair: the wet brush that can do it all. With its flexible bristles and ergonomic handle, detangling under the shower has never been easier. Kind to your hair and hair extensions beads, this brush will gently get rid of knots and tangles in no time, leaving your hair ready for styling.

    Come and discover these two hair care staples and more (including the ever-popular styling alligator clips designed to hold more hair than average sectioning clips, and the unmissable pintail comb for precise sectioning and neat parting!) in our Hair Accessories collection.


    Found your hairstyle idea? Remember to incorporate heat protection products into your routine to shield your hair from the damage caused by styling tools. By investing in quality hair care products and practicing proper hair care techniques, you can keep your long locks looking fabulous while minimizing the risk of damage.

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