The Ultimate Guide to Sew-In Hair Extensions


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    Sew in hair extensions, also known as wefts or weave extensions, including the famous ‘LA weave’, are a type of hair extension that can be applied using a variety of different methods. Due to their versatility, they are one of the most popular hair extension choices on the planet, which is why we’ll not only be diving into the basics in understanding Sewn In Hair Extensions, but also the main pros and cons and key haircare tips for maintaining gorgeous sew-in locks!

    Understanding Sew-In Hair Extensions

    The Installation Process

    You’ll be pleased to know that you’ll be handing things over to the professionals for these salon-ready extensions, so sit back and relax while we guide you through the installation process.

    Sew in extensions are extremely adaptable and can be either glued in, weaved in, or sewn in, and can also be cut, dyed, straightened and curled to your liking. For Cliphair, our weaves tend to vary in width depending on the length from 48” to 56”, which gives you plenty of options to customise your new do.

    Our Remy Royale Hair Weft/Weave is our crown of glory, made with premium quality AAAAA grade 100% Remy human hair. They’re also double drawn, which means the ends are as thick as their roots, and boast a soft, smooth and silky feel.

    The installation process is achieved through a small, intricate braid or cornrow, which is created horizontally in the hair by your technician or stylist. The cornrow will be the base in which your weft is then attached, the neater and more intricately braided it is, the easier it will be to attach the weft, giving you the best possible results.

    Your weft is then neatly placed on top and held in place, which can be sectioned off using our Alligator Clips. Next, using a curved needle and thread the weft is sewn firmly to the braid and secured at the end with a tight knot. 

    Gradually, this process is then repeated in rows around the head. Some stylists choose to vertically cornrow the entire hair first and sew the wefts in a different direction, however this is the basic application method.

    Types of Sew-In Extensions

    The sewn in weave is one of the oldest and original hair extensions methods, dating back as early as the 1950s. Sew in hair extensions come in various known forms, including partial sew ins and full sew ins, meaning your hair is either partially or fully braided into the attachment.

    Classic Weft Extensions can either be made into clip-ins or permanently attached in many different methods to suit your hair type and desired result, with some stylists choosing to cut the wefts into smaller, more specific pieces, forming a personalised hair masterpiece for their client – the possibilities are endless!

    Our Remy Royale Flat Track Weave is a brand-new take on our Classic Remy Royale Weave Weft, offering an improved, more discreet design that is guaranteed to give you a more seamless, natural-looking finish that is also far less bulky. We’ve swapped our classic lace for a new material that has a stronger hair retention, prevents tangling more effectively and tackles any unwanted odours. Flatter and less bulky, a flat track weave is virtually undetectable.

    However, everyone’s favourite weft application method seems to be the LA Weave. Unlike other sew in techniques, this extension system uses zero braiding, making it easier and more comfortable than older, harsher weave techniques that can often cause lot of tension and pull on your scalp and natural hair.

    The weft extensions are applied using a row of micro rings and needle and thread to secure the hair. After 6-8 weeks the weft is removed and refitted, and it can then be reused many times providing the condition is still in great shape.

    For everything you need to know about the LA Weave, read our blog to explore everything from Before and Afters, to washing techniques or how to prevent damage once fitted.

    Pros and Cons of Sew In Extensions


    • Convenience: Quick and easy to apply. This is great for both the stylist and the customer as hair stylists can fit more clients into their working day and customers don’t need to book out as much time to have it done.
    • Wow Factor: Sew in extensions are one of the best options for big transformations. If you have quite short hair, sew in extensions can take you from shoulder length to red carpet-ready in no time at all.
    • Thick Hair, Don’t Care: Sew ins are great for thick hair. As the wefts tend to be heavier and thicker, they are ideal for blending out thick blunt haircuts, so don’t fret just yet! It’s also particularly great for those with Afro-Caribbean hair or naturally curly tresses.
    • Easy Peasy: Weave extensions are extremely simple to apply. With some sew in methods, you don’t need to know how to tightly braid, such as the LA Weave, as the hair is sewn into micro rings.
    • Cost Effective: Due to the fast application time, it’s usually a much cheaper option than other alternatives on the market.


    • Not Suitable for Thin/Fine Hair: As weaves can be quite heavy and bulky, they are not suitable for thin, fine or very weak hair types as it may put strain on the head.
    • Less Discreet: Due to a significantly bigger seam, some sew in extensions are far less discreet than other methods and are therefore more suited to people who mostly wear their hair down. 

    Maintaining Sew-In Hair Extensions

    Washing and Conditioning

    When it comes to sewn in extensions, we advise washing your hair no more than 1-2 times per week when you have them fitted, as this will preserve and extend the quality of the extensions, their lifespan and reduce the risk of slipping. In terms of shampooing and conditioning, our Quench The Thirst Collection is the ultimate beauty weapon in your hair care routine to freshen up your weave. Remember to dry your hair thoroughly after washing to prevent any bacteria forming around the roots which could cause irritation.

    Brushing and Styling Sewn-In Extensions

    When brushing your sew in or weave extensions, we recommend our Detangling Hairbrush. Start by holding the hair firmly as if it’s in a ponytail and gently brush from the ends slowly moving upwards to remove any tangles. When nearing the top, begin to brush gently over the rooted area, and try to always work in sections. Not brushing properly can lead to matting and breakage.

    If you want your extensions to last as long as possible, always make sure to brush your extensions before washing them. On top of that, try and aim to carry a hairbrush on you at all times, and make a note to brush your hair extensions before going to bed. This is mainly needed to prevent your hair from tangling during sleep. Plus, if you brush your hair extensions thoroughly in the evening, you will have to deal with fewer knots and tangles in the morning.

    Hair Extension Maintenance Tips

    For a long and happy life with your weft hair extensions, implementing the correct aftercare is crucial. Never bleach or lighten your hair extensions, especially without seeking expert advice from a hair professional. Your sew in extensions can be dyed darker or toned with semi-permanent dyes, however, overtime this will affect the quality and life span. Ensure to loosely plait or braid your hair before bed to ensure you don’t experience any breakage during your beauty sleep.

    In terms of upkeep, you should return to your stylist for a maintenance appointment after 6-8 weeks to have the weft removed and re-fitted. Providing the hair has been well looked after and it is of good quality, you should be able to reuse it for up to 6-12 months and sometimes even longer with very good quality extensions.

    Above all, it is crucial that you never apply Professional Extensions by yourself. As much as we all like to experiment with our hair and try new DIY hair hacks, all permanent hair extensions should only be applied and removed by a qualified hair technician or stylist to prevent any damage to your own hair.


    If you’re looking to try or purchase sew in extensions of your own, either for yourself to bring to your salon, or for a client of yours, our Remy weave extensions have 7 different luxurious lengths in over 40 stunning shades to choose from. We stock a wide range of weave and weft hair extensions that can enhance your natural hair with ease. From weave hair extensions that can be sewn in and worn for several weeks, to clip-in hair wefts for a night out, there are lots of options available.

    If you still find yourself wanting more, you can take a look at our Everything You Need to Know Guide on Hair Wefts and Weaves, or feel to drop a message to one of our experts. Our team are always on hand to make sure your Cliphair experience is worthwhile.

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