5 Celtic Beauty Secrets To Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day

by BRENDA L. / MAR 18, 2022

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    Between the various celebrations in Ireland, the St. Paddy parade is surely the most famous. The day, although considered a celebration of Irish culture as Saint Patrick is the patron saint of Ireland - is widely celebrated in a lof of anglophone countries. Today, if you went out last night to celebrate St Paddy’s day our own way, I decided to homage Irish culture and share 5 Celtic beauty secrets that have (and still do) kept the hair (and more) of Irish women gorgeous and healthy for centuries.

    Celtic Beauty Secrets: Oatmeal Hair Mask

    Did you know that oatmeal is way more than a hearty breakfast? Oatmeal can in fact be used to treat dry and itchy skin - making it a powerful ally in the fight against irritated scalp. Oat is a natural moisturiser, and a regular use of an oatmeal based hair mask can help treat a dry and itchy scalp, giving new life to your tresses and an incredible sensation of relief! If your hair is dry, brittle, opaque and/or you're having issues with dandruff, oatmeal is an ingredient that you should incorporate in your hair regimen.

    If you have a good old bag of plain Quaker Oats porridge sitting in your cupboard, why not try this simple yet effective hair recipe?




    Almond or olive oil


    Mix oatmeal, milk and almond oil or olive oil and make a paste. Comb your hair well before applying this mask, gently apply the mask. Leave it for 30 minutes and then rinse it off with lukewarm water.

    Celtic Beauty Secrets: Beer Rinse

    Research on this practice isn’t as satisfying as one would hope when trying a new hair trend, but people that follow this routine swear by it. According to them, the benefits include shine and hair growth. If you’d like to try this at home, here’s how to get your hair drunk with beauty.

    • Pour 8 oz. of beer in an uncovered cup, then wait until it becomes flat.
    • Wash and condition your hair as you usually do.
    • Massage the flat beer through your hair and into your scalp.
    • Leave the beer in your hair for about 15 minutes.
    • Use cool water to rinse the beer out of your hair.

    Celtic Beauty Secrets: Seaweed Infusion

    The Irish have been soaking in seaweed-infused baths for centuries. To embrace this tradition, seawater is pumped directly from the ocean into large tubs and then piles of locally harvested seaweed are added in. The seaweed is known to be rich in properties that are healing and nourishing to hair and skin.

    If you are in Ireland, visit Voya—one of the few seaweed baths left on the Irish coast. If you’re located anywhere else, you can always resort to the Bumble and Bumble Seaweed Shampoo: $24 and Seaweed Conditioner: $25. With a blend of marine seaweed, spirulina, and kelp, Seaweed Shampoo helps nourish hair without adding weight or stripping color – for fresh, clean, shiny locks.

    Celtic Beauty Secrets: Barley Water

    Maybe it doesn’t have the best taste, but barley water surely brings a lot of benefits to your health, including hair and skin. The presence of niacin, thiamine, and Procyanidin B-3 enables this water of barley to promote hair growth, resulting in thick, lush hair.
    If you tolerate gluten, consumption of barley water will surely bring your mane to life!

    Celtic Beauty Secrets: Hair Of The Dog? No Thanks!

    Last but not least, if you went a little wild last night you may have been left with a nasty headache this morning. Ditch the infamous “hair of the dog” and don’t go to that bottomless prosecco brunch that all of your friends will show up to with bed head and sunglasses; instead, here’s a secret to fight an upset tummy after a night of drinking.

    Did you know that raw eggs aren’t just good for your hair mask? In fact, drinking a couple of raw eggs will help you fight those hangover symptoms like headache, nausea and dehydration.

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