6 Of The Best Medium-Length Hairstyles

by SHOPIFY API / OCT 31, 2012


     Medium-Length Hairstyles

    Firstly, THE CLASSIC.

    The classic can be seen here on the beautiful young actress Dakota Fanning. This cut looks good on everyone, no matter what face shape you have, or what colour your hair is. The cut is collarbone grazing and has slight layers vertically cut into the ends. It is just past the shoulders, giving the illusion of long hair, but without the required maintenance. The great thing about this look is that thick hair is weighed down, and if you have fine hair, it’s guaranteed not to look stringy. Unlike Dakota, most people look better with a side parting, not the daring and risky centre parting – which can be hard to pull off. Experiment to see what suits you best, and have the stylist cut the ends rights at your collarbone, or two inches below – a length inbetween can cause a funny flip where your hair rests.



    Secondly, SOFT AND WAVY.


    This cut is the same as the one described above, seen here on Elizabeth Olsen, but simply styled differently. To get these waves, apply mousse to damp hair before blow drying and curling random strands. While this look works well with every hair texture, you can always add some extensions to puff it up.



    Thirdly, FACE FRAMING.


    Christina Hendricks’ hair has soft layers framing the face, keeping her face open. The layers should be chin length or higher if you have a square jaw.





    Kerry Washington’s shoulder length style looks bouncy and feminine thanks to lots of layers and a side fringe. The style is perfect for thick and unruly hair because it streamlines it. The thicker your hair, the more layers you can get away with, whilst the finer your hair, the blunter your ends should be.



    Fifth, CHOPPY.


    Jennifer Aniston has a hair cut which is shorter in the back, which works well for many textures, except curly hair which can be a struggle to style. Every face shape looks good with a shoulder length cut, but if you have a short neck, keep the cut on the shorter side.




    A sideswept fringe and long layers add movement and a youthful feel to a haircut. For those of you with finer hair, it’s reccommded to start the fringe further back, a la Miss Witherspoon.

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