Autumn 2013 Hairstyles

by SHOPIFY API / AUG 30, 2013


    Autumn Hairstyles


    It seems like this year has flown by – we can’t believe it is September already!

    We have really enjoyed wearing flirty braids and pretty beach waves throughout Summer, but now we’re ready to step it up a notch ready for Autumn. Chunky knits and structured looks have been featured heavily on the AW2013 catwalks along with slick hairstyles and eyecatching looks. We’ve picked a few of our favourites to show you. Read on if you’d like to discover how to get the looks…


    Low Ponytails

    Seen on the catwalks at Alexander Wang, the low maintenance loose and low ponytail scores seasonal style points whilst being super quick and easy to throw together, either for an every day look, or a stylish evening look. Give your hair a little backcombing at the crown for some height and a slightly messy look.


    This can be worn either loose and relaxed for an off duty look (try leaving a few strands free around your face), or tight and slick – adding a side parting will add an aspect of severity and masculinity to the look – this style is gorgeous with an androgynous trouser suit or blazer. If you like to wear this look slicked back and sexy (think The Saturdays in their Gentleman video) then add some serum to keep any stray hairs smoothed back and finish with plenty of hairspray – you can’t go wrong with L’Oreal Elnett Full Hold hairpray, available at all drugstores.





    Wet Look Locks


    This grunge trend was seen on Balmain catwalks throughout last year, and is still going strong throughout Autumn 2013. Celebrities from Kim Kardashian to Jennifer Lawrence have been sporting the look. To get this look apply some wet look gel spray at the roots and comb backwards with a wide toothed comb. Leave a little volume at the roots for a softer look, or slick totally back for a sharper finish.




     For a more wearable take on the trend, you might like to try a slick wet look with a centre parting (as seen on the catwalk at Jason Wu). This trend looks gorgeous on shorter crops as well as long locks. It’s a daring look to pull off, but is sure to set you apart as a dedicated fashionista!



    Fringes are a style which never go out of fashion, but they featured heavily on this season’s catwalks at Burberry and Pucci. Some were full, block, eye-skimming fringes, while others were cute peekaboo fringes- there’s something to suit everyone. Fringes can be a worry if you have a fuller face, but a gappy fringe looks gorgeous on those who weren’t blessed with razor sharp cheekbones. For a cute boho look, a fringe parted in the centre looks really relaxed and pretty.


    A full fringe can be a harsh and scary look to pull off, so you may like to experiment with a clip-on fringe before taking the plunge and getting one cut. These come with slightly longer strands at the sides which make the fringe look more natural and less severe. With clip-on fringes, you can simple pop them in and remove them as you like! Perfect if you are a style chameleon and don’t want to commit to one style. 



    Relaxed Blow-dries


    Easy, relaxed blow-dries were all over the catwalks this season – and thankfully they take no effort to recreate – just part your hair roughly in the centre, and gently blow dry, scrunching for extra volume. You can create more movement through your hair using a large barrelled brush. An off centre parting makes the look more subtle and relaxed. If you like your blow dry to look lived in and dishevelled, you can add a sprinkling of texturising powder to the roots. Give this a tousle and work the powder in with your fingers for some volume at the roots. This is a great style to wear with heavy eye makeup and nude lips for a real bedhead style.


    Retro Old School Styles

    This season’s retro styles were all about femininity and classic looks, such as beehives and chignons. At Marc Jacobs, tight babydoll ringlets featured heavily, which looked slightly worn – in. You can achieve this look by lightly back combing the curls after they’ve been created, and holding in place with plenty of hairspray to keep the curls tight.


     This style looks gorgeous worn with cute babydoll dresses and rosy cheeks! Bouffants and beehives also featured heavily and are the perfect hairstyle to team with winged 60s eyeliner and a statement headband. Beehives may look hard to pull off, but nowadays there are plenty of tricks to help you achieve the look, such as ‘bump -its’ which are small plastic inserts hidden under your hair to give you extra height. If using one of these – be sure to use lots of hairspray to keep it in place. Backcombing will also help to give you a really full and glamourous look.





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