Beach Waves Tutorial

by SHOPIFY API / APR 29, 2014


    Today I would like to share with you my take on Beach Waves and how I create the look. I think everyone has their own interpretation of this look and many find the best way to achieve it is with straighteners, however, this can be fiddly and if you are an extension wearer a little uncomfortable with the pulling through the hair. My Beach Waves can be created on short hair with a full set of extensions or long hair with maybe just a few extensions. You see Beach Waves are all about relaxed style right? But there’s nothing worse than lifeless, thin, straggly looking waves. No, a little volume works wonders. This is one of those looks I really recommend the ClipHair Quad Weft for if you have long hair as its perfect for some extra volume.

    For This look you will need:

    • your extensions
    • heat protectant
    • a brush
    • a conical wand (any curling wand would do, but I would recommend no larger than a 40mm barrel)
    • and hair spray to finish the look

    I also recommend that ‘second day hair’ works much better with this style, especially if you use dry shampoo on day 3 as it adds volume and texture and gives you more of a beachy wave finish.


    • This look takes about 5-10 minutes

    Step 1. Clip in your extensions (Whether it’s a full set or just a quad weft for additional volume). Apply heat protectant throughout and brush your hair thoroughly.

    Step 2. Set your curling wand to a low/medium heat. I am using the Babyliss Conical Wand and the heat setting 180.

    Step 3. Taking a 1” section (Or there abouts, I find this look works well with mixing the size and direction of your sections), start curling the hair. I do not start curling my sections above my ear, as I don’t want my waves to start before this point. If you want them higher, than by all means start the curling higher up the head. I also do not section my hair with clips for this look as it’s quicker not too. Make sure NOT to curl all the way down to the bottom of the piece you are curling and leave at least a 1” end that’s not curled. I roughly leave my hair on the conical wand for about 8-10 seconds but vary this throughout the curls so some are more relaxed than others.
    Step 4. When you have curled 3 or 4 pieces, take the section in your hand (Like you were creating pig tails) and pull your hand down it. Do not separate the curls! This look does not need the curls separated at all. It’s about definition, but in order to loosen the curls to waves you need to pull them and relax them slightly. You can do this after each piece you curl but I find it easier and quicker doing a few at a time as I go along.

    Step 5. Once you have curls one side all the way round to the back, repeat the process on the other side. Do not worry about the curls always being curled in the same direction. I have some curling away from my face and others curling towards it. You will create more movement and volume this way.

    Step 6. When both sides are curled split your hair in 2 down the back (Like you are putting your hair in pig tails), take a little hair oil and rub it in your palms. Now taking your hands through the pig tails pull those waves again and relaxing them. Do not separate the curls at all, just place your hands at your roots and shake your hair. I also recommend flipping your head upside down and shaking vigorously.

    Step 7. Now pull any pieces into place and add some hair spray. You could also add some styling putty or even sea salt spray to give a messier look.

    I hope you like my Beach Waves tutorial. This look holds for a few days and I find gets better with each day. The messier it gets the better and a little dry shampoo at the roots when you find your own hair needs it can create additional volume. If your curls are a little tight, they will drop slightly after a few hours. I always curl mine like this initially but find a few hours later I have my desired amount of wave.

    Now all we need is some hot weather and a tropical island and our beach waves would be perfect against that back drop – if you don’t have that, just quietly day dream about it instead with great looking hair!

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