Britney is Back! Blonde Bombshells!

by SHOPIFY API / MAY 22, 2012


    Britney is Back! Blonde Bombshells…


    Whenever Britney Spears’ hair is mentioned, the first thing that comes to mind is her infamous head shaving incident in 2007. However, 5 years have passed since then, and whilst Britney’s hair may not have grown back to it’s former glory, she is looking as fabulous as ever thanks to hair extensions!

    Britney cemented her comeback this week as she appeared onstage at the X Factor USA Launch alongside Demi Lovato and Simon Cowell, looking radiant and glamourous with her shiny blonde locks.
    Brit’s hair has now grown to around shoulder length, so she has added length and a little thickness to her hair.
    If you’re after Britney’s blonde bombshell tresses, ClipHair offer a wide range of blonde shades. Most similiar to Britney’s are Bleach Blonde (#613) and Lightest Blonde (#60).
    It’s not just Britney who has been stealing the spotlight with her gorgeous blonde hair, TOWIE’s resident glamourpuss Lauren Pope has been out and about DJing looking her usual preened self. Lauren isn’t shy to admit she is a hair extension lover, and always wears clip ins to avoid damaging her hair.
    If you’re looking for Lauren’s subtle but sexy blonde shade, ClipHair offer extensions in Light Golden Blonde (#16) and Dark Blonde (#14), both of which are perfect matches for Pope’s shade.

    Girl group of the moment, The Saturdays have been all over our screens turning us green with envy recently, promoting their new single 30 Days. I’ve always been in love with Mollie’s cute, bouncy style, but no matter how hard I tried I could never recreate it. Her hair always looks so thick and full of life. One afternoon, I was experimenting with my hair straighteners, trying to imitate Mollie’s locks. I tried clipping in some extensions, and trimming them to her length. My hair finally began to resemble Mollie’s! I can only conclude that to get her enviable hairstyle, she uses a few artfully placed extensions to give added thickness. ClipHair have 15″ extensions, which are the perfect length to simply add volume and thickness, and help recreate Mollie’s style!

    Nicola Mclean attended Nikki Grahame’s book launch this week looking back to her fabulo
    us best after the tragedy of miscarrying her baby. Her hair was the centrepiece to her cute playsuit, with lots of volume and va va voom! Nicola’s look was created by using heated rollers and extensions – plenty of them! To recreate Nicola’s sultry style, I’d reccommend going for double wefted extensions, as it seems Nicola is a fan of Cheryl Cole’s mantra – ‘the higher the hair, the closer to heaven!’
    Light Ash (#22) from ClipHair are the exact shade of Nicola’s hair. Check out our range of Blonde hair extensions
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