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    Are you bored of your look and in need of a change? Why not surprise everyone with a dazzling new hair colour! Winter is a great time to try out vibrant reds and warm cherry shades, whilst making a big statement with your look.


    Lindsay Lohan



    Red hair is a big hit with celebrities worldwide, who choose to grab attention with an array of different stunning red shades. Colour chameleon and paparazzi favourite Lindsay Lohan was born a natural redhead, but has since decided to vamp up her look, changing her hair to a deeper red shade, instead of her natural auburn hue. To achieve a look similar to Lindsay’s, our red hair extensions in  Dark Auburn/Copper Red (#33) would blend perfectly and give A list hair with plenty of volume and length just like Lindsay’s.



    Katy Perry


    Katy Perry is another star who frequently changes her look by experimenting with her hair colour. Katy spent a brief spell as a redhead in between her transition from black to blonde. Katy chose a really natural ginger shade, which gave her a girl next door quality and brought out her stunning clear blue eyes. Whether you were naturally blessed with ginger hair, or you dye your hair, we have the perfect hair extensions to match this look, in #350 Ginger/Natural red. To recreate Katy’s full curls, our shortest 15 inch Red hair extensions would be ideal, keeping hair short and natural looking but adding lots of volume and bounce.


    Drew Barrymore



    New mother Drew Barrymore decided that maybe blondes don’t have more fun when she ditched her highlights for a new flaming red hair hue. Drew rocks the bed head look perfectly here, which can be recreated by applying a texturising powder to the roots of day old hair and tousling the lengths. Our #33 Dark Auburn hair extensions would be a perfect match for Drew’s shade.



    Florence Welch


    The gorgeous Florence Welch of Florence and the Machine is a poster girl for daring red heads everywhere. Florence embraces a fierce shade of red and pulls it off to perfection with her porcelain skin and striking features.

    Florence’s thick and luscious hair is helped thanks to a few artfully placed red hair extensions. To recreate her look, ClipHair offer an equally vibrant shade of extensions in Bright Red, which come in a variety of lengths and thicknesses.


    Christina Hendricks


    Mad Men star Christina Hendricks oozes sex appeal thanks to her natural innocent beauty and dangerous curves. The star this decade’s answer to red haired goddess Jessica Rabbit, and provides inspiration for redheads all over with her creamy complexion and shiny ginger hair. Christina’s look can be achieved with our Ginger/Natural Red hair extensions in #350. You can recreate her classic look with a large barrel curling tong.


    Cheryl Cole


    When Cheryl Cole briefly dyed her dark brunette hair red last year, millions of girls everywhere flocked to their nearest chemist to recreate her look. Boots even reported a sell out in cherry red shades. This colour is perfect if you’re not quite brave enough to go bright red, but want to look striking and on trend.





    ClipHair offer Mahogany Red/Deep Wine Red #99J which would match Cheryl’s shade perfectly. Cheryl is a fan of hair extensions and uses them to get her trademark luscious waves. Here Cheryl has backcombed her roots in order to create lots of volume, and finished her look off with plenty of shine spray.


    Danielle Lloyd


    Danielle Lloyd recently ditched her natural brown locks in favour of this fiery deep auburn shade, which really compliments her pretty features and skintone. Danielle uses micro rings extensions, which are available on the ClipHair website. To get Danielle’s pretty and glamourous locks, ClipHair offer a matching hair extensions in shade Light Auburn (#30) – why not upgrade to a double wefted full set for an extra luscious look!


    Rihanna’s Bright Red Hair


    Pop’s favourite bad girl Rihanna is someone who is definitely not afraid to make a statement with her looks! The Barbados born beauty stepped out with flame red locks last year which cemented her status as a true hair icon! Rihanna loves changing her look and regularly experiments with her hair using  hair extensions. To get Rihanna’s look, go for our Bright Red extensions!





    Rihanna’s Cherry Red Hair

    Rihanna has been many shades of red and when she switched on the Westfield Christmas lights in 2010 she looked beautiful with this stunning cherry shade. To achieve Rihanna’s look, Cliphair offer a similar match in colour #530 Cherry Plum Red.


    What do you think of red hair? Are you brave enough to follow in Rihanna’s footsteps? Let us know on FACEBOOK or on Twitter @cliphairlimited


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