Can I get hair extensions with short hair? How long does my hair have to be to have extensions? How do you put extensions in very short hair? What’s the best hair extension type for short anyway? These are age-old questions our team here at Cliphair get almost every week! And today, we break down the key to choosing the right hair extensions for short hair.

Short hair doesn’t mean hair extensions aren’t or shouldn’t be an option. So, if your hair is on the shorter side, whether it’s a bob, a pixie cut or if you simply wish to grow out your hair, we help you decide the length, volume and type of extensions that’s right for you and your hair.

 Hair Extensions for Short Hair: How to Choose the Right Length, Type of Extensions & Volume

Picking the Right Extensions and how to put extensions in very Short Hair

Remy hair extensions are often praised for their ability to instantly add volume and length to hair. However, it is a bit more difficult to blend your hair extensions and find a perfect match when you’ve only got a little bit of existing length to begin with.



Tape in Extensions for Short Hair

How to Choose the Right hair extensions for short hair


It goes without saying that the longer hair you have, the easier it is to blend in tape extensions, however, when it comes to short hair, tape in extensions are a better option than clip ins. This is due to the extension’s almost invisible and damage free tapes. This is also better for short and thinner hair as tapes won’t pull or tug your natural hair. We always recommend getting your tape in installed by a qualified hair professional for best results.


Hair Extensions for Short Hair: How to Choose the Right Length, Type of Extensions & Volume


We recommend getting tape in extensions for short hair if your natural hair is at least four to five inches long so it’s easier to blend it into your natural hair and conceal the tapes for a seamless look. For a natural finish, it is best to mix lengths for layers, for example, if your desired length is 18 inch, then you should consider blending with 16, or 14-inch hair. This helps to balance shorter lengths with longer lengths so your overall look won’t appear uneven and artificial as adding really long, heavy hair extensions to very short hair can damage it by pulling. 

Browse our range of tape in extensions and find the right fit for your short hair.

Pre-bonded Extensions for Short Hair

How to Choose the Right Hair Extensions for Short Hair

If you have short, thick hair, pre-bonded hair extensions are a great option if you’d like a natural blend. They are also perfect for short hair as they are small individual strands that lie flat on the head, making them almost invisible. It’s important however, to ensure that both the rings and the hair used match your hair color as this can be easily visible when you have short natural hair. If fitted correctly, you will have longer, thicker, natural looking long hair that lasts.

For very short hair, the best type of Pre-Bonded hair extension to use are Nano Tip hair extensions as they are super small and discreet. They do take a little longer to apply but the results are well worth the wait. People even use these little genius extensions to create Fringes as they are that tiny! 

When using Individual hair extensions that require the use of rings remember the golden rule in color matching. The rings should match the roots and the hair should match your ends for the most natural blend. Usually for blonde haired clients light brown rings are used so as the roots grow out the rings match. 

How to Choose the Right Hair Extensions for Short Hair 


If unsure, you should ask a hair expert if your own hair is long enough to cover the rings. Nanos, I-tips and u-tips are amongst the best option for much shorter hair as they are installed strand by strand. The minimum hair length required for Nanos, u-tips and I-tips is 2.5 to three inches.

Discover our range of Nano tip and I-tips and u-tips here. 


Clip in Extensions for Short Hair

Hair Extensions for Short Hair: How to Choose the Right Length, Type of Extensions & Volume

If you have incredibly short and thin hair, we recommend getting the permanent options. This is better for your hair as the clips can be visible on thinner hair. If you have Short but thick hair you will need to use a thick, heavier set if you are adding more length. The best Clip-In Sets for going from short to long on thick hair are the Ultra-Volume Set or the Seamless Full Head. Below is a video of one of our Models Applying the Ultra-Volume Set on her shoulder length hair to seamlessly blend the natural hair with hair extensions! 

How to Choose the Right Hair Extensions for Short Hair:

How to fit hair extensions in very short hair tutorial



In order to cover the clips, you will need your natural hair to be at least three to four inches long. This is to give you a more natural look and give you room to style the hair while hiding the clip ins. As clip in extensions tend to be heavier than your natural hair than other options, we recommend going for extensions that are around 14 to 18 inches. Longer lengths will be harder to blend with your own hair. 


Hair Weaves and Weft Extensions for Short Hair

How to Choose the Right Hair Extensions for Short Hair:

Hair weft extensions are a bit more flexible as you can choose the application method. However, if you have short hair, we suggest simply going for the other options as your hair stylist will need to transform your wefts into clip-in or the more complex types anyway – which can be time consuming and even more expensive.


The minimum hair length for weft hair extensions is 4-5 inches. However, it will be trickier to blend them, compared to other hair extension types. Blending This varies depending on the cut of your natural hair. One of the trickiest cuts to blend with extensions is a blunt cut without layers. This style looks great on its own but without the tapered ends, it makes it much harder to blend. Harder but not impossible. The best way to do it is actually to trim your extensions so that the shape fits your cut better or to have your hair layered before hand this is sometimes called "Shredding". 

Hair Extensions for Short Hair: How to Choose the Right Length, Type of Extensions & Volume

If you have a blunt cut style, then you will need to go for thicker hair extensions as thinner or single weft extensions often wont blend the transition between the end of your blunt cut hair and the extensions as well.


Blending Short Hair With Extensions
blending short hair with extensions

Blending hair extensions with short hair is perhaps one of the trickiest parts of this process. It also depends on the cut and style of your own hair. For example, in order to get the perfect blend when you have a blunt cut, you will need to cut or trim your extensions or your own hair so that the hair extensions match and fit you better. If you have a blunt cut style, then thicker hair extensions are the best option as they can blend the transition between your ends and the extensions as well. 


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