How To Get Rainbow Hair Using Extensions

by RIZ ZED / APR 1, 2021


    ClipHair fans will have seen the image of our amazing customer, Chelsea Merritt, and her fabulous rainbow hair extensions after it went viral on Facebook (below), and here the gorgeous girl herself shows you how to get rainbow hair using clip in hair extensions and some hair dye!


    Thanks Chelsea Merritt for sharing your photo with us <3She says,”I had a hair makeover and the extensions held up…

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    What You Need:

    • Lightest blonde hair extensions (Chelsea used shade 60 – Lightest blonde)
    • Hair Dye (Chelsea used Renbow Crazy Colour in Orange, Canary Yellow, Bubblegum Blue, Pine Green, Pinkissimo, Silver and Hot Purple)
    • Six plastic tubs for any left over dye
    • Hair conditioner
    • Tin foil
    • Latex gloves


    Step One – Preparing the Hair Extensions

    This first part is Chelsea’s own preference; she likes to cut off the two end clips to leave just one clip on each end as she feels this gives better coverage. Then, she lines up the two so one end is level to the middle clip at the other end, and then she sews them together to form a single 12 inch strip to make the bottom rainbow layer.


    Step Two – Mixing the Rainbow Colours

    Chelsea mixes the colours using the six plastic tubs add a generous blob of hair dye added to each, except for silver which she will apply later. To tone colours down, Chelsea adds conditioner in small portions to get the desired colour.


    Step Three – Colouring the Hair

    *Fiddly bit Warning!* Chelsea splits the hair extensions into 12 separate sections (but you can do as many sections as you like) then applies the dye to each section. They are then left for one hour.


    Step Four – Drying the Hair

    She then washes out the dye with luke warm water and conditioner (ideally a colour protect conditioner) and then dries them with an old towel before leaving again to dry naturally.


    Step Five – Going Platinum, Baby!

    For the platinum silver parts of Chelsea’s Rainbow style, she dyed the remaining extensions with Silver dye. Alternatively, you could use platinum/platinum blonde hair extensions.


    Chelsea’s Top Tips

    “After drying, if the colours are patchy, simply repeat the dying process to cover the patches.”

    “If you’re in a hurry, you can dry with a hair dryer rather than leaving to dry naturally, but make sure you use a heat protection spray so that you don’t damage the hair.”


    Now you can get Rainbow hair with ease by using hair extensions and not having to commit to the style permanently. Try it out and send us photos of you looking gorgeous, on our Facebook and Instagram channels.

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