How to get the Cheryl Cole Hair Extensions look!

by SHOPIFY API / OCT 28, 2009


    ClipHair has been inundated with calls and requests for the beauty secrets of one Mrs Cheryl Cole. Everyday girls and women are asking how to get Cheryl Coles look. I can’t say I blame them, Cheryl is easily one of the most beautiful women in the world and her popularity has sky rocketed over the last year. This week Cheryl joined her fellow X Factor judges for the filming of the auditions. So before this hits our screens, I’m going to give you the ClipHair guide to Cheryl chic!

    To get the same stunning depth and tone, go for ClipHair Hair Extensions shade “Melted Chocolate (Brown #6) ”. This is the typical Cheryl Cole colour, although she often changes her shade, it always comes back to the Melted Chocolate. Cheryl wears a full head, you will need a full head set of extensions, which is more than enough but for those of you with considerably thick hair that want to go for an extreme look, you can try our double wefted set.
    For this look, you will need to opt for at least 20” hair extensions or even better the 24”, Cheryl Cole wears her hair extensions vey long and once she adds shape or curls too it, it takes some off the length so it’s best to go for the longer set. Before you start to fit your hair extensions, wash and blow dry your hair with a large round brush, the aim here is to get as much volume as you can so you might want to try a volumising product and be sure to use a heat protection spray. At the back of your parting back comb the hair and smooth over to create volume and shape in your own hair before adding the extensions.

    It’s best to style your extensions before putting them in your hair. Cheryl Cole hair extensions are all about shape and bounce and an undefined curl. To achieve this, you can use a Jumbo Curling Tong . Wrap the hair around the barrel and roll all the way to the top of the weft, leave for a minute or so and delicately remove the hair from the tong but try not to unravel the curl right away. Do this to all the wefts before gently shaking out each curl then brush the curl out with a hair extension loop brush. Remember you’re not trying to get a curl, just to add a classic, bouncy shape. Spray with hairspray, just enough for a soft hold and you are ready to clip in your extensions.

    Now that your hair and your hair extensions are ready you can begin to fit them. Be sure to back comb the roots of your own hair where you plan on clipping the extensions and spray with hairspray, this will not only make your clips more secure but will give the appearance of thick, full hair. Apply the full head and spray lightly with hairspray and perhaps even a little bit of shine spray. Wear as much of the hair in the front to show how full and glorious your hair is and don’t forget that this look is so fabulous, it MUST be worn with confidence!

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