Get The Perfect Wedding According To Your Zodiac Sign: Part 4 - Water Signs

by BRENDA L. / MAY 31, 2022

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    Water signs are all about intuition, looking within one's self and living their emotions at the fullest. As a water sign, you've been probably fantasizing about your wedding since you had your first crush! Now that the time has come, let's get down to business - and see what favours your star sign the most when it comes to celebrating your big day.

    Scorpio (October 23 – November 21) 

    Dear Scorpio, ever wondered why you’re the most intense sign in the zodiac? With your effortlessly, smoking hot looks and your mysterious personality, it’s only natural that so much attention is drawn on you. As your big day approaches, what you care about is for your loved ones to have a great time and for your spouse to be absolutely stunned by you. Here’s how to have the wedding of your dreams, according to your star sign…

    Wedding Season: Deep Summer/Deep Winter

    Mystery and intensity, raw sexual energy and loyalty; Scorpios truly do get the best of both worlds! The passion typical of a Fire sign incorporated in the emotional bender of a Water sign gives Scorpios the benefits of duality. You can channel whatever type of energy you need by hosting your special day on the beach on a hot summer day, or in an eerily sophisticated villa with the approaching of the winter solstice.

    Wedding Theme: Inner Circle

    With all your passion comes a lot of loyalty. Your fiery energy isn’t for everyone, but for a small number of people specifically; family, a bunch of ride-or-die friends, and, of course, your partner. Your ceremony will focus on your inner circle and not only they will have a great time, but you will thrive in seeing them partying and celebrating with you. Your special day is about officially welcoming your spouse into a tight-knit family.

    Yes To:

    Non-traditional wedding dresses, dark colors, sea-themed ceremony.

    Honeymoon Ideas:

    Scorpios like intimacy, crave discovery and like to earn everything they get. Tokyo is the perfect destination for the curious Scorpio, mixing tradition and modernity with its countless nooks and crannies, neon lights and food delicacies; think of destinations such as Banff (Canada) with its hot springs and chalets to spend a few days with your spouse if you opted for a winter wedding.

    Wedding Hairstyle Ideas:

    Trendy tendrils, begone! A Scorpio bride won’t have a single strand of hair out of place. Instead, opt for hair jewellery, and an old-fashioned veil. If you’d like to keep your hair down, consider a big braid – supported by clip-in hair extensions – for an elegant and fierce final result.

    Pisces (February 19 - March 20)

    Pisces people are driven by their emotions and will think with their heart before their brain in most of the cases. Sometimes this can be the best choice ever, and if you’re reading this - chances are you put your heart on someone special and you’re getting ready to tie the knot with them. How exciting is that? Let’s take a look at how to make your big day a memorable occasion in every possible sense, according to your star sign.

    Wedding Season: All Year Around

    As long as there’s a body of water involved (even better if flowing, like a river, or large and open - such as the ocean) a Pisces bride can have the time of her life all year around. To many, a winter wedding by the water sounds counterintuitive - but a Pisces sees beauty where ordinary people don’t. The calm sea, a thin layer of ice, sparkling hoarfrost on the edges of nearby vegetation, topped off by an early pink sunset? It's the recipe for gorgeous photos you'll love for years to come.

    Wedding Theme: Traditions

    Pisces is an intuitive sign, extremely attached to family values, long lost traditions and anything romance. Their happy place more often than not feels and looks like a hearth, and their wedding should deliver the same energy. Think of an artistic union, with all the solemnity of antique royal ceremonies.

    Yes To:

    A big wedding gown, candles, DIY and creativity.

    Honeymoon Ideas:

    As your taste is both stylish and romantic, southern Europe and the Middle East could be the perfect destinations for you to try and get the best of both worlds during your honeymoon, exploring art and history without missing out on a nice tan.

    Wedding Hairstyle Ideas:

    Dreamy and ethereal curls and waves, to reflect your gentle and artistic soul; a half-up, half-down with a twist or a messy bun would suit you best.

    Cancer (June 21 – July 22) 

    Emotional, romantic and sensitive - does this sound like you? Well, blame it on the stars: you were born under the cardinal water sign, Cancer!
    Cancers usually have a small (but very tight) circle of trustworthy friends - reason why they won’t necessarily be looking for a big, fat celebration. Your emotional intelligence and incredible intuition (also known as the Cancer spidey-sense!) will guide you through a short - but genuine - guest list.

    Wedding Season: Late Summer

    The heat of these sunny, long days will make the perfect environment for you to exchange vows with your significant other. This is also one of the times of the year in which it might become hard for your loved ones to book a day off to celebrate your union, so plan things carefully and in large advance.

    Wedding Theme: Home

    As reserved as you are, you’re not really for the big, sparkly celebrations trying to make it on the front page of your local newspaper. Quite the opposite, really. Imagine a traditional wedding - that could be both in a small church or in the backyard of your family house - and then homemade food catered to your tables.

    Yes To:

    Floral decorations, citruses, and a wedding dress to be kept as family heirloom.

    Honeymoon Ideas:

    A rural, historical destination to explore with your partner, to relax and focus on each other; think of an Area Of Outstanding Natural Beauty in England or a small historical village in any country of your choice.

    Wedding Hairstyle Ideas:

    Big bouncy curls, or a bejewelled half-up, half-down will be your go-to hairstyle to celebrate a special day. If you’re going for a rustic theme, consider Dutch braids!


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