Introducing Remy Royale Tape Ins, Your New Premium Makeover

by BRENDA L. / NOV 6, 2023


    Your regular tapes are getting the royal treatment, and finally entering our luxury roster of double-drawn perfection. What are Cliphair’s new Remy Royale tapes, and how are they different from regular tape ins and Invisible tapes? In today’s blog, I’ll break down this gorgeous new premium product, explaining the differences between each of our tape-in options and showing how you can employ them for a stunning new look. Ready to fall in love with our high quality tape in hair extensions?

    What Are High Quality Tape In Hair Extensions?

    Made of 100% AAAAA grade Remy human hair, our take on luxury tape hair extensions has entered the chat. And let me tell you, we’re already obsessed with them. Double drawn, hand-selected gorgeous strands that share the same thickness from root to tip, for a fuller, glamorous finish that is simply too good to be true, plus unmatched shine and softness, aligned cuticles for the perfect no-frizz look that finally lasts, and last but not least: unparalleled manageability and tangle-resistance. What’s not to love?

    With stunning, luscious tresses that can last from 6 to 12 months (with the proper TLC!) The possibilities are endless. Use them and reuse them for your maintenance and refitting appointments by changing the adhesive tabs, and schedule your appointments every 8 to 10 weeks to freshen up your look!

    They are applied the same way as regular or invisible tapes, “sandwiching” a small section of hair between two adhesive tape extension wefts. Each application appointment can tape up to two hours for a full-head, making this product the optimal choice for those that love a long-lasting makeover without wasting the whole day at the salon.

    How Are Remy Royale Tapes Different From Regular Tape In Extensions?

    Higher in quality and with improved longevity, these hair extensions are the luxury version of our already popular, best-selling tape in hair extensions. Catering to the finest palates, these premium tape in hair extensions are designed to simply perform and look better, for longer amounts of time! With high quality tape hair extensions you can now enjoy fuller, glamorous looks that will leave you looking (and feeling) like a celebrity.

    What’s The Difference Between Remy Royale Tapes And Invisible Tapes?

    Our invisible tape hair extensions have a new and improved design on the tab, with the adhesive being fully covered by hair. Our Remy Royale tapes, instead, focus on higher quality strands without changing the tab design, for a type of hair extensions that looks celebrity-worthy but remains slightly more contained in terms of price.

    Premium Tape Hair Extensions: Care & Maintenance

    Given that these luscious strands are of superior quality, this will mean that you will need to give it a little more attention to maintain their natural gorgeousness as much as you can. Love your hair extensions, and they will keep you looking stylish for up to 12 months… How? Let’s find out together.

    Make sure you always use silicone-free products. Natural Remy hair extensions are prone to dryness as they don’t get any nourishment from your scalp. This means that every time you wash or tend to your hair with any products, you should focus on formulas that are gentle to the hair and have no sulphates and alcohol.

    Always protect your hair extensions from heat damage. Just like your natural hair, human hair extensions can only tolerate so much stress before the cuticles start to open up, leading to frizz, tangling, matting, dryness, and brittleness. Always protect your hair extensions from blow dryers, hair straighteners, and curling wands by using a generous dose of heat protection spray.

    Use hair extensions-specific products. From brushing to styling, make sure the products you are using are designed (or at least suitable) for hair extensions. For example, using a detangling brush for hair extensions is the best way to ensure that the tabs and attachments of your tape ins won’t get damaged and slip off prematurely.

    Avoid hair oils, masks and conditioners around the tabs. This is kind of a given, but oily and greasy substances can weaken the adhesive, making the hair extensions fall before their time. When conditioning and oiling your hair and extensions, focus on the lengths and ends and avoid the roots.

    High Quality Tape In Hair Extension: The Most Cost-Effective Solution

    If your strands look and feel better and have superior quality and longevity, the initial higher cost will soon pay you back. Being reusable for a longer amount of time, this will reduce the waste of human hair and allow you to have the same hair extensions fitted on multiple times, meaning that you won’t need to purchase them as often. This is the best option to look super glamorous whilst also making a more sustainable choice!

    Who Are Remy Royale Tape In Extensions For?

    Ideal for medium and thick-haired beauties, these tapes share the same tab design as the old tape in hair extensions, meaning that they won’t be ideal for finer or thinner hair types. They are the perfect solution for those looking to add more volume, thickness, length, or even a dash of highlights or lowlights to their tresses whilst wearing their hair down – yes to long, flowy manes with a seamless blend and a glamorous, fuller, celebrity-like finish!

    How To Style Premium Tape In Hair Extensions

    The superior quality of these tresses opens a brand new world of hairstyles: gorgeous curls, trendy beach waves, soft and bouncy blowouts, or big hairdos inspired by the divas of the 80s and 90s: whatever long-hair look crosses your mind is now as easy as one, two, three – with these gorgeous high quality tape extensions. 

    Each pack contains 50g worth of hair extensions (20 wefts, meaning 10 sandwiches), so that the waste is minimised and you can now get a more precise application by making the right purchase.


    In conclusion, Remy Royale Tape In Hair Extensions are a premium selection that brings quality, longevity, and versatility to your hair transformation journey. Elevate your look and enjoy the benefits of superior extensions that will leave you feeling confident and glamorous every day!

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