Is Platinum Blonde Coming Back?

by BRENDA L. / MAR 24, 2023

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    After Kim ditched her ice-cold platinum tresses to embrace the authentically dark and sultry tones of her natural hair, some feared that the time for extra-light, bright hairstyles a la Marilyn Monroe had come to an end. But blonde never dies, and even Kim’s very own sister, Kourtney, is here to reinforce this concept. More recently, supermodel Bella Hadid joined the trend with a voluptuous, glamorously-retro hairstyle inspired by the vintage diva herself, platinum blonde queen Marilyn. So what’s the deal with platinum blonde hair, and is it really coming back?

    Is Platinum Blonde Coming Back?

    To be completely honest, platinum hair never really left the scene. It’s true, some of its most famous wearers may have temporarily abandoned it to try something new, but this doesn’t make it outdated or unfashionable. If anything, platinum blonde hairstyles were all the rage in the past year and continue to stay an edgy, cool and trendy option for many people out there – celebrities & influencers included.

    How To Get Platinum Blonde Hair?

    In order to achieve this extremely difficult and demanding color, you will need to put yourself in the hands of a specialised colorist. When going to the salon, ask your hairdresser for absolute honesty. Is this doable on your natural hair? Will it cause mayhem in your tresses? What is the correct aftercare?

    An honest hairdresser will be able to answer your questions truthfully and recommend you choose another shade in case platinum would be too harsh on your hair. If your hair has been permed or is severely damaged by chemical process, mechanical stress or heat-based styling, chances are it won’t be able to survive an extreme bleaching process.

    On top of that, remember that you may not be able to achieve platinum in one session – if that’s the case, you will need to let your hair breathe and book multiple appointments to achieve the desired color, not mentioning that you’ll need to keep up with toning and root touch-ups.

    What Is The Best Hair Toner For Platinum Blonde?

    Purple shampoo, also known as silver shampoo, is the best option to keep your platinum blonde hair cool-toned and prevent it from going yellow. You can also use toning hair masks and conditioner if you’d like to experiment with a more silver-y tone; you can read more about this on our dedicated blog: How To Use Purple Shampoo. 

    Can Black Hair Go Platinum Blonde?

    Technically speaking, it’s usually not recommended for a black-haired person to go platinum blonde. If your hair is thick and healthy enough to achieve it you can obviously try, given that your chosen hairdresser is willing (and skilled enough) to do it. However, don’t be fooled: celebrities with very dark hair more often than not use wigs to switch between extreme colors without massive hair damage. If your hair is naturally dark, however, you can always add a touch of light with real hair extensions.

    Cliphair’s silver balayage hair extensions allow black-haired people to add gorgeous highlights in the tones of platinum, light brown and silver that naturally blends in with dark roots and natural black-colored tresses.

    What Skin Tone Does Platinum Blonde Look Good On?

    The original platinum blonde tends to suit better people with a cool skin undertone. Your skin undertone doesn’t have anything to do with your ethnicity or skin color, but it refers to the natural shade of your pigmentation rather than the concentration of melanin in your skin. Platinum blonde hair is usually cool-toned (its warmer cousin would be champagne blonde), and will go in harmony with a predominantly cool undertone or olive/neutral undertone.

    Platinum Blonde Hair Ideas 

    If you have decided you’d like to try this gorgeous shade, there are many ways you can wear it and style it to make the most of your fresh new hair color. Let’s have a look at these glamorous platinum hairstyle ideas to try!

    Sleek Blunt Haircut

    Perfectly in line with the recent trends, a blunt haircut like a long bob (also known as lob), parted in the middle and dyed in a shiny, metallic platinum blonde, can go a long way. This hairstyle also offers lots of versatility, and can easily be switched to a longer, fuller mane with the aid of Ultra Volume hair extensions – the perfect tool to blend in blunt edges and shorter haircuts with maximised thickness and body.

    Platinum Blonde Balayage

    Cool and classy, adding platinum blonde highlights to your balayage can be the perfect way to enhance it and make it shine with new light for the warmer season. You can easily achieve this without damaging your hair with another bleach job, simply by adding platinum blonde highlights hair extensions. This trick is perfect to switch things up during summer, without bleaching your hair any further especially when the hot sun and sea water may damage your tresses.

    Root Fade Platinum Blonde

    A root fade is the ideal coloring job to consider if you already know that you won’t be able to keep up with frequent root touch-ups and similar appointments. This option isn’t just time-saving, but also cost-effective and very, very trendy! Celebrities like Miley Cyrus have already sworn by this lived-in, fashionable look. And if your roots are becoming way too visible, then you can always style your hair to minimise it until your next salon appointment. You can read more about it in our blog: How To Hide Your Roots And Make It Hot.

    Baby Braids

    If you’ve gone for a compact and uniform hair color, chances are you’ll eventually feel like your hairdo is missing depth and movement. To get some of your hair natural bounce back, you can always add some cutesy and trendy accents such as baby braids! Ask Gigi Hadid – baby braids can go a long, long way. If your hair is lacking the necessary thickness and volume, you can always resort to clip in hair extensions to hide in your mane. Like many other Y2K hairstyles, baby braids have the power of giving you a fresh, peppy and youthful energy like nothing else. Read more about this and other hairdos inspired by the iconic early 00s era in our dedicated blog: That's So Fetch! - What Is Y2K Aesthetic And How To Achieve It.

    Big Curly Blowout

    Big hair is everywhere this year, and even celebrity hairstylist Chris Appleton swear by it – so why shouldn’t we? I personally love a big, thick and voluminous hairdo obtained with big, soft and vaporous curls. You can easily achieve this in many ways, depending on the type of curls you’d like to achieve. Velcro rollers are a great way to do this, using Remy hair extensions to add body and thickness to your natural hair. 

    Seamless hair extensions are a top-notch choice in this case, as they belong to Cliphair’s double drawn range that has the same thickness from root to tip; goodbye wispy ends, hello full and plump mane! Find your ideal curly style in our blog: How To Get Heatless Curls In 12 Easy Ways.


    Platinum hair is still very trendy, and the number of celebrities that are still swearing by it is proof that it isn’t going anywhere. However difficult to achieve and maintain, this elegant, fierce and edgy color is an extremely fashionable choice.

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