Our Favourite Bobby Pin Hairstyles

by BRENDA L. / AUG 17, 2023

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    Even when it comes to hairstyling, sometimes less is more – and the simplest tools can go a long way, creating the most stunning looks ever in a few, easy steps. Introducing the humble bobby pin: a small accessory with immense potential to hold your look in place, bring to life creative geometrical looks, and more. In today’s blog, we'll explore a world of possibilities unlocked by this tiny (yet mighty) hair accessory, to elevate your everyday look in no time. On top of that, we’ll have a look at how combining bobby pins with hair extensions can lead to hairstyles that are nothing short of super-glamorous.

    Creative Hairstyles with Bobby Pins

    Bobby pins aren't just for securing hair – they are in all ways an artistic, multipurpose tool that can turn your mane into a masterpiece, as easy as one, two, three. Here are some of the most creative ways to incorporate bobby pins into your hairstyles:



    This type of imaginative bobby pin galore was everywhere in the late 90s and early 00s. If you’re looking to channel your Y2K energy for a night out, look no further than this look! Actress Emma Stone brought this look back on the red carpet, using a high-contrast set of white bobby pins on her blonde hair.


    Geometric Glam:

    Experiment with shapes by arranging bobby pins in triangles, squares, or even hexagons – geometric hairstyles can go a long way, especially if you’re looking to recreate a pattern for a peppy festival hair look! This avant-garde approach is sure to turn heads and make your hairstyle a conversation starter – find out more festival hair ideas in our dedicated blog: The 2023 Festival Hairstyles You'll Fall In Love With.


    Like A Shooting Star:

    For an extra, playful and glamorous look, why not create a big star on your hair? You can do this at the back of your head, or on the side of your lengths. All you need is 10 bobby pins and a bit of patience whilst arranging them in the shape of a star. Perfect for an edgy night out hairstyle!


    Colour Pop:

    Add a pop of colour to your hair by securing colourful bobby pins strategically. You can either use pastels, vibrant neon hues, or just high-contrast metallic shades to go with the rest of your hair. Some colour combos that will never get old? Pink for blondes, gold for warm brunettes, silver and blue for black hair and ashy tones. 


    Enhancing Hairstyles with Hair Extensions

    Bobby pins can look amazing, but they don’t come without a side effect: adding too many of them can make your tresses look flat, especially around the area of application. Using hair extensions can be a clever hack to prevent this from happening, gifting your bobby pin hairstyle with newly found thickness, bounce and volume – for a fuller look that doesn’t lack life and movement.

    Effortless Volume:


    Products such as Double Weft hair extensions and Ultra Volume hair extensions are designed to enhance your tresses with some extra “oomph” factor, making it look thick and full at all times. Perfect for those looking to achieve glamorous waves, soft curls, and bouncy, layered ‘dos.


    Added Length:


    Incorporate hair extensions into your tresses to add precious inches of length. With the right product and the right colour, you can achieve a seamless blend that will look and feel as natural as possible. Products such as Seamless hair extensions can help you get the look of your dreams with a premium feel, with hair that is thick from root to tip.


    Long Lasting:


    Create a stunning look that will stay with you for far more than a few hours: permanent hair extensions can last up to 10 weeks, amplifying your hair’s beauty for longer than you’d do with clip in hair extensions. Depending on your hair type and how you usually wear your tresses, you can look into getting tape in hair extensions (ideal for those who prefer their hair down, and want a quicker makeover) or nano ring hair extensions (perfect for finer hair).



    Bobby pins are a great hair tool (in such a tiny format) that you can use to create so many looks – like Emma Watson and Emma Stone both did – and with the help of hair extensions you will feel extra secure without lacking any volume, length and fullness in your tresses. So, whether you're looking to make a statement with a vibrant, colourful look or add a touch of glamour with geometric designs in your hair, don't underestimate the power of bobby pin hairstyles!

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