Secret Extensions: Everything you need to know about Seamless Hair Extensions

Secret extensions are perhaps the holy grail of hair extensions. You want your extensions to blend in perfectly and lay flat for a truly invisible look, right? Well, for those on the hunt for the perfect Remy human hair seamless hair extensions, we’ve got some tips for you. From selecting the right color to why silicone-lined clips are better; here is everything you need to know about seamless clip ins.

Seamless Clip-ins vs i Tips

  • Easy to reuse: Discreet hair clip ins aren’t your only option when you want to reuse your hair extensions. I Tips are pre-bonded extensions that can be moved and reused with a micro-ring or copper tube for a natural, full-volume and close to the scalp installation. 
  • Trickiest to install: However, you’ll need a professional to install i Tips for the best result. Incorrect installation may cause hair damage. With clip-ins you can install them yourself quickly and easily.
  • Can be left in longer: With a professional installation, I Tips can remain in place for several weeks before requiring any maintenance. Clip-ins will need to be removed every night and before showering. 

Tape ins vs Clip-ins

  • Most discreet: Tape in hair extensions probably offer the most discreet, natural look of all extensions. They lay flat to the scalp and can be colored to match your hair and style just like your own locks.. 
  • Need professional installation: Tape ins take a long time to install and usually require professional assistance. Plus, they need maintenance after 6-8 weeks to keep them looking their best. Clip-ins on the other hand are applied by yourself with no professional help needed. 
  • Quickest to install: That’s why you may opt for a double weft full head clip in instead. Taking just minutes to install, you’ll achieve the look you want in a fraction of the time. If you want more va-va-voom, choose full head clip ins made from ultra volume Remy human hair.

The best secret hair extensions

First, what makes secret extensions great? They’re more natural looking of course. And clip ins are probably the most popular kind of secret extensions. So, what should you look for in discreet hair clip ins? Well, you probably want double drawn Remy human hair for a start. Remy hair is real, human hair that is unprocessed and still contains its cuticle. And double drawn means it is sorted twice to ensure all the shorter hairs are removed so the hair is as thick at the roots as the ends. The result is high-quality human hair that is nearly the same thickness from top to bottom without any wispy ends. Then, you’ll need to consider how thick the hair is. Are these secret hair extensions double volume or single volume?

Then you want to think about the lace. Do the secret extensions have soft seamless lace for discreet wear? If not, you’re likely to see some lift at the top seam where the clip ins meet the scalp. Next, look at the fastenings. Does the hair extension use silicone-lined clips for more secure wear and less pulling? Lastly, does the manufacturer have a range of color and length options? You should be able to find secret extensions for dark blonde hair just as easily as secret extensions in short hair from a reputable supplier.

Secret hair extensions for short hair

With short hair, you really need extensions that are 100% flat to the scalp. This is because a significant lift of your natural hair will make the extensions more noticeable and make them harder to style into your haircut. When choosing secret extensions for short hair, choose clip ins with soft seamless lace for discreet wear and silicone-lined clips, 100% Remy hair tape in extensions or double drawn human hair i Tip extensions for a lay-flat look. Once you’ve installed the hair, it’s a good idea to visit your stylist to him or her them cut them into your style. Remember, if you have i Tip or tape in extensions, book regular 6-8 week maintenance appointments too.

Its also critical that your ends blend naturally with the hair extensions, if you use hair that is not very thick you will be able to see the transition between your own hair the extensions which is not a good look! Using Double Drawn hair will help to prevent a step in the length as it is thick both as the roots and the ends. 

Secret hair extensions for black hair

Since the most popular hair harvesting locations on planet Earth are India and China, those looking for secret hair extensions for black hair are spoiled for choice. Usually, black is offered in two shades, natural black and jet black. Natural black is neutral in undertone and reflects the type of black hair that grows from those blessed with natural raven locks. Whereas, jet black is deeper, darker and has blue or purple undertones. For the most blended look, it’s likely you’ll want natural black secret hair extensions for virgin black hair.

Remy Royale Double Drawn  Human Hair Weft Weave  Extensions - Jet Black (#1)
Remy Royale Double Drawn  Human Hair Weft Weave  Extensions - Jet Black (#1)
Remy Royale Double Drawn  Human Hair Weft Weave  Extensions - Jet Black (#1)
Remy Royale Double Drawn  Human Hair Weft Weave  Extensions - Jet Black (#1)

Double volume secret extensions

What does it mean to have ’double volume’? And is it desirable? In a word, yes! Volume refers to the actual weight and thickness of hair in the wefts or bundles. The higher the grams, the more individual strands of hair in the hair extension. Full head double volume secret extensions have nearly twice the volume of standard 130g wefts at 240-300g. This means with a single application you’ll get more hair, so you’ll need fewer wefts to achieve a full look. Fewer wefts mean less weight on your hair follicles and less chance of pulling. Plus, with clip in hair extensions, you can remove them at night to prevent damage. This is really important if you have thin or fine hair.

Tips for looking after seamless hair clip ins

Seamless hair clip ins are great for busy people. Installing in just seconds and wearing comfortably all day, it’s easy to forget they do require some looking after. First, you’ll want to store them nicely when you remove them at night. Consider investing in a hanging storage bag to keep them secure, neat, dust-free and dry. Then, every 10-15 wears you’ll need to wash them. Don’t overdo it. Gently smooth the sulfate free shampoo over the wet hair very softly lathering them up, do not rub vigorously or this will knot the hair. Rinse with lukewarm water and dry the clips immediately so they don’t rust. Next condition the mid-lengths and ends to lock in moisture and rinse well. Leave hanging to air dry overnight or blow dry on medium heat, medium intensity. Once dry, install and style as normal but don’t forget heat protection! Hopefully, we’ve helped you decide if seamless clip ins are right for you.

But, if you still have questions, check out the FAQs below

Seamless hair extensions FAQs

  • How do I care for seamless hair extensions?  You don’t need to wash clip ins much, really. Just every 10-15 wears or so in lukewarm water with a tiny bit of sulfate free shampoo. Remember to treat them like your own hair and use heat sparingly with the proper heat protection spray and hang them up neatly when you remove them to prevent tangles. If you have tape in or i Tip extensions, just wash and style as you normally would using moisturizing products to retain the natural oils and get maintenance appointments every 6-8 weeks.
  • I-Tip vs U-Tip: What is the difference? I Tip extensions use micro rings or copper tubes to attach to the hair shaft. U Tips use heat or glue to bond with the natural hair. That means I Tip hair extensions can be less damaging and easier to remove and apply than U Tips. 
  • Can you wash seamless hair extensions? Of course! For clip ins, use cool water only and try not to get the clips wet if you can. If you have tape in or i Tip extensions, swap your normal shampoos and conditioners for sulfate free products to retain the natural oils on the extensions. Book in maintenance appointments every 6-8 weeks.
  • Can you dye seamless hair extensions? Well, ours you can. That’s because they are 100% Remy human hair, just like the hair on your head. Synthetic hair is harder to dye and style to look natural. However you should never bleach or lighten hair extensions, even human ones, as this is very damaging to the fragile hair.
  • What are the most invisible hair extensions? That depends on whether you’re getting a professional installation or not. Nano Ring extensions are tiny pre-bonded strands that are attached with a ring to the hair and they are probably the most invisible permanent hair extensions, but they require installation and maintenance to look and perform their best. For the average person, clip in hair extensions with soft seamless lace for discreet wear is probably the most accessible, invisible hair extension on the market.
  • Where are secret hair extensions sold? You can find most types of hair extensions on online retailers and in your local wig shops and beauty salons. But we think you should try our line of seamless secret hair extensions, of course.

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