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Meet your new go-to for ultra-glam, Insta-worthy hair – the brand-new Ultra Volume Clip-in Set – Cliphair's thickest range ever. Giving you more hair, more thickness, and more body, you can effortlessly level up your look in minutes. Read More



How Many Grams Of Hair Extensions For Thick Hair?

If adding a lot of length to thick hair you should use between 220-300 grams of clip-ins to ensure the ends are blended. If using professional extensions like a weave or tapes 200-250 grams should be enough as you have a little more freedom with the placements to hide the ends.

How To Hide Thick Clip In Hair Extensions?

Thick hair clip ins like our Ultra-Volume full head should only be used in average to thick hair. The seam is slightly bigger than an average set which may be tricky to hide in fine hair, the best way to keep it discreet is to avoid placing the clip-ins too close to the hairline or parting area.

What Type Of Extensions Are Best For Short Thick Hair?

Ultra-Volume Clip-Ins are the best temporary hair extension choice for short thick hair as the ends are voluminous enough to hide the natural length. A Tapes or I-Tips are the best professional extensions to use for short, thick hair.

How Do You Put Clip-In Extensions In Short Thick Hair?

Some people find braiding the underneath section of their hair the best way to hide the natural length when using clip-ins. Not only does it stop the shorter underneath hairs showing through the clip-ins it also helps the clips to securely attach to the hair.

Can People With Thin Or Fine Hair Use The Ultra-Volume Clip-Ins?

Its not recommended for the Ultra-Volume full head to be used on thin or fine hair as it is a heavy set of extensions. This set is most suitable for average to thick hair.