Tenniscore: Serve Looks With These 7 Cute Sporty Hairstyles


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    Are you seeing more polo knits and tennis skirts on your FYP than usual? You might be wondering: what is tenniscore and where has it come from?

    With the release of Challengers in cinemas last month, along with the hype surrounding the Netflix grand slam docuseries Point Break, tennis fashion has found a new lease of life. The sport brought us the likes of Lacoste and Fred Perry, but more recently, tenniscore has found itself on the centre court of the fashion and hair industry, with celebrities and influencers serving the ultimate tennis-inspired looks.

    Make sure you have your Pimm’s at the ready, because we’re going to take you through some of the cute sporty hairstyles and fashion pieces set to take over not only Wimbledon, but the entire summer season!

    What is Tenniscore?

    Tenniscore is the newest ‘core’ aesthetic dominating TikTok and the fashion industry right now, and it’s not going anywhere any time soon. The trend encompasses tennis-style clothing, sporty hairstyles and natural, fresh-faced beauty – think white collared dresses, sweatbands, pleated miniskirts and preppy high ponytails!

    However, this isn’t exactly anything new. Princess Diana inspired thousands with her sporty street style back in the 90s and American Apparel revived the tennis skirt fashion trend in the early 2010s. Quiet luxury and ‘old money’ outfits have also been spotted on the runways as of late, including Italian high fashion brand Miu Miu.

    With a large amount of versatility, you’ll be pleased to know athleisure and luxury sportswear isn’t designed specifically for tennis players – you can serve looks on AND off the court. Chic and casual, feel free to show off your new style this summer during a walk in the park, while grabbing a coffee or running daily errands.

    Want to find your perfect summer hairstyle and colour to match your new sporty aesthetic? Game, set and match with our gorgeous range of Clip-In extensions in a variety of sun-kissed shades!

    Top 7 Celebrities Wearing Cute Sporty Hairstyles


    Global superstar, actress and fashion icon Zendaya has been making even more headlines this year whilst on the press tour for her new hit movie Challengers, particularly for her Loewe tennis ball high heels. Zendaya’s new hair is the talk of the town thanks to celeb hairstylist Ursula Stephen, who has created true magic the past few weeks, giving Z some breathtaking hair transformations. She has arrived at red carpets with brand new hairstyles and hair colours seemingly every week. One of our favourite looks has to be the high plait and statement white bow pictured below. With Cliphair’s Clip In Extensions, you can add the same dramatic length. Try our 24-inch Clip-In Wraparound Ponytail in the shade Iced Cappuccino.

    Paige Lorenze

    An ex-professional alpine ski racer, business owner and content creator Paige Lorenze is no stranger when it comes to athletic wear and cute sporty hairstyles. Founder of fashion and lifestyle brand ‘Dairy Boy’, she’s now on the road with her tennis star boyfriend Tommy Paul and has been turning heads with her endless classy tenniscore outfits and sophisticated hairstyles. Boasting many different hair looks and lengths, some online fashionistas have asked, does Paige Lorenze have hair extensions? The answer is yes! Paige is a proud hair extension wearer and looks stunning all-year round with her luscious new locks. Our Seamless Clip In Extensions are double drawn and made from 100% Remy human hair. They’re easily the best way to create the ultimate hair upgrade, particularly for finer hair. Our experts have matched Paige with our shade Biscuit Blondey.

    Bella Hadid

    Ciao Bella! The queen of street style Bella Hadid never misses. Known for various hairstyles over the years, Bella is most recognisable for her immaculately slicked back tresses and tight top knots which are perfect for the tenniscore aesthetic. If your hair is on the shorter side but you want to try more styles, our extensions can give you the hair metamorphosis you need. Depending on whether you want more volume, or even a Clip In Fringe like Bella often opts for, we’ve got you covered. For a colour match, try shade Medium Brown for a rich, chocolatey finish.

    Serena Williams

    Serena Williams lives and breathes tennis, which is why it’s almost impossible to see her out of her tennis wear. Serena is all about her game day hair, and is always rocking bold, curly or wavy locks, especially in a high ponytail when she’s on the court so she can keep her tresses out of her face. Whether it was the sound of the beads in her braids, her 2000s butterfly headband or her honey-blonde microbraids, Serena’s hair has shone for Black women everywhere over the years. For flattering curls, our Curly Clip Ins range is set to stun, with over 18 unique shades to choose from. There are a lot of ways you can style these clip-ins, and they can be worn by people who have natural curly hair, or those who’ve curled their hair using a heated wand or curlers. If you’re not sure whether you have curly hair or not, or want to amplify your curls more, read our blog: Am I Curly Haired? How To Know If You Have Curly Hair.

    Heather Watson

    A British tennis icon, Heather naturally has shorter, finer hair, but adds a whole new level of glamour in and out of tennis practice with a wide range of styles and hair extensions. Whether her braids are paired with a power suit or an ethereal dress, they always look next level. Heather tends to go for hairstyles that require a fair bit of heat, such as straightened locks or a crimped ponytail, so if you’re planning on doing the same, be sure to use Cliphair’s Heat Protection Spray for ultimate protection. If you have naturally curly hair and find yourself struggling to protect it, read our blog 10 Protective Hairstyles for Curly Hair (3B to 4C edition).

    Hailey Bieber

    In her latest campaign for sportswear brand FILA, Hailey smashes it as brand ambassador with her retro tennis forward looks. Serving Sporty Spice, Hailey adorns everything from blue pleated tennis skirts to over the shoulder crewnecks, with her campaign hairstyles switching between cute pigtails, natural, tousled waves and a pin-straight 90s bob with a middle part. For silky, post-workout looking waves, use Cliphair’s Moisturising Silky Hair Spray to achieve that effortless, shiny feel.

    Morgan Riddle

    Morgan Riddle doesn’t play games when it comes to tenniscore. Partner of tennis player Taylor Fritz, Riddle has been taking the Hamptons, tennis ‘WAG’ trend to brand new heights with her A-line skirts, crisp linen, preppy pin-straight tresses and half up half down dos. Morgan gives us ‘sporty girl summer’ vibes with her golden blonde tresses and loose strands gracefully framing her face which we have matched with our shade BlondeMe. Forget watches and jewellery, the perfect hairstyle is the ultimate accessory to your look this summer.


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