The Best Summer Hair Colors For 2023

by BRENDA L. / JUN 16, 2023

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    On a hunt for the most popular summer hair colours? I know, me too. As the weather warms up, we all feel like getting a little change going on in our hair. Summer is the perfect season to switch things up a little and express ourselves (and get in our holiday mood) with more flavourful shades, fresh new haircuts, or a full-head of sun-kissed highlights. Looking for inspiration for a new, vibrant makeover for the hottest months of the year? Then look no further than these trendy, glamorous summer hair colours.

    Golden Honey Blonde

    One of the most popular hair colours for summer is always blonde, often associated with your hair getting naturally highlighted by the sun (psst: you can read more about this in our blog: Why Does Hair Get Lighter In Summer?.

    In 2023, the trend leans towards golden honey shades, in line with the popularity of warm shades for the year. This sweet, sun-kissed hue is flattering on a wide range of skin tones, making it a versatile choice for those seeking a fresh, summery look without worrying too much about their tan fading, or their makeup having to drastically change. Think of the scrumptious volume and depth you can achieve with golden honey hair in messy buns, fishtail braids, and glossy mermaid waves. Find your perfect match to boost new hairstyles and unleash your creativity with clip in hair extensions in shade: Barbie Blonde.

    Rich Auburn

    Who says brunettes can't have a little summer fun with their hair colour? Okay, literally no one has ever said that (or at least I hope so), but the red hair moment that we had during autumn 2022 and the beginning of 2023 is far from finished, and it’s now bleeding into the summer obsession of brunettes. Recreating a blend of warm brown tones and dark red delivers a unique cherry cola flavoured look that is simply too good not to be tried. Ideal for those that are looking to add some spice and vibrancy to their tresses without bleaching too much.

    Pastel Pink

    I have talked about pastel pink before, and it’s easy to see why: it’s coming back stronger than ever! After Emily Ratajkowski pink head makeover, everyone’s going crazy about this soft, romantic and funky shade. Are you feeling adventurous this summer? Then perhaps it’s time to give pink a try. If you don’t feel like dyeing your whole head pastel pink, how about you indulge in adding a few blushy strands to your natural hair instead? That’s it, a few, strategically placed dashes of colour can be popped on and off with pastel pink hair extensions, meaning that your natural tresses won’t undergo any damage and you’ll look incredibly cool for the summer, no strings attached. Read more about the allure of pink hair in our dedicated blog: Emily Ratajkowski's Pink Hair Is The Summer Trend You Didn't Know You Needed.

    Dimensional Brunette

    Dark hair can have lots of fun, and no – it doesn’t necessarily mean dyeing, bleaching and adding chunky highlights to your tresses every time the sun comes out. We are all about hair care, natural results, and gratification. Thank you very much! Brunettes can add dimension, depth and movement to their tresses with the help of mixed shade hair extensions. And since summer 2023 is all about multi-tonal beauty, dimensional brunette can be easily achieved without damage! With the added volume and thickness that Remy human hair extensions can provide, your mane will make celebrities go green with envy.

    Platinum Blonde

    Has platinum blonde ever left the scene, really? Some would dare saying that platinum is making a comeback this summer, but I can assure you I’ve seen it everywhere all-year-round. This icy cool shade is quite demanding and high-maintenance, but it delivers presence, class and an overall expensive look like nothing else. If you’re bracing the platinum blonde commitment, why not go for platinum hair extensions to boost your mane with newly found length and density? This shade looks especially striking on cooler skin tones, but with the right makeup and clothing choices, it can work beautifully on warmer complexions too – making it a versatile and popular option for this season.

    Copper Red

    Red hair had a big moment last year, and some bold celebs, influencers and fashionistas are still holding onto it for dear life. If an eye-catching summer look that doesn’t follow the herd of highlights and balayage looks is exactly what you’re thinking, this hair colour choice is definitely to be considered. Bold, spicy, romantic and vibrant, red hair is often associated with autumn – but a redhead is forever, so chances are that if you tried one of these cool shades during last year’s pumpkin season you’re still feeling loyal to it. Experimenting with different shades of red can provide you with all the fun of a hair makeover without straying too far away from the colour that you love so much! Find your perfect match in our roster of red hair extensions.

    Chestnut Brown With Caramel Highlights

    If you’ve been blessed with chestnut brown hair, I have good news for you: you can play around with highlights of all sorts and look instantly sun-kissed, and glamorous! This year, why not go for caramel highlights? Warm colours are extremely in for 2023, and although electric blue, platinum blonde and jet black go a little against the current, they can be quite dramatic transformations to achieve on hair like yours. Chestnut brown with caramel highlights, instead, is a perfect choice for those who want to brighten their hair without a drastic colour change, and achieve a sophisticated finish without having to completely alter their day-to-day look.

    Electric Blue

    As stated in the previous paragraph, the general tone set by fashion for hair this year tends to be on the warmer side of things. But what if that’s not your vibe, or even worse: what if these tones don’t suit you at all? Perhaps it’s time to shake things from the core and try something bolder, something that makes you stand out with vibrancy, energy and a burst of life. A burst of… Electric blue maybe? For those who like to stand out, electric blue is one of the bold summer hair colours that's turning heads in 2023. Editorial, elegant and super fun to play with, this look is the gift that keeps on giving – especially to those that are not afraid of experimenting a little. Depending on your comfort level, you can opt for a full head of colour, ombre, or just some peekaboo highlights that you can add with the help of tape in hair extensions.

    Sunflower Blonde

    Sunflower blonde is a warm, golden shade that's reminiscent of the beloved summer flower. It combines the brightness of classic blonde with a subtle hint of yellow undertones, creating a distinct and vibrant look perfect for the summer months. Once again, vibrant colours such as bright yellow can seem quite scary at first – but they can be so much fun to wear! If you don’t feel like committing to such a makeover long term, feel free to experiment with funky hair extensions that you can clip on and off as you go.

    Jet Black

    The beauty of jet black hair is unmatched, with its aura of mystery mixed with low-maintenance and uniform coverage. Many first-timers dealing with hair extensions feel safer in dyeing their hair midnight black before buying matching hair extensions as they confide in a more seamless blend! In contrast to the lighter shades typically associated with summer, jet black hair is one of the trending colours that we’ve seen on many different celebrities this year – and yes, it’s here to stay in summer 2023 as well. This deep, intense shade can provide a striking contrast to the bright, sunny weather, and can give a certain shine and sleekness to your hair under the summer sun. Jet black hair extensions are a great option for achieving this stunning look. Explore our collection of jet black hair extensions now and elevate your style for the summer season!


    These ten fashionable hair options are guaranteed to make you look (and feel) like a celebrity this summer. Whether you are going to be partying on a beach, enjoying a cocktail on the seaside with your partner or brunching the your weekends away with your friends, make sure you try one of these trends to surprise your audience and feel like the best version of yourself this summer!

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