The Predicted Hair Color Trends For 2023

by BRENDA L. / DEC 30, 2022

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    If the good old “new year, new me” saying is already a recurring mantra for you, then you may want to look into a new hair color to start 2023 right. We’ve seen a lot of trends throughout 2022, and whilst some of them haven’t quite picked up the pace as expected, some others have exploded throughout the internet, almost against all odds. Let’s see what’s hot and what’s not in this list of predicted trendy colors for 2023!

    1. Darkest Brown

    Who do we have to thank for this upcoming trend: the clean girl aesthetic or minimalist queen Kim Kardashian? The star revealed a comeback of her iconic dark hairstyle on Christmas, officially saying goodbye to platinum blonde tresses. Her mother Kris Jenner calls it “Christmas bliss", commenting under an adorable photo dump of glitzy, glamorous family snaps on Kim’s Instagram. Dark brown hair is easy to style and they suit many different hairstyles and fashion trends, becoming a versatile and clever choice. Thinking of going dark? Explore our range of Darkest Brown hair extensions and keep up with Kim’s glossy waves.

    2. Mousey Brown

    If dark hair isn’t really your thing, consider mousey brown – or mushroom brown – as your next color choice. Like many other shades, this light and lowkey shade has been overlooked for far too long – now becoming a popular choice. As bright colors such as Valentino pink, lively purple, baby blue and blood red are experiencing a raging comeback, keeping things easy and classy with a delicate shade of hair might be the key to jumping from one trend to another. Mousey brown hair is a versatile hair color capable of enhancing different hairstyles and face shapes, and works wonders with every skin undertone – especially olive complexions.

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    3. Dusty Pink

    Brace yourself! The revenge of pastel colors is coming up – and I’m all for it. If you thought you could leave baby pink and copper mixes back in 2015 you were wrong. With copper and other fellow red shades dominating the scene in 2022 (as seen on celebrities such as Sydney Sweeney, Kendal Jenner, and many more) it was almost inevitable to see dusty pink timidly show up in the roster of trendy shades for the new year. Rose gold hair has reached peak popularity quite a few times in the past decades, and I’m happy to see it back. Who do we own the pleasure to? Probably ROSÉ from K-pop band Blackpink, who rocked her tresses in different shades of champagne pink, pale strawberry blonde and dusty pink multiple times throughout her career, loyal to her stage name.

    4. Ombre Hair

    Ombre hair is back! As the Y2K trends evolve and edge with a futuristic approach, we’re about to experience a subtle revival of the indie and grunge looks of the early 2010s years, minus the cringe (hopefully). Ombre hair held the Kesha era in a chokehold and it’s easy to see why: not only it was an extremely easy look to achieve even with DIY (although I don’t condone this), but it was effortlessly edgy, glamorously grunge and incredibly low-maintenance. Stars like Miley Cyrus, and Vanessa Hudgens have taken this look to the next level and stuck to the classic bleached blonde version: however, you could combine your ombre hair with any shade you’d like – from trendy pink to enticing bright red or alluring turquoise shades – and customise it to your personal taste and aesthetic. Looking to add ombre hair to your usual looks? Don’t worry about bleaching your ends – consider adding ombre hair extensions and forget about the drama of oxygen peroxide!

    5. Any Shade Of Red

    From metallic, bright shades to darker, elegant tones and finally coming to natural hues: what’s not to love about red hair? Well, clearly some celebrity hairstylist thinks the way I do, because red hair is back and it’s hotter than ever! Copper has surely kept stage presence throughout 2022, rapidly followed by auburn, plum and cherry-inspired shades, as more and more celebrities and influencers have adopted the best red hair shade to compliment their complexions. If you’d like to find out what your red match is, check out our blog: Which Red Is Best For You?

    Take it from celebrities such as Lourdes Leon, Kendall Jenner, Zendaya and more: red is in, and it’s not going anywhere anytime soon.

    6. Dolce Vita Blonde

    With a rise in interest for the “old money aesthetic”, this antique-flavoured shade of blonde is capable of making you look expensive without even trying (but in case you were trying, check out our dedicated blog: How To Look Expensive With Hair Extensions).

    Blonde is definitely having a moment right now, and we’re not talking about toasty balayages: full-head highlights are taken to an extreme, for a rich and dense blonde look inspired by the divas of the silver screen. Best combined with hairstyles such as Hollywood waves or structured medium-lengths, this type of blonde as rocked by Sabrina Carpenter has the power of making you look like you just stepped out of an old Hollywood set.

    7. Barbie Blonde

    Thanks to Margot Robbie’s Barbie, the homonymous blonde is going to be a big thing – especially in summer, when everyone is likely to start exploring lighter shades for their seasonal look. Barbie blonde hair is the perfect match for the number one it-girl in the world, miss Barbie herself – but not only! The shade works really well with a huge number of hairstyles and trends, meaning that you can either keep things casual (depending on what your style is) or you can jump with both feet in the Barbiecore and Y2K puddle. The choice is purely yours! From peppy, choppy bobs to vertigo-giving waist length, you can easily switch things up with Barbie blonde hair extensions.

    8. Violet Brunette

    This elegant, sultry dark shade leaves no room for doubt: you have to be 100% sure of your color palette when you dye your hair violet brunette. This shade had a crumb of popularity in the early 00s, slowly disappearing and only occasionally showing up in editorial looks. Now, violet brunette seems to be coming back with more confidence, hopping on the red hair trend. Violet brunette is a cool way to add depth and character to a full-bodied dark brown mane without bleaching or going lighter: works wonders for cool-undertones individuals and gives an extra kick to curly hairstyles. If you’re a natural brunette looking for a glamorous cool-toned seasonal makeover, go avant garde and switch to violet brunette now.

    9. Platinum Blonde

    Think of it as the pure Targaryen look, even edgier when paired with bleached eyebrows (you can read more about it here: Everything You Need To Know About Bleached Brows). Platinum blonde never dies, and celebrities such as Gigi Hadid and Anya Taylor Joy can confirm this. No matter how many trends you try and how many times you go back to your natural color like Kim Kardashian did, although pricey and difficult to get, ice blond tresses have something so fascinating to them that it keeps on coming back. Marylin’s legacy goes on, and if you’d like to give it a shot yourself you can always add volume, length and thickness to your hair with ice blonde hair extensions to get the real mane of a diva.

    10. Cherry Cola Brown Hair

    If you love your brown hair but are oh, so tempted to try a touch of red on your mane, you’ll be happy to hear that there is a solution for you that doesn’t mean switching up to a bright, sanguine shade all of a sudden. Its name? Cherry Cola Brown. This shade’s name is already inspiring and delicious, and let me tell you – it works wonders on natural brown hair. Adding a touch of cherry red to sultry, rich brunette tresses turns your mane into a velvety, peppy but elegant new look that will glue everyone’s jaws to the ground. When you book your appointment, make sure you tell your hairstylist to not go too close to mahogany – instead, ask them to keep things on the deep-cherry-toned side of things, in harmony with your brown hair but giving your tresses a spicy, warm glazed hue.

    11. Pearl Hair & Silver Hair

    These two shades, although similar, give quite different vibes. Where pearl is a metallic, reflective mix of tones inspired by the inside of an expensive oyster, silver hair is more focused on looking fierce and edgy, but somewhat with nostalgic notes. Both pearl hair and silver hair are popular editorial choices, and some avant garde celebrities have tried one of these shades before – looking at you, Billie Eilish. Going so light requires an immaculate bleaching job and lots of aftercare, which can become quite expensive and definitely not for a first-timer dealing with bleached hair. Pearl hair will have you look like you just stepped out of a dream, whereas silver hair will make you look like a rockstar. Which one are you willing to try?

    12. Conclusion

    From the usual suspects as seen in 2022 such as copper and strawberry blonde to new, up-and-coming trends and unexpected comebacks, 2023 will see hairstylists and color technicians worldwide getting busy with incredible bleach jobs and interesting, glossy and velvety natural shades. Book your appointment now – your trendy new hair awaits!

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