The Top Oscars 2023 Hairstyles

The Oscars 2023 aren’t just an occasion to celebrate our favourite actors and performers, but also a great event to get delighted by fashion extravaganza and incredible hairstyles.

by BRENDA L. / MAR 14, 2023

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    The Oscars 2023 aren’t just an occasion to celebrate our favourite actors and performers, but also a great event to get delighted by fashion extravaganza and incredible hairstyles. From a leather-harnessed pregnant Rihanna to some unexpected hair transformations, let’s see the best looks sported at the Oscars this year.

    Megan Fox: Red Hair

    Megan Fox oscar 2023

    Lots of rumours are surrounding Hollywood sweetheart Megan Fox, mostly orbiting around her love life – and as much as I wish her all the best on that, what I want to talk about here is her gorgeous new hairstyle. Some say that the red hair trend is fading off, but celebrities like Megan and even Chrissy Teigen are here to shut those rumours down. Red hair is still very trendy, as proven by Megan Fox’s stylist. Inspired by The Little Mermaid, Dimitris Giannetos gave Megan a fiery makeover that goes well in contrast with her blue eyes and thick, dark eyebrows. The actress also got her ends cut in a gorgeous collarbone-length ‘do, probably to make room for the dazzling diamond necklace that she wore for the Oscars’ night. Stunning!

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    Florence Pugh: Bangs Inspo

    Florence Pugh Oscar 2023

    British treasure Florence Pugh is well known for her edgy hairstyles on red carpet and editorials, and on a night like the ones of the Oscars she made sure everyone was aware that she understood the assignment. For the occasion, the actress sported a futuristic updo featuring baby bangs (or microbangs) that are absolutely award-worthy. The hairstyle is also a gorgeous mix of dark roots and blonde ends, in line with the comeback of the ombre hair trend. To recreate this style without committing to a big chop, you can use clip in bangs and reproduce the edgy, cool and trendy look that Florence wore.

    Ana De Armas: Long Hair Like Cher

    Ana De Armas Oscar 2023

    As 70s fashion and hairstyles are experiencing a glamorous comeback, it’s only natural that younger stars like Ana De Armas are getting inspired by some of the most iconic divas of the past. A legendary figure like actress, singer and performer Cher has a lengthy roster of looks to recreate, and Ana De Armas’ stylist hit the jackpot by giving her long and flowy tresses with a classy middle part. No curtain bangs nor curly fuss for her, but a straight, blunt look with soft wavy ends that doesn’t fail to stun the audience with impeccable glamour. If your hair isn’t long enough to allow you to try it, try adding seamless hair extensions to achieve full ends and add precious inches to your mane.

    Jessica Chastain: Hair For Days

    Jessica Chastain Oscar 2023

    Jessica Chastain’s classy hairdo is timeless. Hollywood’s beloved natural redhead can often be spotted with her hair crimped in glossy, even Hollywood waves that give her an old-school diva vibe that is simply show-stopping. For the Oscars 2023, Jessica's gorgeous long hair has been styled in a softer, looser type of wave that focuses on volume and thickness, with her signature side part. The look was created by celebrity hairstylist Renato Campora, and you too can easily achieve it with the aid of Ultra Volume hair extensions to give your mane the right boost in body and fluffiness!

    Michelle Yeoh: Curly Hair And Side Part

    Michelle Yeoh Oscar 2023

    Just like for Jessica Chastain, a curly do with a side part brings light and movement to Michelle Yeoh’s natural beauty. The actress, who became the first Asian woman to win the award for Best Actress with her outstanding performance in Everything Everywhere All At Once, celebrated the occasion with a classy side part and a dazzling explosion of soft, bouncy ringlets and subtle coppery highlights. The side part frames the side of her face with a big wave, in true old-school style. To recreate this look, you can use mixed shade hair extensions and a curling wand, getting all the beauty of scrumptious highlights without damaging your hair with bleach.

    Mindy Kaling: Half-Up, Half-Down Hairstyle

    Mindy Kaling Oscar 2023

    If you’re a fan of half-up hairstyles, look no further than the look created by stylist Marc Mena on Mindy Kaling. The hairdo features a blunt middle part with relaxed waves on the ends, focusing on length that you can easily add to your mane with the help of clip in hair extensions. The look has an edgy feel to it thanks to the extra shine; make it yours by applying a few spritzes of Cliphair Shine Moisture Spray on your lengths and ends. For the half-up portion, Mena styled Mindy Kaling’s hair in a small ponytail, then arranged it in a bun shape. For extra hold and shine, finish with a generous dose of hairspray on the upper part of your hair.

    Winnie Harlow: Curly Updo

    Winnie Harlow Oscar 2023

    Supermodel Winnie Harlow’s hair was glamorously arranged in a very French, very chic and effortlessly trendy curly updo. The look itself has a “I just woke up like this” vibe, made drop-dead gorgeous by leaving out a few strategically placed curly tendrils. This hairstyle was created by Devontae Washington, the hair artist between some of the most iconic looks sported by Nickin Minaj, not to mention Jennifer Lopez’s hair bun. Adding curly hair extensions to your hair could be a great move to make this hairstyle yours, adding volume and texture to your tresses for the ultimate French messy-chic ‘do.

    Nicole Kidman: Balayage And Straight Hair

    Nicole Kidman Oscar 2023

    When we think of a deliciously crafted balayage, we tend to think of trendy beach waves, glorious curly blowouts and big hairstyles that frame one’s face with an explosion of movement, bounce and texture. Right? Well, this isn’t the case of diva Nicole Kidman, who went for an unusual look and sported her platinum blonde balayage in straight, almost lived-in hair styled with a middle part. The look has a delicate yet powerful energy, showing that sometimes less is more. With a dress like the one she wore for the occasion, I completely agree. The explosion of sparkles and paillettes accompanied by the extravagant flowery details on her shoulder and hip perfectly balances this simple hairstyle. Interested in the balayage effect? Try it with balayage hair extensions without bleaching your hair. Thank me later!

    Angela Bassett: Big Hair

    Angela Bassett Oscar 2023

    Big hair is coming back, and if you have been paying attention you’ve probably already armed yourself with a set of ultra volume hair extensions (or double weft hair extensions if you prefer a more subtle boost of thickness). If you did, then why not take inspiration from Angela Bassett’s soft, voluminous curly do? Queen Angela always knows how to slay a look and bless us with incredible, stunning fashion and hairstyle choices. In order to create a similar hairdo, look into using Velcro rollers to achieve the bouncy, fluffy finish of this old Hollywood diva style. Read more about this in our dedicated blog: Curls For Days: The Ultimate Velcro Rollers Guide.

    Eva Longoria: Combed-back Hair & Wet Look

    Eva Longoria Oscar 2023

    The wet hair look was huge during the early 00s, and it was only a matter of time before it came back to make us splash out in wet-finish hair gels, pomades and sprays of the sort. The former desperate housewife understood the assignment and sported her long hair combed back, with added slight texture. If you’re going for a Y2K popstar vibe, this is the perfect style to steal – and guess what? Yes, it works wonders with Remy hair extensions too.


    The Oscars night never fails to surprise, whether it’s for the looks or the awards won. Either way, the 2023 edition has been a great source of inspiration, as seen on this list! Grab your human hair extensions and get styling – these looks are setting the standard for the new season.

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