Trend Alert: Hair Chalk

by SHOPIFY API / AUG 7, 2014


    Hair chalk is a quick and easy way to add colour to your hair without causing damage, and it’s easily changed
    too so your look can be as versatile as you are! There are loads of great ways to use hair chalk to your
    advantage – here are some of our favourite looks, why they work so well, and how you can achieve them
    Block Colour
    vibrant, intense purple colour
    vibrant, intense turquoise colour
    you can view these images here and here
    Hair chalk is a great way of adding vibrant, intense colour to your hair without having to commit to a lasting shade! This makes it perfect for trying out daring all-over colours if you aren’t sure about making the jump into the world of hair dye. It’s worth remembering that hair chalk takes best to blonde hair and lighter colours in general, so if you’re dark you should experiment with neons and very bold tones rather than pastels or light colours such as yellow.
    Dip Dye Ends
    ombre trend
    funky ends
    you can view these images here and here
    Whether your hair’s long or short, hair chalk offers a quick way to spruce up your look before a night out, a festival, or even a day on the beach. You don’t have to go coco-loco when it comes to colour, you can just add bits here and there to suit your taste – why not follow the ombre trend and mix your natural colour with funky ends. You can either opt for one additional colour like our blue example, or experiment by mixing similar shades such as pink and purple to create a really interesting look.
    Reverse Colour
    colourful roots
    reverse ombre
    you can view these images here and here
    If you’re looking for a fun and inventive way to play with the ombre trend, then why not reverse the look and go for crazy, colourful roots instead of ends? It’s a little bit different, looks absolutely fabulous, and it gives your ends (usually the least healthy part of your hair) a chance to breathe. This is also a fantastic way to cover up any unsightly roots – perfect for growing out bleach blonde, which can sometimes look less brilliant!
    Colourful Highlights
    colourful strands
    you can view these images here and here
    Using hair chalk doesn’t have to mean turning into a punk overnight, you can take your transformation into colour as slowly as you like! Highlights are a great way to add flecks of colour without going OTT, and you can add as little as one strand or a whole head, so the choice is yours! Little bits near the front look ultra-cute on bob styles, and ladies with big bouncy locks can pull off a whole host of colour arrangements. Try mixing contrasting colours like orange and blue to turn heads!
    Fun Fringe
    colourful fringe
    rainbow fringe
    you can view these images here and here
    If you don’t fancy committing to loads of colour in your hair, then starting on your fringe is a brilliant way to introduce bright tones without interfering with your main style. You can add rainbow tones or pastel colours – it’s up to you how daring you feel! We think this method looks fantastic in a whole host of different variations – whether you’re colouring the underneath layer for subtle flashes of colour, just the ends, or spicing up your look with a big, bold, block colour fringe!
    Perfect for Up-Dos
    chalk adds instant fun
    fun braids
    you can view these images here and here
    Hair chalk isn’t just for adding colour to long, wavy locks – it’s amazing at brightening up your up-dos too! Hair chalk adds instant fun to plaits, braids, ponytails, knots and more.
    Crazy Colours
    go crazy with colour
    parrot-like highlights
    you can view these images here and here
    Well, if you’re going to add colour, then why not go crazy! The good thing about hair chalks is that they are easily washed out, so you can experiment to your heart’s content without worrying about the health of your hair or the lasting impact of your colour choices! Go mad with rainbow colours all over, whether it’s in a funky ombre pattern or as parrot-like highlights. The world is your oyster!
    Subtle Tones
    brighten up your hair
    add soft, subtle tones
    you can view these images here and here
    Hair chalk is perfect for brightening up your hair with bold colours, but it’s just as good for adding soft, subtle tones too. Colours like strawberry blonde, a discreet silver, light ginger or streaks of white don’t look a world apart from your natural colour, but they add some serious street style points.
    Have fun this season with vibrant, playful hair, without having to worry about the consequences! We heart hair chalk.
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