Winter Hair Care: How to Naturally Care for your Hair in Winter

by SHOPIFY API / NOV 30, 2019


    As it’s getting colder, and windier, our scalp, hair and skin inevitably react to the changes happening around us. Our hair and scalp tend to get dryer and tighter. With this cold weather causing our hair to feel dry and brittle, it’s always good to some natural winter hair care treatments to bring our hair back to life to or prevent it from happening at all.


    Natural ingredients are always advised for your hair, but this is definitely the case whilst your hair is in a period of transition and the most vulnerable. They are the kindest on your locks and don’t strip your hair of its natural ingredient as many shops bought masks do. Read on to see how to naturally revamp your winter hair care routine.


    Avocado mask

     natural winter hair care
    Avocados are incredibly delicious whether you have it on toast, in a salad or as guacamole, and they’re incredibly healthy for your hair too. Full of omega three fatty acids as well as vitamin C, E and K, the fruit is also good for nourishing for your hair. Prepare an avocado with oats, olive oil and coconut milk mask. The natural oils and fatty amino acids in the fruit hydrate your hair and help retain moisture, while promoting hair growth – and if you have an itchy scalp, you’ll thank us later. Pour in 5/6 a cup of coconut milk into a blender and add your large ripe avocado and ½ cup of oats and puree until it is a paste. Add a couple of tablespoons of olive oil to make it easier to apply and mix well. Head to the bathroom it is time to apply. Massage the treatment into your scalp and on your hair ends. If you don’t want to move you can tuck a towel into your collar but if you are impatient like me pop a shower cap on, you will have it on for 30 minutes. When the time is up, shampoo and condition as normal for nourished hair.


    Avocado and banana mask

     natural winter hair care treatment avocado banana
    With dying your hair and extension being so popular you will find that weak and fading colour is quickly becoming one of your main pet peeves. This mask is really easy to create and contains loads of vitamins as well as potassium and fatty acids which combined together, help strengthen your hair and make it lovely and shiny. Add your avocado and banana to a food processor and puree until it is completely smooth, with no lumps then add your three tablespoons of olive oil to further nourish your hair and help it soak in the nutrients. Put a lovely thick layer on your damp hair and hair extensions and leave for 20 minutes. Please note that this is not meant to go at the root of your hair extensions, particularly tape in extensions but it is brilliant on the lower ¾ of your hair extensions. This is a must if you have dyed your extensions off if you have had them for a while. To get the best results you should do this once a week.


    Pumpkin mask

    pumpkin  natural winter hair care
    Pumpkin is great for providing nutrients to condition your hair and encourage it to grow. Create a coconut oil, maple syrup and pumpkin puree for this treatment. Learn how to make and apply this treatment with our step-by-step guide.


    Aloe Vera

    aloe  natural winter hair care
    Aloe Vera is great for your health, skin and hair and is full of various vitamins and minerals including vitamin c, 12 and loads more. Cold weather often strips your hair’s essential oils and aloe Vera is good for hydration. Follow our DIY Aloe Vera hair treatment step-by-step guide here.


    Olive Oil

     natural winter hair care
    Olives are a great source of vitamins E and K. Together, they are the natural secret to healthy, shiny, strong, and manageable hair. Olive oils makes a vet effective solution for split ends, and after leave hair looking visibly shiny and smoother after treatment. Learn all about this easy to use treatment here.


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