10 Gemini Hair Looks To Try This Fall

by BRENDA L. / 21. SEP 2023

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    The gorgeously creative Gemini hair trend is still going strong – and as the new season approaches and people are scouting for their next best hair transformation, this celebrity-inspired hairdo is rising in popularity. If you’re looking for a cool and trendy hair makeover, why not consider a striking Gemini hair color combination? As seen on celebrities such as Kesha and Nicki Minaj, the Gemini hair trend is edgy, fashionable, and creative. The perfect way to stand out from the crowd! So what are you waiting for? Let’s explore some Gemini hair ideas together.

    Ebony and Ivory

    Looking for a timeless classic? Then make your hair go all ebony and ivory. Try making it yours and add hair extensions for volume and thickness so that your Gemini hair reaches new levels of glamour. Darkest brown or natural black hair extensions and ice blonde hair extensions work wonders with the ebony and ivory classic combo if you decide to do a split dye job. Otherwise, dark roots transitioning to lightest blonde could be another option to achieve this high-contrast style.

    Red and Gold

    Go full fire and flames with a warm, golden mix of blonde and red! This could be recreated with gorgeous chunky highlights inspired by early 2000’s Christina Aguilera, or perhaps a nice and spicy balayage. A mix of red tones with golden, honey, or strawberry tones can go a long way, giving your hairstyle more bounce and dimension. You can then finish the job off by adding blonde or red hair extensions: the final touch to step up your hair game.

    Chestnut and Caramel

    If you’re drawn to softer, romantic looks, a combination of chestnut brown and caramel blonde is the perfect choice for you. Together they can be used to achieve a seamless bronde look, or they can be layered in glamorous highlights or sunkissed balayage looks. If you prefer edgier styles, why not try ombre hair instead? Chestnut and caramel make the classic duo, perfect to enhance warm and neutral skin undertones.

    Teal and Lavender

    Love funky colors and fantasy looks? Unleash your inner mermaid with a playful and whimsical mix of teal and lavender. Or again: think of pink and lavender, baby blue and royal blue, or purple and lilac. Funky colored hair extensions can be added to your main to boost thickness and volume or, why not? Even add a few precious inches to your lengths. Pastel colors are a trendy option all year round, and even celebrities such as Emily Ratajkowski have been playing around with these cutesy shades!

    Charcoal and Silver

    Capture the essence of duality and Gemini hair in one look by combining black and silver locks. Whether you’re going for chunky highlights, a trendy and strikingly high-contrast balayage, or a hipster ombre finish, silver and black together never disappoint. This types of colors work exceptionally well with neutral, cool and olive skin undertones, providing all the glitz and glamour of an ashy mix.

    Peach and Rose

    Rose gold everything has been a true obsession nearly a decade ago, and although we may have moved on from blush-colored tech accessories, we surely are still in love with peachy and rosy tones in hair. This sunset-like mix is perfect for split dye jobs, subtle highlights, and even layered shade dyes: warm and whimsically colorful, this gorgeous combination can be adopted at the end of summer to enhance the last bits of tan, or to give a natural glow to warm color combinations. 

    Blue and Green

    Go all galaxy-inspired with a mix of blue and green, and even better if you decide to leave the dual-shaded Gemini scheme and add a dash of purple. Blue and green also makes the perfect choice for those who would like to channel their own mermaid energy without going too fairy-like and playful, keeping a touch of mystery in their mane. Keep things interesting with this color combination with the right hair accessory, and experiment with braided looks and colorful updos to watch the two tones flurry together in harmony! 

    Auburn and Copper

    Dark and light auburn hair can benefit greatly from a fiery, bright copper touch. Adding orange tones and vivacious light ginger to auburn hair can help bring out the red tones in your mane, brightening the overall look of your tresses. Find your perfect match among our range of copper hair extensions to enhance your mane’s color and tone. Perfect for the colder season, this look naturally boosts auburn hair with a touch of light, and can be adopted with an intense balayage, a vibrant auburn-to-orange ombre effect, or subtle highlights for a more delicate blend.

    Blonde and Honey

    Boho-chic flair meets Gemini hair! For the blonde that would like to add a different touch to their hair without going too dramatic, how about you combine your natural shade with a warmer honey hue? Sweet and romantic, this color combination is perfect for the boho style aficionados, giving your hair a brand new sunkissed look with low effort and adding radiance and dimension to your natural blonde. What’s not to love? Explore blonde hair extensions as an option to finish the job with some extra bounce and fullness! 

    Black and Burgundy

    If you love the depth, sleekness and mystery of black hair but can’t get the gorgeousness and vivacious flair of red hair out of your head either, then I have good news for you: you can definitely pick both and make them yours! Once again, this color combination works wonders with a split dye job for a look that naturally stands out, but also with a two-layered hairstyle with red at the bottom and black on top. Alternatively, adding a few red highlights to a jet-black mane is a trendy option too.


    Whether you prefer a classic natural two-tones blend or a vibrant high-contrast look, these ten Gemini hair ideas offer a world of possibilities for your next hair transformation. So, why wait? Make them yours with your next salon appointment, and get in touch with our team to find the perfect human hair extensions to complete the look!

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