2023 Gorgeous Valentine's Day Hairstyles To Fall In Love With

by BRENDA L. / 2. FEB 2023

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    Ahh, Valentine’s Day! Whether you’re going on a date with a new fling, taking yourself out for a self-love day or hanging out with your bestie for a Galentine’s full of shenanigans, you know when it comes to good hair tips and hairstyle ideas I always, always have your back. And after all the crazy hair trends we’ve seen in the past year or so, buckle up – because I have a roster of hairstyles that would make anyone fall in love. Ready? Let’s find out what are the hottest Valentine’s hairstyles out there right now.

    1. Valentine's Hairstyles: Heart Bun

    This lovely half-up, half-down hairstyle leaves nothing to chance and goes straight to the point: after all, heart-shaped anything is the cutesy key to set the mood for Valentine’s day. Flirty and romantic, this lovely hairdo can be recreated with the help of clip in hair extensions so that you won’t lose any volume around the sides of your face, and can also be a clever way to add precious inches to your mane. No matter what your hair colour is, this subtle detail on the back of your head will make sure everyone knows you’re celebrating the love festivity in style. 

    2. Valentine's Hairstyles: Y2K Top Knot

    This is the lovechild between a classic top knot and the spiky bun, also known as the model-off-duty bun. Rocked by Canadian sweetheart Shay Mitchell herself with a pair of romantic tendrils left out to accentuate her gorgeous features, this simple and youthful hairdo leaves a lot of room for fancy jewellery around your neck or a pair of statement earrings. When adding thickness and length to play around with this glamorous, playful updo, add a few clip in  extensions around your crown to step up pink hair extensions to add flirty flashes of colour in your natural hair!

    3. Valentine's Hairstyles: Fierce Rope Braid

    Who said that Valentine’s day has to look all gooey and fuzzy? Make sure everybody knows that nobody can mess with your heart with this elegant but fierce hairstyle! The rope braid isn’t just a certified Instagram baddie hairstyle, it’s also a trendy hairdo to keep your hair away from your face for any occasion, leaving you free to experiment with a particular makeup style or to experiment with themed accessories such as an important necklace. Fairly easy to recreate and incredibly fashionable, this hairstyle has been seen on celebrities and influencers alike, rapidly taking over platforms such as TikTok and Instagram. In case your natural hair isn’t long and/or thick enough, you can easily make it yours with the aid of clip in ponytail hair extensions.

    4. Valentine's Hairstyles: Romantic Hair Barrettes

    Preppy hairstyles are coming back again, and in case you haven’t started your Gossip Girl rewatch yet, let me inspire you with a gorgeous hair barrette hairstyle. If you’re wearing tape in hair extensions, opt for a classic curly blowout embellished by an important accessory. Given the occasion, you can go as bananas as you want with heart-shaped hair barrettes, pearl-encrusted hair clips or diamante touches here and there in true Euphoria style. Hair barrettes are a staple in Y2K looks, therefore if you’re going full Paris Hilton style feel free to experiment with these bedazzling hair accessories to express yourself and steal the spotlight everywhere you go!

    5. Valentine's Hairstyles: French Twist

    Let’s be honest: it doesn’t get classier than a messy French twist. Is your Valentine’s Day going to be spent in a fancy venue? Then look no further than the French twist as your hairstyle of choice. Also known as the French roll, this retro-esque hairdo looks sophisticated without even trying – and guess what? It’s also fairly easy to recreate! Aimed for long-haired individuals, if your tresses are not quite there yet you can always boost your length with a subtle addition such as tape hair extensions. Leaving a few tendrils out will give you an effortlessly classy and artsy vibe that is unmatched on a romantic date; you can choose to add some movement and texture here and there with a texturising spray, or a curling wand to turn your tendrils into glossy, flirty ringlets to frame your face.

    6. Valentine's Hairstyles: High Ponytail

    Ponytails are a great hairstyle for a number of reasons: they are trendy, they are comfortable, they keep your hair away from your face, they are fashionable, they can be styled in different ways, and most importantly… You don’t need long hair to wear one. How? Well, let me tell you a secret: clip in ponytail hair extensions! Almost every celebrity wearing an iconic ponytail that you may have spotted on social media is wearing one. From Ariana Grande to Kim Kardashian, the secret to slay a high ponytail is to get yourself the right ponytail hair extension first. After that, you can wear it high and mighty, sleek, curly, braided, twisted… The world is your oyster! If you have baby hairs, this is the perfect occasion to lay your edges in style and create a gorgeous, romantic hairstyle that will make an impact. And yes, you can also style your baby hairs to make a heart shape…

    7. Valentine's Hairstyles: Crown Braid

    Also known as the milkmaid braid, this lovely hairstyle embellishes your hairdo like a natural crown – setting the standards right for your date, and letting them know you should be treated like the queen you are! Not many have been blessed with the natural length and thickness necessary to recreate this hairstyle, but don’t worry: you can always use strategically placed clip in hair extensions to make it yours. Alternatively, if you have a set of old hair extensions that don’t quite cut it anymore due to dryness and wear, you can still repurpose them into crown braid hair extensions to pop on and off as you please. Characterised by a boho-chic vibe, this hairstyle is guaranteed to bring you all the authentic feeling of a romantic hairdo without trying too hard with funky accessories that you may not feel yours.

    8. Valentine's Hairstyles: Hair Bow

    Made popular by old school Lady Gaga and subsequently recreated by many celebrities, the hair bow is a playful and flirty look that works wonders on any length, from shoulder-long hair to medium and waist-long tresses. Once again, clip ins are a lifesaver when it comes to adding hair to your mane to bring fancy hairstyles and editorial looks to life. With a little practice, you’ll find out that the hair bow isn’t impossibly hard to recreate but delivers a great deal of glamour! You can place it on top of your hair for a whimsical finish, on the back of your head for a more subtle yet super-romantic look, or even on a side to keep things playful and youthful. This hairstyle works wonders with any shade, but due to its subtle nature is particularly indicated for those that wear their hair in a lighter colour, such as blondes, light brunettes and fair shades of red.

    9. Valentine's Hairstyles: Retro Ponytail

    Made famous by trendsetter and supermodel Bella Hadid, the retro ponytail is deeply rooted in the 90s and early 00s, where deep side parts and funky hair accessories were on the daily agenda. Bella took this popular look and made it popular with a contemporary twist, turning it into a sleek and sculpted look with a shiny finish. You can easily achieve it with mini wrap around ponytail hair extensions. If you’re feeling like going deeper on the Y2K side, you can add bedazzled hair barrettes on a side to give it a whimsical, youthful vibe. Classic hoops on your ears complete the look for a peppy, flirty outfit. Just leave your eyebrows alone! (or alternatively, feel free to try and get that skinny brows look safely; find out more in our dedicated blog: Everything You Need To Know About The Thin Eyebrows Comeback.)

    10. Valentine's Hairstyles: Soft Waves

    If a bouncy curly blowout isn’t your cup of tea and poker straight hair is too much of an everyday thing for you, then keep an eye out for soft waves. You can easily achieve this hairstyle with a flat iron, and strategically place the texture wherever you need it in order to create a slightly messy hairdo. Gently tousled hair is very trendy, giving that “I just woke up like this” kind of vibe that many are looking to achieve these days, perhaps due to the explosion in popularity of all-natural looks that keep things classy and minimalistic – but without ever missing out on being stylish. This type of hairstyle works wonders on shoulder length hair, but hair extensions will surely give it a kick. Make sure you keep it modern and fashionable with a middle part, perhaps accompanied by glamorous curtain bangs to frame your face.

    11. Valentine's Hairstyles: Long And Sleek

    Long-haired dolls, where you at? Well, hear me out: anyone can step in the category with the right type of hair extensions on. Tape in hair extensions are one of the most versatile options for a long lasting, flowy makeover to wear down – achieving incredible length and volume that will sublimely blend in with your natural hair. Long and sleek hair is sultry, enticing and timelessly sensual. If you want to make the most of your long hair, why not wear it poker straight in the fashion of glass hair? This trend exploded on TikTok last year thanks to Kim Kardashian and celebrity hairstylist Chris Appleton, and since then it’s been an extremely popular ‘do that many figures in Hollywood have copied on different occasions. Want to go extra? Clip in bangs will keep the focus on your eyes, in case you wanted to go full seductress with a mysterious smokey-eyes look.

    12. Valentine's Hairstyles: Messy Bun

    Nothing like a classy, artsy messy bun – ask Hailey Bieber, since she made it her hairstyle of choice for her wedding. Often overlooked as a stay-at-home look, this hairstyle rapidly gained fame over social media with the raging comeback of grunge fashion – and guess what? It’s safe to say it stole a few hearts on the way. Effortlessly romantic and laid-back, the messy bun is now to be considered a timeless classic. If you’re lacking the necessary volume and length to step it up, add a few clip in hair extensions to your mane. Seamless hair extensions seem to be the perfect tool to achieve a perfect blend without visible seams and obvious tracks popping out of your hairdo, allowing you to look sublimely classy but never pretentious. Want to make it a little more precious? Embellished bobby pins or a cute scrunchie matching with your outfit will be the perfect addition to complete the look.

    13. Valentine's Hairstyles: Curly Explosion

    Naturally textured hair going wild on date night? Yes please! Get your curls ready to top your features like a crown with the right prep ritual: start with hair plopping, then add your favourite nourishing curling cream, and diffuse like there’s no tomorrow. Need some extra hold? Add a spritz of hairspray when shaping your curls around your brush (or finger). The bigger the curls, the better. Need to pump things up? Explore our curly hair extensions range to find your perfect match.

    14. Conclusion:

    Channelling your inner Cher vibes or going for a peppy and flirty vibe? This Valentine’s Day don’t miss out on gorgeous hair looks to sport on your date. Going out for a fancy meal, an adventurous day outdoors or getting cosy at a spa – no matter what your idea of going romantic is, there sure is a hairdo that was designed to keep you looking glamorous and trendy on the day of Love!

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